Ganim, Maya, Hudson Announce Ticket A Week From Convention

Maya, Hudson, Ganim
Town Clerk Alma Maya, left, City Clerk Fleeta Hudson with Joe Ganim on steps of City Hall.

Hoping history repeats itself with incumbent Fleeta Hudson as his city clerk running mate from 1991 and a new addition with Town Clerk Alma Maya, former Mayor Joe Ganim announced Monday afternoon on the steps of City Hall “a diverse ticket” that has “been in battles for the betterment of Bridgeport.”

About one week from the July 21 Democratic Town Committee endorsement session at Testo’s Restaurant a clearer picture of candidates’ respective tickets has started to emerge. The larger looming question: who will be the endorsed candidate for mayor, Ganim or incumbent Bill Finch? Both sides are tightening up support and making efforts to poach alliances among the 90-member town committee.

Forty-six votes are required for the endorsement, but Democratic Town Chair Mario Testa could break a tie if Finch and Ganim are deadlocked at 45. A primary will take place September 16.

Ganim sidestepped the question when asked about the closeness of the convention endorsement, choosing to emphasize his accomplishments as mayor.

Hector Diaz, Vicki Diaz, Ernie Newton
Former State Rep. Hector Diaz with his mom Vicki and former State Senator Ernie Newton at Ganim campaign announcement.

There had been much speculation whether Hudson who ran with Ganim when he was first elected chief executive 24 years ago would seek another four-year term. She has decided to break from supporting Finch saying simply a “change is needed.” Some party operatives have whispered questions of Hudson’s lucidness for the task after 24 years as city clerk that maintains the records of the City Council. “I have my faculties,” Hudson emphasized to OIB.

Finch supporter Lydia Martinez, a city councilor, is seeking the endorsement for city clerk.

Maya successfully ran for town clerk on Finch’s ticket in 2007 and 2011, but has decided to back Ganim who’s trying to reclaim the job he left following his conviction on federal corruption charges in 2003.

“We know he’s going to be the best mayor in a long time and we will be able to do our jobs in a more effective way,” Maya told Ganim supporters from the steps of City Hall.

Ganim made note to media members that Maya and Hudson, as part-time officials, were issuing the endorsements after working hours.

Emphasizing that he was “honored to have two woman of stature” on his ticket, Ganim is trying to immunize himself from opponent attacks about the past that forced him from office.



  1. If this isn’t the most pathetic situation. This will not help Ganim. Fleeta, you have been there 24 years and came in with Ganim and now your political career will end by losing with Ganim. As it should be. You feel the momentum building with Ganim? Nah, but I do see Foster continue to fade away. I am happy she agrees with many of Ganim’s points. Notice, he doesn’t even know she is running.

    What’s up, Mayor??? Have you been taking care of the wrong people? Imagine, the city is beginning to take off and Fleeta thinks it is time for change? Hey Fleeta! Have you met Mary-Jane Foster? Howard Gardner? David Daniels? You want change? So do we! But it is the underticket that has been there for 24 years! What a way to end your career!

    What’s next, Marilyn Moore making an endorsement for Ganim on the front steps of the annex?

  2. Steve A is panicked thinking not only might Finch not get the endorsement, but Ganim does.
    His world is all upside down.
    Up is down.
    Down is up.
    Left is right.
    Right is wrong.
    But what about Bass Pro???
    Kiss it all goodbye, Stevie.
    The end is at hand.

    1. Bob, the end is at hand for me? Or for you? So my plumber this morning starts by saying, who the hell would elect a convicted felon? I simply said I wouldn’t and went out to the Finch headquarters to say hello. Too bad “the important people” didn’t have the time to say hello. That’s okay, I am glad they were too busy to see me. Having a busy campaign headquarters is a good thing. I know I saw Keith Rodgerson on Saturday night as we chatted, but very surprised I did not meet his wife, she is running the Finch campaign, no? I think I spoke to nearly everyone at the event and it is almost laughable I did not meet the Finch campaign manager.

      Hey Bob, try to figure how you can generate front-page news and then I will believe you are in the game.

      If you were to ask yourself, who would you rather have a beer with, Finch, Foster or Ganim? What would your answer be? Well that’s what they asked when voting for President, people preferred Bush over Gore and look what happened! The race hasn’t even started!

      1. Steve,
        In case you forgot, Gore won. The Supreme Court stole the election. And all of America lost when Bush was sworn in. They just didn’t realize it at the time.

