Heave Hovey, Heave Hovey

DebraLee Hovey is a jerk, a bubbled-headed myopic moron, a daffy demagogue with all the depth of Missy Moonbeam Sarah Palin and that cretinous Congressional witch Michelle Bachmann. Hovey’s specialty is dealing with the learning disabled. She’s learning disabled.

Here’s what the Republican state representative from Monroe had to say Tuesday night in a debate with her Democratic challenger Michele Mount. “While I’ve been your state representative for three terms, I’ve made sure small towns have not been overridden by big-city interests. I fight for you in Hartford and make sure we get our fair share. While I’ve been working for you, my opponent has been working for Bridgeport.”

Amazing, considering the city of Bridgeport puts food on Hovey’s table. Her husband is a city firefighter. Yes, let’s be like Missy Moonbeam and Bitch Bachmann and turn elections into a cultural war. Mount served as Bridgeport’s legislative liaison in Hartford. Had she served as legislative liaison to the town of Trumbull, do ya think Hovey woulda mentioned that? No, let’s raise big bad Bridgeport in a debate to remind white voters that she worked for “those” people.

A heck of a lot more people from Monroe are working in Bridgeport than Bridgeport residents working in Monroe. Monroe sends Bridgeport its garbage, sick and homeless, and now wants to send its sewage, the city provides higher educational opportunities, and sucks in all tax-exempt properties that cozy Monroe doesn’t want. Yes, the way to preserve the suburban lifestyle, according to Hovey, is to wall up all the social problems in the city.

The better the city does, culturally, socially, economically, the better Monroe does. I hope the next time the Democratic legislature authorizes funding for a new prison they drop it in Hovey’s back yard. Better yet, drop it on her head. The next time she needs a hospital I hope the front gates at St. Vincent’s Medical Center and Bridgeport Hospital tell her to use Monroe Hospital.

Oh, that’s right, Monroe doesn’t have a hospital. Here’s a suggestion Hovey: try Fairfield Hills.

I have identified 30 friends in Monroe, most of them independents, that have benefited from the city in some fashion. I’m calling all of them to tell them to vote against Hovey. Heave Hovey.

I feel better now.



  1. Lennie her remarks and actions are typical of all our suburban neighbors. The people from these towns look at us as 1 big dumping ground.
    One of the problems we have is that we don’t require political appointments to live in Bridgeport. I would bet that other than Finch and Ruben from his office a vast majority of his appointments live outside of Bridgeport. They have no pride in Bridgeport, to them we are a 4-year paycheck and nothing more. So what we have is a lot of out-of-towners telling us what should be done here without having a clue as to what should actually be done.

  2. “Police in Peabody, Massachusetts, could be getting holiday pay on the anniversary of the September 11, 2001, terror attacks in what may be a first-of-its-kind contract provision.

    A proposed new contract between the city and the police union would make the anniversary a paid holiday. The proposed contract still needs budgetary approval from the city council.

    Officers would receive an extra 25 percent pay for working September 11.”

    Unions are really great. Thank God that those who run these unions are amongst the most intellectually gifted. I think that it is altogether fitting and proper that union members should enjoy financial gain as they remember the attack that killed 3000+ people and thrust our nation into a ruinous war.

  3. Thank you Lennie. Today’s CT Post article does no justice to Michele Mount. She knocked that dumb blonde right on her ass. She stood tall for the betterment of the state as a state representative should. Everyone who knows anyone in Monroe, call them and urge them to vote for Michele. She has to put this idiot away once and for all! Oh, and by the way, isn’t it Bpt who has agreed to take on the sewage from Monroe so that the Jewish Home for the Elderly can relocate there? Hey Hovey, no Bpt no deal for Monroe. You jerk!!!

  4. Lennie – our fearless blogmaster – leaves little doubt about his feelings in today’s lead post. Now hear this:

    Bridgeport is the center of the emerging suburban ponderosa (wink). Winners gather here and when in need of a political update, point their browsers to OIB.com.

