Ganim To Lamont: Limit Campaign Spending–Lamont Agrees To Three Primary Debates

News release from Mayor Joe Ganim:

Bridgeport mayor and Democratic gubernatorial candidate Joe Ganim today called his certification for the Democratic August primary ballot “a victory for tens of thousands of grassroots Democrats who want a gubernatorial candidate who represents them, not a multi-millionaire candidate chosen by political insiders.”

The Secretary of the State reported on Tuesday night Ganim had submitted at least 17,104 valid signatures, surpassing the 15,458 needed to qualify for the August ballot. Ganim filed a record 32,000 petition signatures of registered Democrats.

Speaking to supporters at the State Capitol in Hartford, Ganim challenged Democratic opponent Ned Lamont to limit spending to $1,600,000, the amount imposed on participants in the state’s voluntary program of publicly financed campaigns. And Ganim challenged Lamont to five televised debates, one in each of the state’s congressional districts.

“Connecticut is a state of haves and have-nots. Our campaign is about building a new Connecticut that works for everyone, not just a wealthy few. It’s about making our cities and urban centers once again engines of economic growth. It’s about improving the lives of working and middle class families from the blue collar cities of the Naugatuck Valley to the rural towns of Eastern Connecticut. Having been given a second chance by the people of Bridgeport, our campaign is about making sure every Connecticut citizen has at least a first chance to succeed,” said Ganim.

“Ned Lamont has said he will spend over $10,000,000 to buy this election. I think that is offensive to voters. They rejected his attempt to buy the 2010 election against Dan Malloy. For this election, Ned should listen to the voters who have expressly said they want a cap on excessive campaign spending,” said Ganim.

Ganim said he hoped to reach quick agreement among Lamont and the state’s television stations and other media outlets to have a series of televised debates in each congressional district “so voters throughout Connecticut can compare our experience and vision to how we build a better Connecticut.”

News release from Ned Lamont:

Ned Lamont, the state Democratic Party’s endorsed candidate for governor, has committed to three gubernatorial debates before the Connecticut Democratic Primary on Aug. 14. Lamont called on candidates who qualified for the ballot to join him.

Lamont is confirmed to participate in:

The Connecticut Association of Realtors Democratic and WTNH News Channel 8 Debate in July, date TBD;
The Hearst Connecticut Media and Sacred Heart University Debate moderated by Connecticut Post reporter Ken Dixon and Gary Rose, professor and chairman of the university’s Department of Government, Politics and Global Studies on July 26.
The WFSB Democratic Gubernatorial Debate, moderated by Dennis House, Eyewitness News anchor and host of “Face the State,” date TBD.

“Ned is no stranger to primaries. For the past eight months, he has traveled the state and heard from voters about how to get Connecticut back on track. We are ready to compare Ned’s ideas for Connecticut and his leadership on a wide range of issues spanning more than two decades to the record of anyone else running for governor. We are confident voters will support the best vision for our state and will stand with Ned,” said Marc Bradley, Lamont’s campaign manager.



  1. Ned, Joe’s a flucking Liar, especially when he says he will hold the line on spending. Black Rock can attests to that.
    $ 30 million should win this primary.

  2. Mayor Ganim, you try to portray Ned Lamont as an out of touch millionaire as if your finances aren’t out of touch with most of the people that submitted their signatures. Please mayor Ganim. Ned spend as much as you need to to keep this pimp from being governor.

  3. Yea Joe. Are you ready and will to tell everyone how you blew your first chance???
    Ned didn’t need to steal especially from the people of Bridgeport to make a go of it.

  4. Joe,you stole from the very people who trusted you,how the hell do you expect people to ignore that?? Ned is going to hammer you on that,and the “ya,I’ve made mistakes” line that you use over and over again,isn’t gonna cut it this time around.

  5. *** Over spending on the campaign trail needs to be better monitored by the state elections board & left over money used for Statewide improvements, etc… ***

  6. Joe Ganim will be asked about his crimes that caused him to spend time in jail and exactly what he do and was he guilty or is still saying that he’s Innocent? This a matter of trust and atonement.

