Gomes For Mayor Outlines Education Policy

Democratic mayoral candidate John Gomes on Friday released a policy brief on education.

From Gomes:

“By prioritizing the needs of students and working collaboratively with educators, families, and community leaders, Bridgeport can create a more equitable and effective education system that prepares students for success in college, career, and sets them up for lifelong success,” stated Gomes.

The following is a brief summary:

  1. Strengthen family and community engagement (see plan).
  2. Enhance teacher training and support (see plan).
  3. End the cycle of bare minimal investment into the school system at the city and state level (see plan).
  4. Provide equitable access to resources (see plan).
  5. Creating a safe environment for learning (see plan).
  6. Consistent relationship building (see plan).

Gomes concluded, “I am a proud graduate of the Bridgeport public school system. The future vitality of our city is dependent upon our children receiving the tools to succeed personally and professionally. It takes a village.”


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  1. As someone who has been involved in education for the last 8 years, as a father, advocate and elected official and being intimately familiar with education funding, It’s refreshing to see a Mayoral candidate that has taken an interest in Bridgeport Public Schools. John Gomes is one of two candidates who has taken the time to the budget forum put on by BPS. Of the two who attended these forums, John is the only candidate that took the time (unless I missed someone in the background) to take time to listen to public testimony on the city education budget.

    Looking at his education platform release today, it appears that message has sunk in. John is the only candidate, thus far, to put forth an education platform that truly recognizes the interplay between state and local funding. His plan recognizes that the city is not doing enough in regards to local funding and has an actual plan to find ways to shift dollars. (I wish he would state how much more, I see 6-9 million dollars as discussed in a prior post).

    A fiscal forensic audit, funded by the city, of all departments, including education to find efficiencies and shift dollars to education is more than a welcome proposal. The board is currently in the process of developing a request for proposals for an enhanced audit, mostly to counter erroneous claims of massive waste, it would be great for the city to take on these costs in addition to opening its own books.

    John is a product of Bridgeport Public Schools and entrusted his children to our underfunded system, which shows a dedication to public education. He seems to realize that the damage done to our children is due to fiscal neglect, especially on the local level that has been taking place for decades and most recently under the current administration. Our students cannot afford four more years of the status quo.

    It is for these reasons, I am proudly endorsing John Gomes for Mayor!


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