    Well, uh, er…

  5. Do any of you actually live in Monroe? Highly doubtful … especially when I see the “head blogger” of this site lives in Redding and works as a media consultant — can you say spinmeister? Mount would be just another blank check for the Dems in Hartford to raise our taxes … Another yes that drives Connecticut further into the dirt … Monroe has no paid “liaisons” in Hartford trying to get more of my tax dollars — our state rep and state senators do the job of getting our message out — as an active “liaison” aka lobbyist Mount couldn’t run for office under election law which is why she had to quit to run not for any true altruistic reason. While a lot of people work in Bridgeport, Bridgeport does nothing to help itself except put out its hand. In addition, didn’t that waste hauler legislation Mount was “liaison” for die in committee? Some help she was when they announced the increase in hauling prices last week. As for the Jewish Home … Bridgeport and Trumbull have long held Monroe hostage when they didn’t get any $$$ for the sewer hook up — now that they think they’re going to get their “fair share” or 2/3 of the tax revenue they are all for cooperation — we basically have to bribe Bridgeport and Trumbull for the hookup so the argument that Bpt is magnanimous is a crock.

  6. monroecitizen1 – It seems you are as clueless and misinformed as Hovey.

    1) As a liaison, she is not a registred lobbyist and could run for any elected office without quitting her job. Bridgeport’s loss will be Monroe’s huge gain.

    2) Mount did not work on “hauler” legislation at all. She worked on preventing a monopoly of trash to energy plants from gouging towns on “tipping” fees for disposing their trash, for 19 communities including Monroe and Bridgeport. And it worked.

    3) She spearheaded the effort to get 7 million dollars a year more for taxpayers by closing a contract loophole that would allow Wheelabrator to not pay its fair share of property taxes.

    4) She was up in Hartford, more than Hovey, who constantly missed committee votes and important House votes.

    5) I worked with both Mount and Hovey in Hartford. Hovey has a reputation of being an airhead who is only out to grab publicitiy and credit. Bi-partisan to her means Republican and other Republicans.

    6) She votes against health care, for unfunded mandates, she has one of the worst records on environmental issues and she does not have a clue about complicated legislation even on a basic level and that is after 6 years.

    7) Mount has proven herself to have integrity and will do the right thing to make her town and her region thrive. She understands how to work with people, and quite frankly, I haven’t met anyone in Hartford, including Republicans who don’t like her, except Hovey of course.

  7. Oh and as to the Jewish Home. Monroe can’t have it without using Trumbull’s sewer lines and Bridgeport’s waste management facilities. Unless of course Monroe wants to pay to put in its own sewers and build a waste treatment plant in its backyard. Monroe voters would be stupid to give up $1.2 million a year because Trumbull and Bridgeport gets paid to provide services. That’s business, people.

  8. Oh johnb – you are so right on. Michele comprehends it. Hovey is clueless and can’t comprehend – doesn’t have the capacity. Everyone living in Monroe, watch the televised portion of the debate – and see for yourself.

  9. Lennie, tell us how you really feel.

    As you look at the state’s Republicans in the house and senate here in Connecticut you will find no blacks or Puerto Rican members. That’s why it is so easy for DebraLee Hovey and her Republican colleagues to play the “cultural war” because that is their main talking point statewide and nationally. There is no General Colin Powell-like person in the state’s Republican delegation to tell Hovey and her cohorts to cut the bull. Hopefully Milton Johnson and Joel Gonzalez, who are both running as Republicans for state elected positions, will step up and challenge those Republican talking-point “cultural war.”

  10. monroecitizen1

    Lennie Grimaldi grew up and went to school in Monroe. His parents lived in Monroe until a couple of years ago. Many people who live in Monroe came from Bridgeport because of their success from Bridgeport jobs. Bridgeport is the hub of the wheel. The better the hub does the better Monroe will do.

