Ganim Will Create Task Force To Address Gun Violence

Mayor Joe Ganim is creating a task force following a spate of gun violence, according to News 12.

He says in addition to calling for common-sense gun laws, the initiative will educate young people.

“The scourge of gun violence–as mayors across the country have shared with me and I’ve shared with them–has got to stop,” Ganim says. “We’ve got to figure out better ways to deal with the challenges in our cities of gun violence.”

Ganim says suicide prevention will be a focus of the task force since 6 in 10 gun deaths in the country are from suicide.



  1. Get in line gun violence task force. The education and housing task force was there first. Also ahead in the queue is the consultants reports about community policing and Guidepost solutions.

    Let’s stop with the ridiculous bandaid solutions of task forces, bulldozing neighborhoods (gentrification) and curfews. Let’s invest fully in the education of our youth and solve Bridgeport’s ills once and for all. Wrap around Education is the foundation that will solve most of our problems and attract new life to a city. Do with kids looking for a home ask “does this city have an amphitheater?” No. They ask “How are the schools?”

    1. Don’t worry this task force is going no where. The city doesn’t even pay their patrolman on time. Five years and city is months behind paying their cops. You think those same cops want to be part of task force and work for free? I don’t think so, this is all just smoke screens. Ask some of you council members that are secreting why hundreds of cops aren’t being paid on time and accordingly. Puppets of joe Ganim and AJ

  2. Good job mayor!!!! “Common sense gun laws” and educating the youths! Mr mayor:
    I guess we can all meet you at the first educational workshop where all the youthful gun possessing, drug dealing gang members will be sitting in the room waiting for classes to start! Will you have the lockable cubby lockers where they can secure their weapons prior to entry? Will their parents be there to learn as well? I’m sure that the adults in all communities will agree that this is a great idea so funding will flow freely to the people Ganim puts in charge of this……..IF it ever happens!!! Lol, place your bets.
    More bullshit from politicians who think they can cure the ills of society with their bright ideas. Pizza at Mario’s after class perhaps?
    Society has gotten worse over the years with the relaxation of laws, enforcement, and the breakdown of strong family structure. Of course the has always been crime but since all of the “liberal” thinking it has become more common and definitely more violent, especially in the poorest of communities.
    This will work the same way “just say no” did.

    1. Please allow me to correct part of what I stated above. It should not be ‘more b s from politicians who think they can CURE all the ills etc etc “
      It should read: more b s from politicians who just need to say something because they feel that their voters, lol, will think they are at least doing something. Of course when nothing gets accomplished they’re able to say that they established bs bs and bs so they deserve to get elected again. And… you know…some people actually buy this!!!!! Lol !!!!

  3. A task force to address gun violence is all that the city needs to curb this problem! Who’s going to serve on this task force, members of the public, religious leaders, business leaders and political leaders? What the hell do they know about stopping gun violence that Chief Ramsey who was hired in April 2019 for $25,000 month or Wilbur Chapman who was paid $120,000 a year? After over a half a million dollars for these specialized paid consultants what has been their recommendations for anything or does Bridgeport have that much money that they can throw away? You have two chiefs, Gaudette and Perez which cost the city of Bridgeport a half a million dollars a year and yet they can’t find an equitable solution to the problem.

    That’s four chiefs and yet the best Mayor Ganim can come with is a task force of laymen members of the public and they are expected to come up with solutions to gun violence when four police chiefs can’t! That’s bullshit and the political leaders and the public need to tell Mayor Ganim to quit blowing smoke up your assess and to take all that money for consultants and put it back into the schools and to fully fund the education of Bridgeport children.

    Rich it’s easy to blame the parents of these gang members like parents are telling their children to go be a gang banger or that’s it alright to be one. These parents are no prouder of children than the parents of virtually every school shooter who happens to be white males, yet you don’t address these white parents! Gun violence is gun violence and the thing that these two factions have in common GUNS! I heard you say we’re a cop and that you treated everyone with respect and I must say that based on your responses in this forum I think you are a liar and that you were one of those bigoted cops that served on the BPD and was probably a member of K5.


