Gomes For Mayor Releases Economic Plan

From the Gomes for mayor campaign:

John Gomes, Bridgeport Mayoral candidate, released his policy brief on economic development that outlines how to improve business growth in the City of Bridgeport.

“The City of Bridgeport needs NEW leadership that will work to ensure that economic opportunity is equitable across the city and creates efficiencies that reduce taxes. Economic Development is critical to the vibrancy of the Park City, and a Gomes administration is prepared to bring a comprehensive plan to support business growth and economic opportunities for all in our beloved city,” stated Gomes.

Click on the economic development link below to read the entire policy position.

Economic Growth & Tax Relief Policy Brief

The following is a brief summary:

  1. Implement a Bridgeport Jobs Action Plan
  2. Reduce our taxes & improve structured tax incentive programs
  3. Re-assessment of the permit procurement process in Bridgeport
  4. Roll out a robust housing plan for Bridgeport
  5. Introduction of an Office of Arts & Tourism
  6. Revitalization of the Bridgeport Port Authority
  7. Re-establish the Bridgeport Parking Authority
  8. Support Neighborhood Revitalization Zones (NRZ’s) with annual budgets
  9. Launch a Commercial Tenant Improvement Program for small business owners
  10. Deliver a Gigabit Fiber Ethernet Municipal experience to support economic growth
  11. Reduce land speculation and loss of tax revenues by introducing a new ordinance
  12. Zoning Regulations Review

Gomes concluded, “Our administration is committed to save the average household $300 a year with a goal of $650 a year by the end of our first term. By taking bold steps, utilizing best practices, embracing innovations, and adhering to this comprehensive economic development plan, we can end the pay-to-play culture that has dominated city politics and usher in a new era of economic vitality to the residents and business owners of Bridgeport.”

Click on the Economic Growth & Tax Relief Policy Brief brief below, and visit JohnGomesForMayor.com to read all of John‘s plans to build a better Bridgeport. Join the conversation on the campaign social media accounts linked below.




  1. Talk is cheap. Every candidate can say exactly the same thing and it means absolutely nothing. Why did you think that working for a convicted felon who lied, cheated and stole from the people of Bridgeport was a good thing for you to do? How did you help the people of Bridgeport by helping Little Joe? Answer that question honestly and I’ll give you a modicum of respect.

  2. Where are all the Gomes supporters, on this page, to defend John Gomes? If your candidate is so great, why not stand up for him and tell us what we’re missing. This page seems as good as any, to serve as a forum for debate. How about you John Gomes, you read this page, why aren’t you on here explaining and defending yourself? What better way to let people get to know you? How about you Joe Ganim, why aren’t you here engaging us in thoughtful discussions on the issues? We can only assume that engaging in public discussions with average citizens of Bridgeport, isn’t in either of your best interests. We can only imagine why. Marilyn Moore and Lamond Daniels the same question to you. What better way to let the people of Bridgeport get to know you? If I were running for Mayor of Bridgeport, this is where I’d be, discussing the issues and plans for Bridgeport, right out in the open, not hiding behind some press release, slogan, ad or campaign material.

    1. Jon, I can’t answer where have OIB Readers gone. They do read, Lennie has been very successful putting content of interest on this site. The problem is too many people want to comment and not have civil discourse. No real professional likes to entertain such nonsense. I for one read, and comment only in areas of real interest. Sometimes I see the back and forth and get turned off.

      But To answer your question, I am a Gomes supporter and this by fair is one of the most purposeful economic development plans a candidate could put out. It is NOT a short read. It is long and detailed with precise policy. All the things people criticize candidates for not doing. Gomes purposely has released well thought and researched policies and action plan on the issues. There is a real Vison here no other candiate has put forth. The problem is no one wants to read. The younger generation only can digest 30 second videos and older folks like us have built up so much biases that we can’t see the obvious which is right in front us. Nobody really wants Joe back, however, only John Gomes has made the effort to campaign this election cycle. He had about 300 supporters march with him Sunday at the Puerto Rican Day parade with like 5 floats full of supporters. The have taken it to the streets and have performed. It was something to see.

      I’ll leave with this point, no one is a candidate until they can secure signatures. The Gomes camp has a full slate and an army to gather those signatures. Good luck to the other candidates, whom I personally like both. But i am hoping one does not make the ballot, cause both will be suicide for the “year of change”. With such low voter turnout, the machine doing machine things, Joe Wins.

      1. Hay Kevin, thanks for responding to my concerns. Upon your suggestion I read the details of John Gomes’s information and proposals on his website. My first impression was that on its face, the site is well written, which led me to wonder if John Gomes even wrote it or whether he had someone write it for him. This is the problem with candidate platforms, candidates can say anything, written by anybody and none of it even means that they plan to judiciously implement those policies upon being elected to office. And although I will give his site and the words on it, the benefit of not being exactly boilerplate, it’s not exactly the kind of thoughts and words that inspire someone like me. As I said, talk is cheap, John’s behavior of palling around with convicted criminals and working for them, gives me pause in trusting him, as I’m sure it does for a lot of others. I don’t have a lot of time now but I’ll be back later and look forward to reading your response.

  3. Jonathan,
    The essence of an answer to your question is that people will rather be informed or entertained (assuming that they have not already removed OIB as ‘go to’ information source to which they may contribute commentary.
    Has Joe read the Charter recently? There appears to be a call for Department Heads to forward reports to him by the middle of August, one month from now, to assist him in preparing an Annual Report to the City Council.
    Have you seen evidence of where his impression of a manager listening to Department Heads has looked like for the recent seven years in office? Maybe G2 does not care how productively the Departments perform? Time will tell.

  4. Let’s not forget that Gomes was originally brought onto city government to run Citistat. Gomes wanted to establish fiscal responsibility to improve the budget which would assist in addressing other areas. Unfortunately, a lot of the issues he found were tabled and others protected their self-interest and disregarded that of the city. Gomes is a former financial executive capable of addressing the financial issues. His ability to speak multiple languages and blend in with most people will help shape the future of the city.

    He’s also dedicated to the city as he lives here, raised children in the school system and wants to lead it to meeting the potential it has.



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