Himes: An Independent Voice, More Work To Be Done

Congressman Jim Himes Monday night was endorsed by Democrats for another two-year term at Cesar Batalla School in Bridgeport. His leading Republican challengers are Steve Obsitnik and Chris Meek. The Himes campaign issued this video following his endorsement.



  1. During the 2010 campaign, Jim Himes heard me use his name while making another phone call at Democratic HQ. We exchanged high fives when it was done. For a political neophyte like me, it was a highlight.

  2. PROUD?
    Proud of What, Jim?
    Proud of No Jobs?
    Proud of the economic systems of our country?
    What the hell are you proud of, Jim?
    Jim & Tom Show WDJZ 1530AM (9:00 to 10:am Wednesday)

  3. BEWARE of posts that contain only questions and plugs from those who have to buy their own radio time to get people to listen to them. Jimfox, convince the OIB crowd your show runs at a profit and you can claim to create your own income while outperforming a sitting Congressman–according to your own standards. Here’s your chance–what a great talking point for an upcoming show.

  4. *** Young Congressman trying to fill big shoes during a wartime tough economy that has politics at an all-time low and post 60s civilian protest alive and growing. It’s not an overnght success government position so I’m willing to give Himes some more time to prove his worth in representing the people of Fairfield County. *** DON’T PULL THE PLUG YET! ***


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