  5. Day, can you and Ron make a post without bringing up race, white people? No one is blaming the parents. If they care they will do their very best to provide for their children. More importantly, it shouldn’t be a blame game. However, if black parents and white parents are equally affected by gun violence by their kids then why are you always blaming white people for the state of black people’s situations? The City has a curfew because their parents don’t have one for them a parently. Does anybody believe that parenting doesn’t play a role in their child’s life, for better or worse? JML talks about mentors. Are parents not part of that mentoring role in a child’s life? Jeff more on the point than any of you. Socioeconomics plays a significant role in gun violence and the ills of the city.

    Tom, if you don’t think white people are part of that Socioeconomics that make it harder for kids out of wed-lock or absentee father, then you are the flip side of Ron and Day.

    Coach-T, keep the Lord out of your SB.

    Harvey, you seem bitter this day. Are you missing Maria? I can’t tell you if the curfew is working but Lennie’s ban on Maria did.

    Finally, Joe and Rich which one of you are right? Is it the curfew law or lack of laws? Is it the ridiculous bandaid solutions of task forces or law enforcement. Is it the bulldozing of neighborhoods (gentrification) or the breakdown of a strong family structure?

    And Jim (Marvin) you have not disappointed OIB with profound wisdom. 🙂

    No one here said anything that makes an impression that you care or even give a shit about the city, the kids, or it’s people. I understand the waste in government spending but you act like the BBOE isn’t part of that same mindset government apparatus. Someone has to tell me what fully funded schools means. Maria has started the BBOE gave Finch 7 million dollars out of their budget while the system was failing then. Was it not fully funded +7 million? Please stop using the kids as a means for one’s selfish? Is that really too much to ask?

    Not say Bridgeport isn’t getting short-changed in education funding, or what it is being used in the best and most effective ways. The thing about education it is not absolute that you won’t commit a crime or find yourself in prison, right Joe, Ernie? Even the one who thinks she is the smartest of them all, Maria, has found herself in front of the judge for her transgression. As well as all you educated people who just haven’t got caught when you break the law. You know who you are, everyone.

    PS. since Lennie likes to delete some of my posts to shape my narrative to his liking, I’m placing OIB on MODERATION. Bam. 🙂

    1. RT, we all understand that there will always be crime and violence no matter how much laws and enforcement of them are carried out. Curfews are meant for extraordinary acute circumstances not chronic situations therefore they don’t work and of course there’s the ACLU etc.—( No Don I’m NOT criticizing the ACLU….but it doesn’t mean I agree with many of their actions either!!!!!) Law enforcement task forces are also for similar situations and some go on and become staples in the scheme of doing things- the creation of the DEA-
      (circa 1973) is a prime example.
      Existing laws can work to some degree but as most of us know, they are often applied too leniently.
      For a majority of hardened and younger, stupid criminals, rehabilitation doesn’t work. Crime in disadvantaged communities is of course caused by many of the usual described conditions but shouldn’t be used as the be all and end all reason -as you know who- would always argue. (There Don is that racist enough for you?)
      What we see here is (and is almost always) a political knee jerk reaction because the politicians believe they have to do something ONLY because they perceive a fallout with their community and especially their future votes. As I said earlier- they just want to be able to say that they did something.

  6. What bullshit! There hasn’t been an f-ing thing accomplished by special committees, boards — and especially “task forces” — in the past 60 years in Bridgeport… Just a stalling, political tactic that sets things up for more political alliances and patronage positions to assure that the status quo remains in Bridgeport…

    How about just getting the Police chief and his upper echelon, along with the Bridgeport Health Department and Department of Social Services to research cities that are socioeconomically comparable to be Bridgeport that have a comparably low murder/gun-violence incidence, and see what municipal institutional differences and state/regional/local anti-violence programmatic differences there are with Bridgeport and examine how we might create our own version of parity with those cities in that regard — pursuant to creating a similar dynamic within our own population?…

    Quit creating political smokescreens designed to placate voters/residents/businesses and divert attention away form our shitty governance and the failure of Hartford and Washington to treat us as part of Fairfield Count, CT/USA!!!… Calling Gubernatorial Candidate Joe Ganim and one-term-Governor Ned Lamont!… (Are you there Congressman Himes?! Senator Murphy?!– And thanks for showing-up Senator Blumenthal… Lot of votes here for you if you at least pretend to interested in Bridgeport…)

    1. Jeff, you were on point with socioeconomics being a contribution to the Port’s plight. However, I think you step way off base with finding the differences in other socioeconomically cities comparable to the Bridgeport to creating a similar dynamic within our own population.

