Gawking At Manny’s $400K Taxpayer-Paid Gift–‘He Got Quite A Nice Driveway’

Manny's driveway
Tourists are groovin' on Bridgeport-based developer Manny Moutinho's $400K Stratford driveway. CT Post photo.

From Dan Tepfer, CT Post:

Millionaire developer Manuel “Manny” Moutinho’s $400,000 driveway, paid for by city taxpayers, has become the city’s newest tourist attraction, right up there with Seaside Park and the Beardsley Zoo. “Maybe the mayor should be there collecting admission,” quipped city activist and former mayoral candidate Charles Coviello, who Friday called for an FBI investigation. “I’m thinking of taking a ride over there and seeing it myself.”

On Wednesday and Thursday several cars cruised the long gravel roadway leading through the marsh from Stratford’s Sniffen Lane to Moutinho’s stone manor on the water.

Among the onlookers were Margaret Adams and Edwin Fodham whose families had settled on the property in the 1800s. They sold Moutinho his property.

“For $400,000 he got quite a nice driveway,” said Adams. “We would have killed to have a road like this.”

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  1. I am thinking of setting up a booth myself. I won’t be depositing the proceeds into the General Fund, however. It is evident how that money is spent.

    We get a tax increase and Bridgeport pays for a fabulous driveway for a contractor in Stratford. It would have been egregious enough that our tax monies were squandered in this manner but when you factor in the element the contractor himself actually put the driveway in, the situation crosses the line into the surreal. So Moutinho benefits by having his driveway installed AND he gets paid for it? Explain that one, Brannelly.


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