Gaston-Bradley Race Tight–Brown/Hennessy In Recount Range

Unofficial returns show State Senator Dennis Bradley locked in a close contest with party-endorsed Herron Gaston. Including absentee ballots Gaston leads 1744 to 1604.

City Councilman Marcus Brown and incumbent Jack Hennessy are also in a tight battle in Connecticut’s 127th State House District. Brown won the walk-in vote at all three precincts, Winthrop, Blackham and Read, but Hennessy cut into the margin deeply with absentee ballots.

Unofficial total results show Brown leading 571 to 567, clearly in recount territory.



  1. If things stand, with regards to Brown and Hennessy, either way, Maria is coming out a winner. I mean, to lose by two votes-ish, against the political machine that rigged the district by remapping it just so Brown could run against Hennessy. Not to mention her complaint literally took down Bradley, regardless of her nutty-ass endorsement of him. 🙂

    Maria’s the Charlie Sheen of Port politics. 🤣

    1. Could be Speedy, but Lennie’s numbers aligned with Gaston’s Camp more than Braldley’s/CT Post’s. Still waiting on some other results/reports on Brown, but Brown claimed victory. 🙂

      At any rate, I guess we’re good for the next two years people. 🙂

      P.S I was 50%, today. A lost on Bond and win on State Treasurer, Russell. Whose race I knew nothing about but he did send me a flyer in the mail. so I picked him. 🙂

      I guess killing a tree works . Ok, but if you going to kill a tree, plant a tree or bush, Be a tree hugger people. BTY Moses, Maria, pun intended. 🤣

  2. Working the Voters on a Hot Primary Day in August, is just like trying to convince your (Date) while at St. Mary’s back in the 60s, To get in the back seat of your Dad’s 57 Olds, and she tells you that she “’wants to sit up front with you”……. or she’s riding a Rag!


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