      Without doing the research, I will bet those comparable will not be easily created or even wanted to be implemented in the Port. The differences of those comparable socioeconomically would be run by Republicans with a heavy in the police enforcement in the minority communities, while the white trash communities living in trail-parks, while less vocal on that implementation, they do have a sense of patriotism, where an American Flag placates mobile-home lifestyle.

      I highly doubt you will find a comparable socioeconomically comparable city with drugs and gangs run but the Democrats that don’t have similar challenges. Besides is it not the goal to lift the Port out of these lower socioeconomic levels of living to be comparable to the other Gold Coast communities and not to find ways to keep the Port’s socioeconomically status quo?

      I could be wrong though Jeff. Do the research and find some comparable socioeconomic city of the Port and its challenges that don’t have too many differences regarding other attributes. OIB readers would be interested in your findings, I’m sure the Gubernatorial Candidate Joe Ganim, one-term-Governor Ned Lamont, Congressman Himes, Senator Murphy, and Senator Blumenthal will be interested in your findings. Them mighty even form a task force review your finding to move this city forward. 🙂

      1. Some good observations RT but you really hit the target with “its not the goal to lift the Port out of the lower socioeconomic levels” etc. The Netflix series call
        “The Duece” can give those who don’t understand how things really work a peek at reality .
        I worked in that area for part of the timeframe depicted in that series and if you watch it you’ll learn EXACTLY how those in power operate and why. It’s never about pulling those who are downtrodden up. It’s about getting rid of them so that money can be made through development and real estate. If anyone is familiar with the 42nd Street area in the 70’s and 80’s then look and see how it changed. Recently the same thing happened in the West 30’s. I’m sure not many of you know what I’m going to tell you now. Diblasiio made an issue about the poor treatment of the Central Park horses. I knew it had nothing to do with that. It was all about the properties where the horses were kept. In the West 30’s between Ninth and tenth avenues. I know because I worked for an “affiliate” of New York Carting right in the middle of that area just west and north of what’s now the Javits center. Now go see what’s going on there and what that area will turn into : $$$$$$. So anyone who thinks that the politicians care one rats ass about the people in the “poor” areas that are crime ridden, better educate themselves as to what the real end games are. It’s all about moving people out and making money from people who have it. That’s why zoning boards are corrupt and many politicians own all kinds of properties bought at a discount. They collect bullshit rents until they (or their offspring) cash in on the future changeovers.
        Joe and Mario’s boy Danny Pizzaro might be able to fill you in!!!!
        Oh, and the bartender as well, right Mike?!!!
        These folks are not stupid, they’re calculating, and that’s why they are so close to the “power” people. I hope I’ve educated some of you.

        1. Teixara. You asked for an example. I’ll give you one. Look up Camden NJ and research the efforts to rehab the Camden Public School System. Looking forward to your analysis.

          1. Frank with my quick google analysis on Camden has a higher dropout rate and is the murder capital of NJ, However I will pass it on the “effort” of Joe’s task force. Smh.

          2. Teixara…….you can try to talk a lot but you have little substance. Your decision to pass on any deeper investigation of the efforts of the Camden NJ public school system show that you are incapable of digging deeper into any issue and all you do is yak and yak and use OIB as practice for your ESL classes. I will admit that I’ve seen some improvement in your English but ,on the downside,you have seem to become quite self- enamored at the excessive quantity of your English. Good bye.

          3. Please provide me the results in a link to your example? You asked to research it I did and that’s what come up. I am not Maria. 🙂

            ps thanks, while OIB has helped me improve, what you see is not without assistance, Grammarly. 🙂
            They said smart phones and technology would make people dumber but for the dumb it makes them smarter 🙂


          4. RT,

            Here is a link to an article. I hope you read it. What is of interest to me is that the Superintendent in this article worked with the political structure/political boss of Camden who actually felt some civic responsibility. In Bridgeport,we have a political boss,Mario Testa who gives “shit” about Bridgeport and we have a mayor,Joe Ganim,who doesn’t give a damn about Bridgeport either

          5. I read it, did you? What I found interesting Mr. Rouhanifard came in after a state takeover who cut their budget by 75 million, upwards of 50% of its budget , closed schools, and got rid of 200 teachers.

