Ganim, Power Company Sign Community Benefits Agreement

Ganim, PSEG
Ganim and company at PSEG signing.

News release from city Communications Director Av Harris:

PSEG Power Connecticut and Bridgeport Mayor Joe Ganim today signed a Community Environmental Benefit Agreement (CEBA) associated with the construction of a new gas-fired plant in Bridgeport. The agreement was also signed by the Connecticut Coalition for Environmental Justice, the University of Bridgeport, South End Revitalization Zone Committee and West Side/West End Neighborhood Revitalization Zone Implementation Committee. Among the components of the CEBA, PSEG Power Connecticut agreed to establish a $2 million Community Environmental Fund administered by the Fairfield County Community Foundation or a similar organization recommended by Bridgeport Environmental Task Force. Community organizations and governmental entities can apply for grants through the fund to support the following:

· Health-related projects for Bridgeport residents
· Improvements focused on creating environmental benefits for Bridgeport residents
· Finalizing plans to retire the coal-fired Bridgeport Harbor Station Unit 3 power plant
· Ideas to consider investments in renewable energy projects
· Assignment of a Community Liaison Officer to be the main point of contact with community groups and work with the community to support local and regional hiring.

Implementing the agreement is conditioned on receiving key permits necessary for construction.

“This community environmental benefits agreement is a huge boost to our community and just one of the many positive impacts resulting from the building of the new natural gas fired power plant,” said Mayor Ganim. “This fund will benefit Bridgeport residents for generations, and so will the overall $550 million construction of the new plant.  This will create hundreds of jobs, replace the last coal-fired plant in Connecticut, and contribute an estimated $5,000,000 annually to our tax base. This will move us to a cleaner energy future and give us reliable power for many years.”

Mayor Ganim continued, “I thank both PSEG, our Economic Development Director David Kooris, our city councilors, and all of the community groups and leaders who worked hard together to make this happen. This is a watershed moment in Bridgeport’s history that will do a lot to steer our future in a positive direction.”

PSEG is committed to being a good neighbor in Bridgeport. We look forward to working with the City and community groups to maximize the benefits of this agreement,” said Richard P. Lopriore, president of PSEG Fossil. “This agreement is in addition to the economic activity and jobs that will be created during construction and increased tax revenues for the city.”

PSEG Power is building a 485 MW gas-fired combined-cycle power plant. The plant, which represents an investment of more than $550 million, is targeted to be completed and supplying needed energy to the Connecticut region for the year beginning June 2019. The plant will be located at PSEG Power Connecticut’s existing Bridgeport Harbor Station site. The plant will create 350 construction jobs and approximately 20 permanent jobs. PSEG Power is a subsidiary of Public Service Enterprise Group Incorporated (PSEG) (NYSE:PEG), a diversified energy company (



  1. *** Noticed some political rejects and political welfare dependents in this PSEG signing picture, no? *** LORD HELP US, SINCE WE SEEM TO BE UNABLE TO HELP OURSELVES. ***

  2. I’m disappointed in you, Joe. You ran your campaign on how Bill showed lack of care for this city and its residents. How you can sign one of his most egregious offenses he rendered to this city? I believe in second chances and you failed to stand up for the city. If the powers that be support and allow me, I will run against you in the next mayoral election. To quote you, “I’m asking the outgoing mayor (Bill) not to make any decision regarding this city.” I also will make such a request to the powers that be. I’m asking them not to make any developmental and investment decisions in the city until the new incoming mayor takes office. Except for the body cameras for the police department, I believe they are necessary.

  3. Ron, the residents of the South End require energy continuity. The utility owns the land and to dedicate it to a new use, away from coal-powered to gas-powered takes many hurdles in the approval process. The City may find a new “largest taxpayer” if the $500 Million is spent and forms a basis for its valuation. When the above happens the final days for the coal plant become certain earlier than currently. And there is a $2 Million community benefit agreement, also. To the extent the community is happier about the various steps above and perhaps a few more I have missed, they will not end up in broad protest slowing down or stopping this development step. In the ongoing discussions and public meetings, did anyone entertain a practical better idea to accomplish similar results? Or can they today? Time will tell.

  4. I mean Bridgeport has always been sold out. That’s prime land and I believe Bridgeport would benefit with a casino on that land. Bridgeport would thrive as a tourist destination. The decent-paying jobs with benefits, the revenue etc. It’s the only way Bridgeport will amount to anything. Bridgeport’s going to be something or nothing. This is the key determination. That’s the only plot of land that can host it. The ferry, rail highway, all lead to it, with little impact on the city. If you look at Steel Point, Pleasure Beach, Seaside, and Seaview, look on a map, that three-points waterway is golden for development on an entertainment venue. But what do we do, we allow a power plant to line our cost. Sad for Bridgeport. I always have hope for my city though. Just hope stronger, more powerful entities take this on. This country owes the Indians, I mean they were only 90% of their population was genocide so their land could be take. I see Bridgeport as something great, something to fight and sacrifice for. Time will tell.

  5. 350 construction Jobs and 20, that’s right, 20 permanent jobs. How many Construction jobs and permanent jobs will a casino bring the city? What would be the revenue of the state and city? As for energy, the sun gives us all the energy we need. People don’t need energy, they need jobs. PSEG, if you want to do something useful with your existence go to a part of the world where people don’t have electricity and build a plant there, raise people up not keep them down. PSEG, you’re keeping Bridgeport down, shame on you. I hope the powers that be see this and judge you mercifully. Bam, I’m out.


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