Gomes Camp: Yeehaw! Ed’s Riding To Finish Line Victory

Ed Gomes
Gomes camp: Ed's in it to win it.

Nothing like rumors to spur the campaign juices of supporters of State Senator Ed Gomes who’s being challenged by Democratic-party-endorsed Ernie Newton and State Rep. Andres Ayala in an Aug. 14 primary. OIB received several calls from supporters of Ayala claiming incumbent Ed was making plans to drop out of the race. Really? So we checked it out. Horse poops, say Gomes supporters. The good senator is raising money, knocking on doors, full speed ahead, they say, adding Ayala wants Gomes out of the race to enhance his chances. And so it goes in city politics where rumors collect like absentee ballots. The Gomes camp sent along a flyer being distributed throughout Connecticut’s 23rd Senatorial. Newton and Ayala camps are free to send along their campaign pieces as well.

The Real Deal

Has a long record of service

• Served his country while in the Army for 5 years

• Served his peers as a Union delegate for the United Steelworkers of America

• Served the Community as a member of the Bridgeport City Council for 12 years, and as a Senator for 7 years

Fights for working families

• Supported legislation to bring jobs back to CT as well as encourage the hiring of Veterans and provide paid sick-leave time to all workers in service industries with 50 or more employees.

“We need to help more people get back to work and find good paying jobs. Now there’s a new trend of manufacturers starting to bring jobs back to the US from overseas. Today’s bill [Senate Bill 1] will help bring those jobs here to Connecticut,” said Senator Gomes.

Fights for Children

• Supported legislation that ensures early childhood learning is supported as well as stepping up efforts to help English Language Learners.

“Kids from every background deserve all the opportunities we can put within their reach.” [Senator Gomes has said in response to the passage of a compromise education reform package.]

Fights for Public Housing Tenants

• Championed legislation to ensure that Public Housing residents could vote for their own representatives as well as have a major part in any changes being made to their public housing complex.

“Today’s bills [Senate Bill 1076, 1075] will ensure that public housing residents are at the table when important decisions are being made … Our state’s public housing communities are home to thousands of Connecticut residents. We can improve these neighborhoods by encouraging tenants to be actively involved in community decisions.” said Senator Gomes.


(Note: the Democratic primary is Aug. 14)



  1. Rumors of Ed planning to drop out are at best wishful thinking on the part of the Ayala campaign. I was with Ed and some of his closest supporters last night and trust me, Ed is in this race ’til the end and he fully expects to emerge the winner come primary day.

    Here’s a little unsolicited advice to Mr. Ayala:
    Sir, from everything I hear you are doing a good job as a State Rep. and you are starting to build up seniority which will give you some real clout in Hartford.

    Why throw that away on the off-chance of becoming a freshman Senator with little or no real power? Why not stay an influential State Rep. and endorse Ed whose seniority puts him in line for prime committee positions.

    This would strengthen the Bridgeport delegation and allow it to compete on a more even plane with CT’s other large, and usually better organized, delegations.

    Your turn will come. But now is the time to put Bridgeport first and to support Ed for another term.

  2. John: All that is very nice about waiting “turns,” but you know that is not how it works around Bridgeport: You kill the wounded or unwary.

    If Eddie is healthy, wants it, works it, has the money, and gets all his friends, allies, antagonists to Ernie and/or the mayor all wound up for a last hurrah, this will be a helluva primary.

    Gomes is going to have to run as if it is an open seat even if he is an incumbent.

    Notice those itty-bitty “ifs.”

  3. I agree, Jim. We tend to kill off our own and that is why our delegation cannot compete with New Haven, Stamford, etc. I’m hoping Mr. Ayala can rise above the usual Bpt political fratricide and do what’s best for Bpt and actually for himself. If he just has the vision to see it.

  4. It’s always easy to ask someone else to make a sacrifice. Mr. Ayala has already made his decision. Changing his mind would be a political no-no.

    This is America: who can deny somebody’s desire to upgrade their position via the political process? Risk coupled with the thrill of victory is a combination few can refuse. In this case, Bridgeport has three contenders.


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