  3. Lennie, I wasn’t going to mention it again but Toby Lightman was excellent. The group I arrived with thought she was wonderful. 27 of 34 had never been to the Bijou. I am grateful it was not a political evening and happy to have met so many from the blog. I know it was not an Only in Bridgeport party, it was a great opportunity to meet and listen to a wonderful talented singer. I think you did a great thing introducing her talent to a diverse crowd in Bridgeport. My friends were very impressed with the Bijou and all the activity happening downtown. That is what voters want to see. They could give a rat’s ass if a 24-year town clerk is supporting Joe Ganim. I just thought I’d throw that in. 🙂

    It was a pleasure to meet Ray Fusci, the man who will be editing my next novel! 🙂

    1. Steve, a large part of what goes on during a campaign has to do with PERCEPTION, while your friends may not see the significance believe me the members of the DTC see it. While the mayor and his people are giving away (not really because his promises and commitments have been proven to be lies) everything in City Hall, jobs, commissions and probably VIBE jobs and tickets. We have two top-of-the-ticket officials who believe the City’s future will be better with JOE GANIM at the helm. At the very least we will get a Mayor who doesn’t need to be told what to do.

  4. This just in!!!
    Tax Bill Finch announced a new gun buyback program to counter defections within the Democratic Party top of the ticket.
    Finch, noting people who do not see the benefit of the gun buyback are simply shortsighted. Gun buybacks work.

  5. What ever happened to the Gun Lox ‘n Bagels Bill was promoting when he was on the council? Must have gone by the wayside with his container-to barge-to-train concept when he was a state senator.

  6. What does it mean when your two top elected officials jump ship for the other guy? Means the other guy is a shoe-in. Joe Ganim has the momentum and canNOT be stopped. Each day he becomes stronger and stronger. I don’t know where Steve hangs out, but everywhere I go people are buzzing about Joe Ganim’s comeback. Home Depot, Seaside, Dairy Queen, Canteen.

    Finch and Company would seriously try to get the endorsement for Lydia for City Clerk! Now that would be an Only in Bridgeport moment. Gotta love this city!

    1. city hall smoker, first let’s talk the Merritt canteen. Condolences to Jay, I have been going there for 47 years. Jay lives in Easton. The voters do not support Ganim. Every Mayor loves Jay simply because the Merritt canteen has been a fixture forever! Your vain attempt to make anyone believe Ganim is gaining momentum there, let me be clear. The three cops who work there on the weekend do not support Ganim, they live in Bridgeport and they are voting for Finch. Home Depot? You are kidding, right? The contractors have nothing nice to say about Ganim and the workers from Bridgeport–Finch! I see a two to one landslide and Foster supporters lost. I do not know when they expect to go after Ganim but the word on the street with my own councilwoman is not complimentary and everyone who knows me knows I adore her! But the question is why are they supporting Ganim? Are there hands out across the board? Ganim owes everyone. I should just sit back and watch how this plays out. I still maintain there is no interest. Ganim cannot escape his past but according to the Foster campaign he has some good points in his 100-day plan. Really? Were you waiting for a compliment from his camp? Omg, I am baffled!

  7. Customers at the Canteen, Dairy Queen and Home Depot were talking about Ganim. I visited these three establishments over the weekend and overheard four conversations from shoppers, all excited about Joe Ganim’s return. It’s happening Steve, whether you believe it or not.

    What are you doing here anyway? Thought you were kicked off the blog for violating the OIB rules.

    1. No, I was trying to make BPT REBEL happy. But I have learned you cannot please all of the people all of the time.

      city hall smoker, I am in the book. Why don’t you call me and we can meet and take a walk in the neighborhood. The 134th, the 138th or any neighborhood of your choice. I am not trying to be obnoxious. We can both be educated together. We will both live to see another day. I am really a nice guy.

  8. Am I wrong for feeling a little sad for Finch how everybody is jumping ship? Ganim has a lot of support I will admit that. Steve, cops who live in Bridgeport said they are voting for Finch, really now??? Will Bridgeport be the laughing stock if Ganim wins? Hmmm, time will tell!

    1. donj, don’t feel bad for Finch. He’s hurt a lot of people and burned a lot of bridges over the past seven years. That’s why his top elected officials are turning against him. He’s getting what he deserves. Karma.

    2. donj, yes it would be appropriate to feel sad for the Mayor, however if you understood the dynamics you would understand some of the decisions. Ganim does have friends who owe him.

      Yes donj, no matter how you rationalize it, Bridgeport Connecticut will make the front page across the country and we will in fact be a laughing stock. Simply because outside Bridgeport, people are absolutely dumbfounded at the audacity to imagine the voters are so stupid to give Ganim the keys to the kingdom. Foster’s inability to go after Ganim has wounded her campaign terribly. If you dislike Finch, who has a better chance to beat him? Ganim’s tenacity resonates with donors. Does anyone from the Foster campaign disagree? Voters want blood! 🙂

      1. Steve, if they owe it’s because he kept a commitment to them, something the current administration took so lightly. That same practice has been used in politics since forever and they are attempting Rio use now, will be what does them in.

