Grants For Senior Citizen Services

From Mayor Bill Finch:

The City of Bridgeport has received four grants from the Southwestern Connecticut Agency on Aging totaling $55,809 to fund services and programs for the City’s elderly population. The grants will provide assistance for a diverse array of programs including, nutrition, physical activity and assistance with minor home repairs.

“We are grateful to the Southwestern CT Agency on Aging for providing these grants through the Older Americans Act, and for the support it provides to the City’s senior population,” said Mayor Bill Finch. “These grants will provide our seniors with essential services as well as promote mental and physical well-being which is crucial as we get older.”

“The Southwestern CT Agency on Aging is proud to partner with the City of Bridgeport in support of older adults. SWCAA applauds Bridgeport’s efforts to promote dignity and independence through elderly services and looks forward to continued partnership with the City,” said Marie Allen, executive director of the agency. The grant programs will begin in October.

All four grants are on this evening’s City Council agenda for referral to the Economic and Community Development and Environment Committee for approval.

Following are descriptions of the four grants the City will utilize:

Elderly Hispanic Program: $17,182

The Elderly Hispanic Program will provide services to low-income, elderly Hispanics throughout the City of Bridgeport. The City will provide information and assist with applications for Medicare, Medicaid, QMB, HMO, Medigap and any grievances with their insurance. To reduce barriers to accessing service, language translation is provided to those seniors whose first language is Spanish. All clients who are assisted will receive case management services. The Elderly Hispanic Program will help with referrals and assist in making the proper phone calls to help the seniors communicate their needs. Follow-up and reassessment of each client will be completed to assure services were received. Income requirements will apply.

East Side Senior Center: $17,809

The East Side Senior Center (ESSC) is the focal point of Bridgeport’s culturally diverse East Side neighborhood. The ESSC ensures a nutritious daily meal for attendees. The Center also provides health education and health screening services to help promote and maintain community well-being. In addition, information and assistance services are also provided to help seniors who reside in the East Side reduce the barriers to access. The ESSC’s staff and volunteers are committed to making sure that seniors are provided as many services as possible. All speakers are bilingual, and written materials are provided in both English and Spanish, and are culturally sensitive, ensuring that diverse non-English populations have the same access to the essential services provided at the ESSC.

T’ai Chi Program: $10,350.00

The T’ai Chi Program will offer certified classes that will help seniors improve balance, relieve stress, protect their immune system and develop their strength and flexibility resulting in more seniors able to live at home and be self-sufficient. By promoting physical activity and mental well-being to our older adults we will increase their quality of life and promote better health and wellness practices at these centers.

Senior CHORE Program: $10,468.00

This program will assist elderly, low-income Bridgeport seniors who are experiencing difficulties with minor home repairs. This service will help elderly seniors make minor repairs to their homes to make them safe by removing hazards. Participants in the CHORE Program will be eligible to receive renovations designed to provide improvements that will enable participants suffering from chronic disabling conditions to remain in their own homes safely and securely. The Senior CHORE Program will provide maintenance service only and materials will not be included. Income requirements will apply.



  1. *** This is “good news” for the Seniors of Bpt who deserve even more. Like say an active citywide Senior’s Center like they have in Milford, CT that feeds lunch and has a variety of activities and people to places vehicles five days a week and a food pantry. And I believe Milford’s taxes are less than Bpt, no? ***

  2. This is good, but it is too little. I wonder if it will break the threshold for some press. Get smiling Bill out there alongside some seniors. Yeah!


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