  7. I have to agree with Hector A. Diaz. When people get tired of referring to Ganim’s past I guess they will focus on the issues. So t put everything in it’s proper perspective. On this blog you have the anti – Ganim contingent. I respect their difference of opinion.
    I want to thank all of the Finch and Foster supporters that happily signed petition. Of course for the record, I had people that love Ganim and grabbed the petition out of my hand to sign. I met a lot of great people that love the city and share my optimism.

    As for Ganim. He is a worker.
    He connects with people.

    It is shameful that the media continues to shame Ganim in every article. That shaming may in fact be the winning ticket that gave Ganim a victory over Finch. We got it already. Joe went to jail. Finch and Foster milked that dry. The anyone but Ganim campaigned failed then and can fail again. Too bad “Eva” and Joe don’t join forces. It could be a
    winning combo.

    Ned Lamont is a fine candidate but Joe Ganimis the Mayor of the largest city in the State that has been the recipient of crap for decades. Any taxpayer in this city should rejoice that Ganim will promotes us on the big stage. Ganim has already won. Everything else is just icing on the cake. His family must be very proud.

    1. When Joe makes a complete accounting of how much he stole and from whom he stole can the healing process begin.
      Maybe Steve and the typical Bridgeport voter can ignore the truth but that does hold water with Connecticut voters.

    2. Stevie A. King of the Sycophants, lord of the Toadies, Knight of the Obsequious.

      Published on OIB Oct 20 2015

      Steven Auerbach // Oct 20, 2015 at 9:28 am
      I don’t dislike Joe Ganim, but I voted for Bill Finch in the primary and now I am supporting Mary-Jane Foster because I am dead set against another Ganim Administration riddled with corruption, greed and Mario Testa. I felt after 11 years of Ganim the people have had enough. I figured after he destroyed the reputation of the city, the city had enough. I figured it took two administrations to wipe away the black eye given to us by Ganim, the people would have learned. They did not. We have two weeks to educate. Joe Ganim has done an amazing job while enjoying $500 bottles of wine, fancy clothes, home enhancements, cash in his pocket to let the little sycophants of Bridgeport think he was one of them–he isn’t a snob, just a wealthy suburbanite who hasn’t paid a dime in taxes to Bridgeport for 15 years. He will meet and greet anyone but always go home to the comfort of his Easton home. Personally, I do not care. I am supporting Foster for the Future of our city.

      P.S. I’m sure Mayor Joe (Trump) Ganim is very happy to have Stevie A. on his team, I know Ned is.

      1. Jimfox, thanks, you sum it good with Stevie A. own words, “Joe Ganim has done an amazing job while enjoying $500 bottles of wine, fancy clothes, home enhancements, cash in his pocket to let the little sycophants of Bridgeport think he was one of them–he isn’t a snob, just a wealthy suburbanite who hasn’t paid a dime in taxes to Bridgeport for 15 years.” Thanks Steve you got it right on Oct 20 2015 and nothing has changed. Steve I have a question for you, what has Joe Ganim ever say about $500 bottles of wine, fancy clothes, home enhancements, cash in his pocket to let the little sycophants of Bridgeport?

  8. Joe needs to put Connecticut first if elected. He has my vote if Bridgeport is a very close second. As Bridgeport goes, so does the state. Bridgeport as a City is almost at the hump. We need to get over that hump anf continue to grow the grand list. As the grand list grows, taxes come down. I love my City. And no MP, this coward does not work for the city

  9. If Joe can convince the minorities he is their best choice he may stand a chance. Turn out for the primary will be the biggest factor. The legislature is going back in session on the 25th, depending on the support or lack of by these two, the primary may be decided by this issue. They will have a few weeks to spin or accept the outcome. This will be very interesting, because they will also need to oppose the Republican position whatever that will be.

  10. Jimfox, that’s just beautiful, just beautiful. One is left wondering what he got paid to lie down with the “Ganim Administration riddled with corruption, greed and Mario Testa.” Goes to show you that just about anyone can be rented.

  11. I knew that Jim Fox, Bob Walsh, Ron MaCKEY AND Donald Gay that have all of the time in the world to dig up my past comments to try to make a point. I am currently working for the city of Bridgeport and on my Lunch break. In 2015 I was supporting Bill Finch and Unfortunately like an ASS I supported Foster because I was a fool. She didn’t have a rats chance in Hell but I was an idiot and followed Finch to support her as he sat on his ass and I gave up my time. Enough said on that.