            At the end of the day you can attack Mario, Joe, the council and everybody in between, but the lights are one, and for the most part the schools are being rebuild thought out the city. There are always valid attacks. I don’t fault you for that. Everybody has their position and we are all broken clocks.

            I went to the council meeting last night, I listen to a council person, On one hand say they would voted yes to bond 5 million to tear down Remington even though they objected to not receiving the total coat of the loan when it’s paid off. Because it was such an eye soar when they were young walking by it to school and it needed to be done for betterment of the city. Yet on the other hand, voted no to bonding 2 million for repaving the city streets, like those streets you have to drive over when you pass such a city eye soar. That seemed off balance to one’s position.

            Another council person debated while bonding was not the best way to pay for street paving they would vote yes to bond the 2 million, because it was has to be done, which most agree the city streets needs to be maintained.

            So when that council person said bonding is not the best way to maintain the street but will vote yes to bond it and the city will pay more because of the interest, and based on the length of the rate and length of the loan it could cast close to an extra 1 million. I take out my simple calculator. While the streets do need to be maintained, 1 +1 = 2. You either find the money in the city budget and not pay an extra million or borrow it and pay the extra 1 million. It’s either the only way if you can’t find it in the budget or it’s not and you can, but bonding is not the most cost effective way to maintain the streets for the city in the long run. Since it was not said it was the only way, who knows, paging JML. 🙂

            However if it’s the only way to pave the street this year then it will be the only way to pave any streets next year and every year after that. Since we live in New England our road have to be paved and maintained every year to some degree.

            Wouldn’t it be wiser to take that 2 million bonded money this year and 2 more for next years bonding to pave the streets, because if it can’t seemed to be found in this budget, it won’t be found in next years budget, but eventually the budget will have to pay it. Than take that 4 million dollars and buy a pot hole machine, steamroller and the equipment to heat and resurface the streets. While it will not replace the need to replace main roads, that this system is not suited for New England roads, that type of street maintain system is ideal for all those side road you need it. JS

            Frank back to your point, I been swimming against the current as long as I can remember. At some point you get tired and stop. While this is like an ESL class to me, I been been swimming the ESL classes since HCC was on Barnum Ave. and been in some packet classes. But lets face if it’s not the best way than it not not only the only way but there’s better way also.

            PS for those of you want to know the name of the two council people I was referred too? Here’s a hint. BAM 🙂


          6. RT,
            I decided to try to engage in a conversation with you. What I got was obfuscation and avoidance. A complete waste of my time. Now I decide to disengage with you. Good luck.

          7. Just want to edit and proof read my Guinness record for the most words of saying nothing. 🙂

            Because it has to be done.
            To bond it the city will pay more.
            Based on the rate and length of the loan it could cost close to an extra 1 million.
            That system is not suited for New England roads.
            Those side roads that need it.
            But lets face it if it not the best way than it’s not not the only way but there’s a better way also.
            For those of you who want to know.

            #bamI’mout #packetclass 🙂


        2. Rich,,,,so what is the answer. Your description of NYC is certainly valid but Robert Moses et al did the same thing. It required people like Jane Jacobs to get up and out to fight. We need a lot of “Jane Jacobs” in Bridgeport to fight. Nothing will ever be perfect. The poor and downtrodden have always been screwed. But that is why we had the Civil Rights movement,the Women’s Suffragette Movement,strikers fighting the Henry Ford and Alfred Sloan, the fight to change the miserable labor conditions of 1900 give or take(The Triangle Fire in the same NYC that you are describing. The only choice,the only way is to fight. And that is why Bridgeport is such a depressing situation with the apathy(caused by various reasons). We have a mayor who “won” the election with 15 % of the registered voters. How low can we go?

          1. Yes Frank you know what your talking about as well. My efforts here are to point out what I know goes on in Bridgeport, (no great secret) and give examples of what I know about in places where I have lived and worked. Corruption is the same in all cities but places like Bridgeport really exemplify it.

        3. Speaking of real estate, Bridgeport is looking for a state grant to fix the runway at Sikorsky. Why doesn’t the mayor ask Moutinho to build it for free like he did his driveway for the proposed cost of $200,000? Oh wait, that’s right he did build it but the city paid him twice that to do it! Lol.
          And we think we’ll make a difference!!!!!!

