Ganim, Pereira Usher In New East Side Library Branch

Ribbon cutting for the Beardsley Branch library. Far left City Councilwoman Maria Pereira, City Clerk Lydia Martinez. At right Mayor Joe Ganim. At rear, hand raised, librarian John Soltis.

Here’s something you don’t see often, Mayor Joe Ganim and serial-critic City Councilwoman Maria Pereira sharing a light moment to celebrate the opening of the Beardsley Branch library on East Main Street.

Pereira supported Ganim’s return to the mayoralty in 2015, but they experienced a quick political divorce.

They were joined by a number of officials on Saturday including City Clerk Lydia Martinez and everyone’s favorite librarian, John “Salty” Soltis, who is treasurer of State Senator Marilyn Moore’s mayoral race.

Hmmm, whose mayoral camp will the self-styled piranha of politics support this cycle? She’s a proven vote producer at her home precinct Hooker School. Four years ago she sat it out.

John Gomes and Lamond Daniels are the other candidates vying for the city’s top office.

Sweet taste in local books.

Inside the new library.



  1. Ironically I found myself there while this was going on. I was a packed house.

    Seems decent, better than the Blackrock branch. They really need to do something with that place, layout-wise, Perhaps move the movie section to the book side and up the computer room so that more inviting and recreational. JS

    North Ends is pretty decent. East Ends look pretty decent, The East Side looks like a storefront conversion, and it can be upgraded/location/better.

    Downtown Library is as archaic and drab as it comes, and they really need to do something to dress that place up while trying to keep its historic appeal. JS people 🙂

    P.S. Play nice people. good luck people 🙂

  2. There’s your book Lennie, second picture down, right side in the back. I didn’t have my library card or I would have checked it out. Lamond Daniels was there but he didn’t stay long.

  3. I’ll just drop this right here. 🤷

    Question 4, what are some changes we can implement to improve Community Policing in your neighborhood?

    For starters, let’s stop with the wordplay and defection to address the actual issues regarding the police and
    its community “relations”. I can assure you of the need to improve upon the so-called “Community Police” is not the issue at hand. The people in the community not seeing an officer walking the beat to wave or say hi to as they run their daily errands is far from the need to address the negative relationship the community has had with the police. Outside of politics of course, logically speaking.

    Perhaps the question can be rephrased to better serve to more accurately reflect on the problem and address actual issues.

    How about, what are some of the changes the Bridgeport Police Department can implement to improve how we, POLICING THE COMMUNITY?

    IDK, things like are we profile, pulling over people in the community for a bull shit motor vehicle violation, and giving them a ticket that gives their insurance legal means to jack up (rob them) each month for years when a warning would be sufficient.

    Are we over-aggressive in using force when we arrest someone, like posting whipping them, choking them, beating them with your flashlights, stomping on them, slamming them to the ground for a not real reason? Shot like that. Are we escalating situations as a means to arrest someone? Or is our training adequate to prevent a cop who is chasing a reported stolen car from chasing the car on foot and jumping through the window and shooting the occupant teen, killing one? To name a “few”

    Basically, are we acting properly, professionally. “honestly”, and accordingly?

    For transparency, I used quotations on “honesty” because that is a double sword, based on the situation of course. I have no issue with a cop “lion” getting me out of some seeming trouble, but “lion/abuses there authority over me to get in trouble, making like difficult. that’s not nice. I think we all can agree on that. Who like that?

    Or we can play more word games and rephrase it completely?

    What are some of the changes the Bridgeport Police Department can do to avoid the hundreds of thousands of dollars the city has to pay out in lawsuits, which falls on the burden of the community (city) taxpayers, because of how we are POLICING THE COMMUNITY, as well as the internal politics that results in racist letters or “racist” texts, being disseminated within the BPD that create a low morale and hostile working environment that is ultimately taken out on the community at large as we are policing?

    Do you see what I did there, community?

    Look inward BPD, to clean up your own shit. BPD, the community, the Port, has its own
    shit to clean up, outside of the need to see, wave, or say hi to a cop wasting taxpayers’ money on so-called “community policing. AKA (littering)

    The community is rooting for you, BPD, and the BPD is rooting for you, community.

    You both can do it. 😂

    P.S. Meditate on it, to clean up your own shit. It is in you both to do so. BAM! 😂


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