    DebraLee’s attitude towards Bridgeport is a cog in the wheel. She shouldn’t bite the hand that feeds her husband. Then again, maybe she likes to eat with two forks.

  11. monroecitizen1 who the hell cares if Lennie lives in Redding? He was a resident of the city for many years and he has done a great job keeping up this blog, I really like it. Another thing is many of those people in the suburbs do hate Bridgeport but when they are sick they sure have to come here. That’s why I hate when out-of-town people try to come on here and post. I bet when Obama wins many of them are going to have a sour taste to know he won. And Lennie you hit this out of the park when you said remind white voters she worked for “those” people. Republicans always try to make race an issue this election and that’s why it would be a hard pill to swallow to vote for Rob Russo. He is a nice guy and all but every time I hear Republicans doing things like this I am more likely to vote Musto and as of now I am voting for Musto.

  12. yahooy. On your last post you are correct, registration numbers are up and I do think we can get an 80% turnout or higher in the city. Many people are registered in Bridgeport and I believe this year not too many people will be staying home. I plan to vote early in the morning. Around 6 I will be at Longfellow 5 minutes before the polls are open. I will be voting with my parents and four of my friends early in the morning.

  13. Great job, johnb. I’ve lived in Monroe for over 20 years. Another gem from last night: Hovey said she didn’t consider herself a “politician” & yet told the audience they should all vote republican to fix all the problems in CT. Typical for her. Since she seems to resent that Mount did a good job when she worked for Bpt., does that mean she makes sure her hubby does a crappy job for Bpt?

  14. donj, don’t make Hovey the reason for not voting for Senator Russo. Hovey made those statements, and maybe she really means them. But that is no reflection on Russo, me, or any other candidate who happens to be Republican. Rob has done, in a very short period of time, what no representative was able to, or had any interest in doing with regard to the finances of our Board of Education. He also, very recently, helped to save 250 jobs at the Lacey manufacturing plant. Those weren’t Democrat problems nor were they Republican problems. They were issues of importance to all citizens here in Bridgeport. The fact he happens to be Republican means nothing because if he were a Democrat, I’m sure he would have done the same. We must pay very close attention to all of the candidates who are running for office in our districts. Anything less would be uncivilized.

  15. I agree with Milton. How does it make voting for Russo and Milton a hard pill to swallow? I don’t think Milton will be making race an issue. I met a Himes supporter, who said to me “I can’t argue that Rob Russo hasn’t done a good job.” So I then asked if she’d be voting for him and she said no. Does that make any sense?

  16. ***Certainly by now in Bpt. voters have been paying better attention to politics in general, more than ever before! This particular Presidential Election is making sure of that; and hopefully on the local level, voters too will remember & take notice of “some” of the usual do-nothing elected officials & vote them out! What’s the use having the largest urban legislation liaison representation up in the Ct. capitol, if it’s going to be the weakest & do little for Bpt. and surounding towns?

  17. Lennie, you are so quick when it comes to attacking Republicans when they say or do something dumb. I noticed you didn’t post anything about Amann covering up child molestation allegations against a colleague. Also, I noticed that you didn’t write about the revelation made by Councilman Daniel Martinez D-137, despite the fact that both articles where published on the same day. Let’s not forget the “Bridgeport Burden” comment by council President McCarthy in your first Pol cast interview in which he states that poor people are a burden and put them in the same category as a sewage treatment plant.

    The Daniel Martinez revelation (click on ctpost link below) is worse than the Hovey statement. The reality that other cities or towns seek more funding for their respective districts, regardless of how much less others get, should be expected. When I challenged Danny Roach during last March’s primary, I made my it clear that my reason was the fact that the candidates endorsed by the 130th Democratic Town Committee don’t represent the entire district and they have always ignored and abandoned major portions of it, to the detriment of the entire district. Especially, P.T. Barnum Housing and the section I live in. Martinez warned the folks present at the Latino voting summit saying, “If you don’t vote, you should not expect your concerns to be addressed by elected officials.” He further stated, “The reality is, especially locally, things get done in areas where the voters are. “Everyone wants to get re-elected, so they want to make sure that group [of people who show up at the polls] are satisfied.”