        4. Rich, it’s called “GENTRICATION” and who are those who will moved out, the subject that you so many other on OIB don’t want to talked about and that’s race. “Redlining,” it all started with the Great Depression. Rampant foreclosures had left lenders fearful and so the federal government devised a solution. It would encourage banks to get back into the business of loaning money to would-be homebuyers by developing maps that would show where their mortgages were most likely, and least likely to be paid in full. It was called “redlining” and the aim was economic development. The result was economic discrimination and in Bridgeport we are talking about black and brown people.

          1. Ron, you act like black or Latino people can’t benefit from Gentrification? A lot of black and brown people own homes in the North End. It wasn’t a problem for minorities when they the build Trumbull Gardens that moved out many whites home owner to black and Latinos home ownership. If the Port can get a handle on the violence in that particular location many blacks and Latinos will enjoy what whites had before it was build. That can be said for every neighborhood though. Don’t think you can raise something up if your looking to keep it down. JS

            P.S Many black and brown people are now living in brand new housing in what was the old project of FP. That is a higher standard of living.
            Again what makes a nice neighborhood is keeping it nice and crime free, blood and violence on the streets, And don’t expect the police to achieve it. Especially when they are demonized for doing their Job. I mean every politician, community leader, organizer has asked for the violence to stop and it hasn’t, just like every cop, for the most part, has asked a suspect to cooperate and they haven’t. Just things in common you have people. JSA

            If all arrest where like this the world would be a better place. 🙂


  7. RT you describe some of the same things that I have recently written here about. I gave the example of Stamford’s Southfield village housing project where I patrolled in the 70’s and 80’s. First there were returning vets and European imports living there. They kept the place neat clean and crime free. The men went to work, the kids went to school and for the most part the women “kept the house”. Many of those kids-whose parents did not speak English well if at all when they came to the U.S.- turned out to be very successful and productive members of society. Their parents bettered their existence in this low income housing, improved their conditions and moved on to better lives. So Ron, tell us why such a change took place and things turned to where they have been for over 40 or more years with the next inhabitants of these same projects. We all know the standard answers which are in fact true to a large degree But why hasn’t the improving and moving on taken place? Just asking. See if you can keep race out if your answer. Oh and in case you were not aware, that crime ridden project, where some good decent people lived and had to endure living alongside the scumbag drug dealing animals who killed little children in their crossfire’s, was blown up in the 90’s and replaced with new townhouses and the new occupants are all minority’s.

  8. Just getting warmed-up, Lennie…

    And, Robert; we have people being paid (over-paid) good salaries, in key positions, in several departments, that should be doing “comparable cities/best-practices” research in regard to amelioration-measures research applicable to the myriad municipal problems/functionality failures of our dying city, but they continue to remain shifted into neutral or reverse — except in regard to leveraging pay increases/bonuses and undeserved promotions… These are worse than useless in their positions and should be fired/retired and replaced… We know who they are. And most of them (Department heads) don’t even live in Bridgeport…

    And, in regard to comparable cities with better quality of life and governance than Bridgeport — try Waterbury, CT and Clearwater, FL, just for starters… There are better, more appropriate examples to study — but I’ll leave that to our over-paid, underqualified, out-of-towner department heads and mayor to earn their pay and do/direct that research…

    But not to leave our state and federal representation off the hook: As I’ve spelled out in detail, ad nauseam; the “region” needs the population of Bridgeport to be maintained and held hostage as an underclass so that it remains available for exploitation pursuant to maintaining the municipal health and resident lifestyles of our Gold Coast/suburban neighbors…

    Bridgeport is what it is because the “right” people (down-county) need it to stay that way, and because we don’t have a collective, City Department Heads IQ that can break 100…


    1. Jeff, I hope there are better, more appropriate examples to study, really, Waterbury? Even so they a 25% fewer people with 1/3 more land and pretty American Flag placated whites. Clearwater is even more flag-waving, wearing pale-faces, that’s run by Rs. 🙂

      However, you might be confusing Socioeconomics for the city as a whole and Socioeconomic status on individuals employed by the city. While related they are not comparable. IOP 🙂

      PS Vote Bernie? they are no comparables in people or their abilities in Bernie’s view, they all deserve a change in regard to their socioeconomic status. So all those you have aforementioned are equally fit as anyone to head the Port’s departments, including AJ, he’s just camera shock, He just gets a little shook up 🙂

  9. From the Connecticut Post 02/18/2020

    BRIDGEPORT — City police are investigating after a victim with multiple gunshot wounds was found on Newfield Avenue Tuesday afternoon, dispatch reports and officials indicate.