    As for Joe Ganim and Mario Testo. On this blog I was a hero for the Finch people. I was working to save their jobs, not my own lolololol. I was verbally on this blog horrible to Joe Ganim and in front of Winthrop school I verbally destroyed Mario to his face. Two things to take into account, I never had a conversation with Mario AND AS FOR Joe Ganim I hadn’t had conversation with him since he terminated me from the city during the Moran Administration and he had just gotten back from his honeymoon and we were meeting Hilary Clinton.

    I APOLOGIZED TO GANIM for being so cruel and despicable. The Finch people were loving it.
    I will say that during the campaign, Joe gamin had always been respectful to me. Joe Ganim always greeted me and certainly had shown more respect for me than I had shown for him. As for Mario, I have apologized to Mario many times.
    It is ironic that Ganim gave a place in his administration for a most qualified, educated, engaged and cheerleader for the city. Imagine that. Ironically, Maria P. invited me to a Joe fundraiser where she is on camera touting h er love for Ganim. Joe knew I supported Finch and still came over to talk to me. I AM ONLY WRITING THIS POST TO ACKNOWLEDGE THAT I WAS HORRIBLE AND TOTALLY DISRESPECTFUL. I HAVE BEEN LESS VERBAL ON THIS BLOG IN SUPPORT OF gANIM THAN I HAVE FOR OTHER CANDIDATES THAT HAVE BEEN THE RECIPIENTS OF MY TIME AND EFFORT. I ALWAYS APPRECIATE IT WHEN People take my time as though time is not the most precious gift.

    Mario Testa has never demanded anything from me. Ganim has demanded nothing of me. People could learn an awful lot from Mario. Joe connects with – I remember Fox kissing Ganims ass all over Black Rock. Maria Pereira Kissing Ganims ass everythime she opened her mouth. I remember Donald Day and Ron Mackey giving their imput of liking Ganim but supporting Foster– How is that for a joke. The 2 unapologetic Afro- Centric folks being only 1 of 4 black people supporting Foster-Great job. Then you have Andy Fardy and Bob Walsh- 2 people that would sit on their asses advising Foster while the others went in the field. LOLOL the truth, The reason why I know so many people in BRIDGEPORT IS BECAUSE I TALK TO THEM. NOT AT THEM. I ADMIT WHEN I MAKE MISTAKES And I only regret of all of the campaigns I ever worked on was going to the Foster camp for Finch. Never again. My loyalty is not transferable.

    About my job, I love working for the city! The salary is lower than my efforts but I am thrilled to be doing what I am doing. The days are long and the contacts are many. The taxpayers are getting more than their money’s worth.

    I am proud to be working in this administration and will do everything to help the Ganim administration succeed.
    We should all be doing everything to help this administration succeed. So much wasted energy on this blog with negativity.

    so, to be as laconic as possible, I said some pretty terrible things about Joe Ganim. The good news for Ganim is I have the ability to turn shit into ice-cream and while gathering all my signatures it is what I did! I believe Ganim is going to put an amazing spotlight on this city. Unlike former Mayors that just become invisible, Ganim has a story to tell- some good, some very bad and some amazing tales. He is experienced. And yes he has a chance!

    If I had no life and no friends I would dig up all of the comments by Lisa, Maria , Jim , Andy, Donald , Ron and Bob. We’d all have a real laugh.

    There is irony isn’t it ? Of all of the asses I have kissed it was the man who was the recipient of my negative comments that realized my talent. Seriously folks. No kidding– Wow this took my lunch time – meeting at 3 – enjoy all— Jim Fox thank you for rubbing my face in my own crap! I acknowledged and move on! I would suggest those of you on the blog do the same. The redundancy of the comments day after day are really tiresome. Life would be some much better if you put on a pair of rose colored glasses and joined the party!

    1. Steve, stop it, Jimfox pull down your false statements, wait a minute, which comment is the lie, is your first comment a lie or this one the lie? Steve you only support those already in power like Russo, Finch and now Ganim.


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