Ganim Orders Freeze On Spending And Hiring

News release from mayor’s office:

Mayor Joe Ganim today announced that the city and his administration are anticipating that the Governor’s Interim Budget Proposal will fall short up to $27 million dollars in municipal funds for the City of Bridgeport. In wake of the uncertainty of financial funding from the state, the city will proceed cautiously with expenditures until the State budget is resolved.

After discussions with other cities and towns and their OPM Finance Directors, the financial forecast for all municipalities is grim. Mayor Ganim is reviewing all City of Bridgeport departments, all city spending, and possible budget cuts to support expenditure savings.  Everything is on the table for review including budget cuts on municipal projects, putting a hold on personnel increases, and the request for furloughs to offset various contractual salary increases. OPM and Finance have been directed to freeze discretionary spending and hiring as we await progress on the state budget.

“Regardless of what measures the city takes, it would be impossible to make up for this level of impact. It is my hope that the state is able to pass a budget that will continue to support the needs of Connecticut’s cities and towns,” said Mayor Ganim.



  1. Ganim “appears” to be in control with a statement like this. However, Joe does things for “appearance sake”, not for any particular priority. This is another “photo op” for him.

    Think about it for a moment. He has been in Hartford quite a bit. The delegation has been in touch with him on many measures. With a budget so dependent on State revenues (because 80% of school basic and grants funding is from CT) does he say a word about EDUCATION and the schools? NADA!! Where is his sense of where people are?
    There is a City budget that can close the year with a SURPLUS of $5 Million or more because of revenues greater than projected (mistakes or just conservative??) as well as positive variances on employment and fringe benefits (did he budget and get approval for “ghost positions” never to be filled??)! Ganim could have announced a surplus from the big TAX year at 54 Mils. The Board of Education by contrast has no such luxury as both the State and City have flat funded them and their reserves are exhausted. A five year plan does not contemplate flat funding annually for all years!!

    City priorities? The Mayor fails to state them, but he does raise taxes (in spite of campaign rhetoric); he wants everything done rapidly without fiscal projections shared with those who must approve; and he is looking to leave Bridgeport behind. In his heart Bridgeport is not a priority….he fooled us twice….and has no respect for us on that account!! Is it time for the City to find new leadership? Are we in overtime already? Time will tell.


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