Ganim Urges Expanded Support Of Gun Background Checks

News release from Mayor Joe Ganim:

In light of the recent tragedies in El Paso and Dayton, Mayor Ganim has signed a letter addressed to Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and Democratic Leader Charles Schumer to urge the Senate to come back into session to vote on gun safety legislation. The two bills for immediate vote already passed by the House of Representatives and would expand background checks for gun sales. The Connecticut Mayors of Hartford, East Hartford, West Hartford, Stamford, Meriden, and New Haven are among 200 others from across the country who have also added their signatures to the letter.

“These bills are a critical path to take illegal weapons out of the hands of dangerous individuals,” stated Mayor Ganim. “We have all seen enough suffering on the national level and in our own communities. This is common sense, we are asking to stop allowing individuals who don’t pass the background the ability to own a gun, to require the firearm purchases to be put through a more stringent NCIS background check, and to ban the illegal transfer of guns.”

Expediting this bill will have an immediate effect throughout the country; and a direct result in the reduction of gun violence in every town and city like ours, in the City of Bridgeport.

The Senate’s participation on the matter can further the impact of House-passed bills H.R. 8 and H.R. 1112, which both aid in closing loopholes in background checks and banning the transfer of unlicensed firearms and unregulated sales.



  1. Now that President Trump has signaled it’s OK, Joe feels safecommenting.
    As soon as the Donald changes his mind, Joe will alter his plan.
    So disingenuous.

  2. Is this the best that Mayor Joe Ganim can do to address gun violence in Bridgeport. Sign some type of letter concerning legislation that United States Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell will just kill in the US Senate. State Senator Marilyn Moore just had the first meeting of the Youth Gun Violence Protection Task Force at the Burroughs Community Center in Black Rock,Bridgeport. I asked Lennie to make a separate post for that CT Post article.Most respectfully, this his blog and and his decision. As comments roll in and if OIB won’t post a separate post for the Moore initiative,I will once again post the link in this(Ganim/Senate letter) posting. However,I think most people just roll past the solitary links. Thank You.

      1. Lennie… why did you not post this meeting. The attendees were significant. OIB readers need to know this. Beyond that ,I am disappointed at the lack of response from OIB readers. Every OIB reader needs to get involved.

  3. Not on topic, but can any one tell me, if the Bridgeport Civil Service Commission is still required to post – meeting minutes and agenda. I have not noticed ,a new post, in over a year. The last one posted, was July 2019.
    Last time I went to ,Civil Service, I was told to submit a F.O.I request.

  4. You give Ganim too much credit for being clever. He had to say something about this, especially in an election year in a town where gun violence is a daily occurrence.

  5. Many of the daily shootings could have been curtailed if the PD had professional leadership which it does not- which of course is Ganims fault.
    Onward and forward- cheers!!!!!!


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