    I totally disagree with his mentality and I remind him that when one gets elected, they have the responsibility to represent all people in that district, regardless of race, status or political affiliation or lack thereof. If it’s ok for the Democrats in Bridgeport to pick and choose what, where, if or who they will represent, then why can’t Hovey represent the interest of her district only? If Democrats can decide whether or not they will represent or address issues in certain parts of their district and ignore the other parts, why can’t Hovey or any other elected offical ignore the issues or concerns of districts that they don’t represent? Hovey and all Bridgeport Democrats are no different – they lack the abilities, skills and knowledge to function as leaders.

    www .connpost.com/breakingnews/ci_10777211

  18. I wish y’all wouldn’t paint all Bridgeport dwellers as saints and all suburbanites as sinners. As one who lives in a suburb but works, shops, has doctors, frequents restaurants etc. and takes more interest in Bridgeport than the town where I live I’d like to see more recognition of this as “the greater Bridgeport area” than an us vs. them situation.

  19. Librarian on #32:

    I wouldn’t even think of doing such a thing. In just about every district in Bridgeport, there are sections that resemble a suburban neighborhood. Most of the people living in these urban suburbias tend to paint those living in the urban-like sections as sinners or as our City Council President has labeled us, “Burdens”. The Democrats are so blind that they have never been able to see the suburbs within our urban area. I noticed that many suburban towns lean Republican and that most of the towns doing well or holding stable are Republican as far as political affiliaton is concerned. Lennie is under the impression that only whites live in suburbia, we know that is not the case. There are people of all nationalities and all walks of life living in small towns across Connecticut and many have moved there from urban areas for obvious reasons, which Democrats don’t talk about. I appreciate your support for businesses in Bridgeport. What I admire most and would love to see more of is neighbooring towns residents taking more interest in Bridgeport. You are appreciated.

  20. Rob Russo is a great man and Senator and is his own person. How the heck can you even justify that because DebraLee is incompetent that Rob Russo is the same way? Rob is a breath of fresh air to the city, we are all much better off. What do you want? Someone part of the machine? Please DO NOT put Hovey and Rob in the same category, it just is not fair and so partisan.

  21. Change is coming to Washington. Change is coming to Congress. Change is coming to the State House. And the change is called “Democrats.” We are taking back America for the better. If everyone does what they say they are going to do — it will be all changed on the morning of Nov. 5. Vote for Obama/Biden Vote for Jim Himes Vote for Musto Vote for Michele Mount — Just vote – vote – vote — and Bridgeport will be better for it.

  22. #29 Stop knocking Dems. it’s not like you’ve been in the Republican Party most of your voting life. You just became a Republican #6 months ago! Martinez is right in many respects, politicians don’t send mail-in’s to just anyone in their political dists. they send it to the active voters, when they knock on doors in neighborhoods, they use an active voter spread sheet as to not waste time & energy on non-active, ?-voters. Most of the constiuents that call, e-mail, write, etc. their local elected officials are in fact active voters as well. In reality all citizens are to be represented in the district an elected official represents, but if that’s the case & all it takes is voting once in a while, then why bother voting at all if it’s going to be a sort of auto-pilot representation regardless of who’s elected? In this world, you don’t get things by sitting on your “derby” and “not” getting out to make it happen. Voting and being active in one’s community on certain levels is very important if not, citizens & their voices tend to become invisible to those whom we vote for to make hard legislative decisions that can affect all citizens in general. Remember, it’s the loud sweaky wheel that gets the grease! *** VOTE “MOJICA” FOR STATE REP. 130th Dist. *** (Bipartisan-Independant/Petition-Candidate) ***
    Also, $25. ticket gets you & guest into the special, “SALUTE TO VETS.” Buffet Dinner & Awards Presentation. Friday, Nov. 7, 2008 (6 to 8pm.) At the Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church-#4070 Park Ave. Bpt. Conn. (Checks Payable to: Salute to Vets.)
    *** Please mail checks to: Commander Joe Minto #40 Regent St. Bpt. Conn. #06606 *** All RSVP must be in by Nov.1st. 2008.***
    ******* For tickets call LuAnn @ Bpt. Parks & Rec. or Joe Minto (in phone book) or Lennie “G” who knows mostly everyone in Bpt.! ******* PS: Special Award Surprise to be given that nite!

