Here It Comes, Ganim’s Neighborhood Street Paving

Last week Mayor Joe Ganim announced the planting of 200,000 flowers. On Tuesday he rolled out the street sweepers. On Thursday it will be road paving. Soon, a tax cut. The power incumbency in an election year. What’s next, diamonds, roses and champagne?

News release Mayor’s Office:

Mayor Ganim announced today that the City of Bridgeport will resume paving Thursday, May 2, 2019 on Albion Street. Due to inclement weather conditions, last year’s street paving was suspended early. The Department of Public Facilities will pick up where they had left off with paving Bridgeport’s West End and West Side. The paving is anticipated to last until early June weather permitting.

During this time, drivers are continued to be advised of the following:
o  Adhere to “No Parking” signs that will be posted to roadways 24 hours prior to paving.  These areas will be enforced, and towing will take place if a car is parked on a road that is planned to be paved.
o  Follow the detour signs that will be posted while paving is taking place. Please plan accordingly and understand that it may take extra time to get to your destination.
o  Drive carefully and look out for raised structures and manhole covers that may still be exposed and raised until paving has taken place.

For more information, visit the City of Bridgeport Public Facilities website at



  1. Did I incorporate paving in the last blog about the street cleaning? Flowers, fences along with visits to impoverished neighborhoods etc? Of course I did.
    Tax lowering was another one wasn’t it?!!!!
    So…… at the budget hearing the other night, Ganims’ apprentice and Mario’s protege the real estate mogul/ bartender/potential liquor store owner AND councilman said of the $150. Tax break :
    “Just cut taxes, that’s it….give people a little bit back..keep them happy…make people want to come here and live.”
    Translation: let them eat cake!!!!!
    Prolific words ?! More empty words from empty headed cohorts of the ruling party.
    Regarding curtailing $$ for the police department Paniccia was quoted as saying
    “You might as well just throw the key away to the city and lock the doors.”
    Meanwhile the school system is in dire straits.
    It’s election time, things are A-OK!!
    November should be rejection time in Bridgeport for most of those who now “serve”……


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