Get Out! A Facebook Page For The Bridgeport DTC

Mario Facebook page
Mario Testa, from the DTC Facebook page.

No way, the Bridgeport Democratic Town Committee has a Facebook page? Here’s your chance to like the nascent page. See here. Hmmm, what pol persuaded Democratic Town Chair Mario Testa to segue to modern civilization?

Monday night, at the town chair’s restaurant, delegates will be chosen for the state party convention in May. Will the names be loaded on the Facebook page? What else? Can’t wait to see the comment thread on that page.



  1. Tom,
    Is it possible that Mario along with others have recognized that an organization which has someone such as yourself with your superior awareness and astoundingly high IQ has a Facebook page, that they should follow your example? And again I want to thank you for your previous advice that I not challenge Mario, because if I do I may end up sleeping with the fishes. You are a great man! Most people of your superior intelligence and awareness would never have made such a statement because it may have been seen as stereo typing. You Tom White have risked harm to your reputation and standing in the community to help a fellow Republican. I think that next year the BRTC should give you the Republican of the year award. If they do I promise that I will bring some of my African American and Latino friends to witness such a historic event.(I understand that you are having a bit of trouble getting people of color to attend this years event)

  2. I have been complaining loudly and publicly about the lack of a website of information resource for the Bridgeport Democratic Town Committee. In the past,any source to reach the BPT DTC was Testa’a phone and e-mail. I mentioned almost daily on Facebook during the last 130th DTC election. I will say that a BPT DTC Facebook page is an easy but still insufficient way of communication the the public about the organization and activities of the Bridgeport Democratic Town Committee.

    1. C’mon Frank,

      Do you have a realistic expectation of Testa, Ganim, LLC, to inform the public of their plans? You’ll learn more reading the graffitti on the walls of the men’s room at Matty’s Corner.

  3. The new Facebook page calling itself “Bridgeport Democratic Town committee” was posted and is administered solely by Steve Auerbach who has begun the page by bashing people who have posted posts critical of the DTC. Steve refuses to say if the page has not been authorized by the DTC and so far has posted nothing of substance. – Madeline Dennis

  4. Madeline Dennis- I am the sole administrator of the Bridgeport Democratic Town Committee Facebook page. I made it clear it was not a blog . You and your husband Mike Raleigh as well as other challengers on the 130th slate that lost insist on bashing the DTC and Mario Testa as well as Ganim. This is not a blog or a Platform. The DTC is not concerned with the group speaking at the Council this evening. We are concerned with our meeting . The Facebook page is authorized by the TOWN CHAIR Mario Testa. The page was created solely to share information with members of the town committee as well as other Democrats all Facebook members general information and happenings. Whether it has posted anything of substance or not is in the mind of the reader, As far as you should be concerned, I have posted so far, everything you have requested including extraction of information from the State Central and Secretary of State. I do this on my own time. I am currently on Lunch until 2:15 as your husbands biggest concern was that I did not do this on City time. I only post during a break.

    Btw- I have receieved 2 tickets while here at City Hall. I did not ask to have them adjusted (fixed). I paid them at LAZ parking like every citizen on State Street. What is most important about this post is that I do not believe I own you or any person an explanation regarding my existence or actions. I am only sharing to be transparent. The Facebook page was only created to share information because people like yourself have this conspiracy “Trumpesque” impression that we are members of a “Secret Society”. There were elections with consequences.

    The winners of those elections will sit down tonight at Testo’s. The results of the elections are all listened completely on the Democratic Town Committee Facebook page. I am not sure what more I can do to share but I took this upon myself and thought it would be a good thing. Apparently it is. I appreciate you many comments on my page and I have tried to implement your good ideas. “Nothing of Substance”, well I think taking the time to get information is worth my time. The page is not a propaganda page like the Alt-left Democratic Town Committee that tried to push the challenger slates using the City of Bridgeport Logo. I would not do that!


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