  23. Mojo on #39:

    Stop knocking Democrats? Explain to me what was and is your primary intention, when you decided to challenge Democrats in the last Dem. primary and in your present challenge of the endorsed and winner of the Democratic primary? Are you not trying to knock off the Democrat? Are you out there campaigning, saying positive things about Eze Santiago or letting people know that while I served my 6 years, the districts experienced the most dramatic positive change and I left office leaving behind a $51 Million rainy day fund? Are you letting the folks know that you were a sitting Councilmen at the time the $16 Million deficit took form? I can go on and on!

    Yes I switched Republican, six months ago. During all my years as a Democrat, I also voted for Chris Shays and before switching Republican, I openly supported and campaigned for Rob Russo. Can you be more specific, as to in what respect Daniel Martinez is right? You agree that it is good policy for elected officials to represent certain areas of a district and ignore the rest? One thing is to target “prime voters” to try getting their votes. But it’s irresponsible to neglect or ignore parts of a district when elected regardless of party affiliation. Just take a page from Rob Russo, who equally represents Bridgeport, Trumbull and Monroe.

    You asked:
    “In reality all citizens are to be represented in the district an elected official represents, but if that’s the case & all it takes is voting once in a while, then why bother voting at all if it’s going to be a sort of auto-pilot representation regardless of who’s elected?”

    You start by stating, “In reality”, then question, “If that’s the case?” So, if I don’t vote and your are elected and raise my taxes or pass a law, I don’t have to pay the taxes or obey the law you passed (exempt), because I did not vote for you or anyone. It doesn’t work that way, to put it simply. Sure, the loud squeaky wheel gets the grease. But, if you pay attention to all the wheels and properly maintain (preventive maintenance) them all, you won’t get any squeaks at all. I hope you don’t take this as me knocking you Mojo, I’m simply stating my views and the facts, as I know them.

  24. #40- I’m running as an independent petition candidate but I’m still a registered Dem. Blaming all Dems. for most political legislative problems is not the answer, just as if it was blaming the Republicans! My political beliefs & criticism of “some” of the local legislators is their personal lack of doing their jobs & what they actually do for their districts. In some cases you can add how they got to their political positions as well! But I’m not going to sit & blog & try to interpret every word they say as being something negative! I can blog over & over, but if, but if you do it this way, ’til the cows come home (so to speak) and it don’t mean “shit”! Just like you can put words in people’s sentences & turn meanings around, it gets old after a while, plus people are not idiots by nature!
    Also, you keep giving yourself credit as being the best rep. of the #131st dist. while you were there. I believe that credit should be decided really by the citizens of that dist. Your personal belief is yours, and may not be shared by others. I believe I did a great job but that’s my opinion! And I stand by what I wrote earlier, in this society you’re nothing (invisible) if you don’t vote! Also there’s no such thing as “NO” squeaky wheels! And last but not least, your views are “not” facts, they’re only your views!

  25. #41- Cont. *** It’s easy to sit & blog and claim everything under the sun would be rosy “if” it were done exactly the way you claim! Just like turning blogger’s sentences into your personal assessments of what exactly they mean. At times it makes you sound like a true “chicken in every pot” wannabe politician! I believe that in time, after a particular politician has served & is gone to do something else in life whatever “good or bad” will be remembered by their constituents & district in which he or she represented. So there is no need to keep reminding “oneself” or others about all the good positive work that “one” did!


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