Here Comes The Pothole Killer

From Mayor Bill Finch’s Communications Director Brett Broesder:

As Bridgeport’s streets continue to recover from a long winter that wreaked havoc on its roads, the City is introducing the Pot-Hole Killer to beat up roads across the city. It’s part of the City’s continued effort to make roads better, and even safer, for those who live and work in the city.

Click here for a photo of the Pot-Hole Killer:

“At the urging of Mayor Finch, our crews have been working hard and doing a great job filling potholes with the resources at their disposal, but we need to keep doing more for residents,” said Jorge Garcia, Bridgeport’s Director of Public Facilities. “That’s why we’re bringing in the Pot-hole Killer. It’s a lean, mean, pot-hole filling machine that will help get our roadways back in the top-notch shape that hardworking Bridgeport taxpayers deserve.”

The “Pothole Killer” employs an innovative system that is quicker, safer and more environmentally friendly than traditional crew-based efforts. From the safety of the “Pothole Killer” truck, a single vehicle operator controls a hydraulic boom which clears the pothole of debris, applies liquid asphalt to fill and seal it, and then tops it off with a dry aggregate coating made from recycled tires. The repaired roadway is immediately ready to handle traffic. The whole process takes roughly 90 seconds per pothole–essentially the same as the wait at a typical traffic signal. The repairs, on the other hand, last for several years.

Click here for a fact sheet on the Pot-hole Killer:



  1. I like what I see. It’s a recent example of the kind of executive decision-making marking Mayor Finch’s term as Bridgeport’s CEO. What’s good for Bridgeport blacktop is good for anyone who reads this blog.

  2. Cops going to jail! A new Pothole Killing Machine! No New Taxes for 2015! Birthday Cards in the mail for everyone!
    Finch is looking better every day!

  3. The article left out Tiago then drives around in his city-provided vehicle and checks every pothole by looking out the driver’s side window.

  4. If the DPW did not fill potholes on rainy and wet days, they would not have to keep going out wasting time and material over and over again. Also, they would not need a pothole killer with an air system to blow the water out. At a cost of $32k to us taxpayers!

  5. Public Facilities has all this new equipment, new garbage trucks, new dump trucks, new sweepers, new front loaders, new mad Vac and the list goes on yet the city is filthy, the roads are still full of potholes and trash is everywhere. My street gets swept once a month and is dirtier than it was before it was swept. Hopeless.

  6. This is the same crew that had a shift change in the middle of the snowstorm of the century, don’t forget. Men are only as good as their leaders. If they owned a paving company and did things the way they do in the city they would not be in business very long! But the $$$ does not come out of their pockets. When they do substandard work or no work at all, a paycheck still waits at the end of the week. The problem is at the top and rolls downhill.


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