    At 3:41 p.m., Bridgeport police got 911 calls about a person down in the area of Jefferson Street and Newfield Avenue, according to initial dispatch reports.

    Police units were dispatched to the area to investigate. The first-arriving unit reported a victim suffering from multiple gunshots. Medics were immediately requested and responded within minutes.

  10. NCRC
    The National Community Reinvestment Coalition:


    Gentrification is a powerful force for economic change in our cities, but it is often accompanied by extreme and unnecessary cultural displacement.[1] While gentrification increases the value of properties in areas that suffered from prolonged disinvestment, it also results in rising rents, home and property values. As these rising costs reduce the supply of affordable housing, existing residents, who are often black or Hispanic, are displaced. This prevents them from benefiting from the economic growth and greater availability of services that come with increased investment. Gentrification presents a challenge to communities[2] that are trying to achieve economic revitalization without the disruption that comes with displacement.

    This study indicates that minority displacement is indeed occurring in many cities, where it is often concentrated in areas near the central business district. Displacement of minority groups was high in gentrifying tracts, with 22 percent having indications of high levels of either black or Hispanic residential loss. While larger cities experienced higher levels of gentrification, displacement also seemed to correspond with regional location. Southern cities experienced greater intensity of black displacement, while western cities experienced greater intensity of Hispanic displacement. Additionally, Washington, D.C., and Philadelphia were notable for their high levels of black displacement, while Denver and Austin had high levels of Hispanic displacement. These results indicate that gentrification is often accompanied by high levels of cultural displacement. Since the displacement portion of this study was limited to the decades before 2010, it is difficult to assess the proportion of minority neighborhoods which have indications of displacement that will lead to racial and ethnic integration, or resegregate and become white majority areas over time. It is essential to examine the economic and demographic changes which result from gentrification for their impact on equity at the neighborhood level.

    1. From my last comments above:
      “What hasn’t the improving and moving on taking place?”
      That’s an answer that if reasonable, may be the key to getting things started in the right direction. ????????????

      1. It’s very disappointing but of course believable that someone who calls people liars and bigots can’t respond to a direct question regarding a topic that they consider “their” priority.

    1. Lol, really Ron. That question was for you and you know it!! The fact that you stood silent says a lot. I kill many topics because there are few LEGITIMATE arguments to my facts. My forte!!
      You can use the race card all you want but you need to realize that facts are facts and the truth hurts.
      Cheers all!!!

  11. Ron, if I kill a topic it’s your one-sided racist angle. 90% of your post has the word white in it as a negative. Jeff goes off base, for some reason, to defense socioeconomics and its effects on urban cities, and the need to find and mimic cities that have found ways to stop the problems plaguing urban cities. Which goes against his Gold/Coast keeping Bridgeport down economically to keep their low-wage labor pool. Which I defind socioeconomics effects on the urban poor community.

    Frank asked me to research Camden as a model Bridgeport can follow as an example. Because he read what he wanted to read, a Kumbaya moment. The city is in worse shape than Bridgeport. It was an indictmetn on their school system and he wants the Port to follow it. I do one better. I won’t reply to Frank, you, Day and your racist remarks. BAM!

  12. Gun violence is a social issue.
    Gun violence in urban centers such as Bridgeport reflects issues of gang violence and drug dealing.
    Chicago is a microcosm (a community, place, or situation regarded as encapsulating in miniature the characteristic qualities or features of something much larger) that sadly reflects the violent culture resulting from an absence of family structure and excuses for bad behavior.
    The Chicago Tribune has a web page that reports on what they have labeled as a body count from violence.
    Donald Day tries to equate gun violence in urban centers to ‘school shooters’ , pointing out that they are typically white and suggesting that whites are equally violent. This is Day using the narrative of denial of the deep-rooted social issues in the urban black community resulting from the absence of male roll models and family structure.

    1. Of course it is and until people like him accept that as one of the major reasons, the plight of the people affected will be slow to change. That’s why there was silence to my question above.


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