  9. Interesting column yesterday by Chris Powell of the Journal Inquirer regarding Democrats and Ganim. I dread the media circus if Joe Ganim becomes Bridgeport Mayor.

    “Democrats silent on Ganim; and killing due process”

    For a few days last month Democratic state headquarters tried to make a scandal out of the Confederate flag being flown by a member of the Republican State Central Committee at his home in Berlin.

    The man maintained he flew the flag as a protest against political correctness, not as support of racial oppression. But Senate Republican Minority Leader Len Fasano, Danbury Mayor Mark Boughton, and Trumbull First Selectman Tim Herbst, among other leading Republicans, quickly condemned the gesture.

    It was a tempest in a teacup, or a thimble, really, since a single member of the state committee of a political party that holds no statewide or congressional offices is of little consequence. The issue was just an excuse for Democratic headquarters to proclaim that since it had located a nutty Republican, all Republicans in Connecticut are nutty–as if the state has no nutty Democrats.

    Infinitely more remarkable is the silence surrounding former Bridgeport Mayor Joseph Ganim’s candidacy for mayor again despite his extensive corruption in office, for which he served seven years in federal prison before his release in 2010.

    Of course Bridgeport Mayor Bill Finch, facing Ganim in the Democratic primary in September, argues that his challenger’s corruption should disqualify him. But all other leading Democrats in the state seem to be silent about Ganim. Thus the Democratic Party is suggesting that a bitter old crank’s flying the Confederate flag is more of a disgrace to his party and more of a threat to society than someone who took bribes and kickbacks while presiding over the state’s largest city and who may get the chance to do it again.

    Last week, in a distressing irony, the ex-convict candidate was endorsed by Bridgeport’s police union, apparently in the expectation that as mayor again Ganim would go easier on city employees than the incumbent.

    Governor Malloy could quickly resolve the Bridgeport issue in favor of integrity in government by announcing that his administration would not cooperate with a Ganim administration and that if Bridgeport holds so little respect for itself and the state, it will be on its own. The governor’s “second-chance society” initiative to rehabilitate nonviolent offenders, welcome as it is, doesn’t rationalize degrading public office.

    1. Denis, we live in a democracy, and so long as those of us supporting Joe Ganim are breaking no law, Powell and you are merely stating an opinion. The result of the election will determine who the next mayor will be, and unless you plan on living in another country, you will have to accept it, that’s how it goes. I’m must say a man of your intelligence is joining the haters. Unless your comments will make a difference, silence is golden. Just my opinion. My Mom, God bless her soul, always told her six children someday we would probably be parents, and try not to judge another parents’ children. I know, simple advice from another generation, but we should all take heed.

      1. Lisa,
        Of course Powell’s column and my comment are opinion. As are your comments and the other posters.

        Don’t consider myself a hater because I believe Joe Ganim would not be a good mayor for Bridgeport at this time. I think he should have his law license back and I wish him the best on starting over. Just not as mayor.

        We’ve know each other a long time and are friends but am confused why silence would be golden as to my honest comments.

    2. Denis, don’t dread the CIRCUS, embrace it. We are not the Mythical utopia they’ve tried to portray us as. We are made up of a strong population of descendants of factory workers and union families. A melting pot of all cultures. We now are in dire need of being an attraction, a Circus, tell me who doesn’t love a CIRCUS? This election and Joe Ganim winning, is in my opinion, a catalyst, a positive. For those with the doubts we will also be under a very watchful eye from every one us included. Our current administration has dug their own hole. They used those commercials to attract outsiders forgetting we watch them also.

  10. From what I’ve seen and heard so far all the mayor is promoting are the parks he’s “beautified” and the water taxis to Pleasure Beach. Bridgeport is “the Park City” so these sorts of accomplishments are welcome. But really, Mr. Finch. Is that all he can claim? Joe Ganim and Mary-Jane Foster are hammering the incumbent from different angles. Ganim is on the crime issue, Foster from the jobs and investment angle. Mr. Finch is weak on either score. Offering a 35-year tax abatement to a developer that does not create local jobs or benefit the people of the city of Bridgeport in any way does not qualify as an “accomplishment.” The $4000 contribution that developer made to the mayor’s reelection campaign is not going to benefit the people of the city of Bridgeport. We’ve had two terms of Finch-o-nomics. It hasn’t worked for anyone. Violent crime is up by more than 150%, unemployment is around 8.7%.

    The Finch administration’s response to the Trumbull Gardens shooting was apathy. A man died there, 8 others wounded. After the BPD concluded its investigation the police presence was nonexistent. Is that the fault of any individual police officer? No. It ought to be pointed out that as mayor Mr. Finch was elected to represent ALL the people of the city of Bridgeport, not just the fat cats who make large campaign contributions.

    1. Bridgeport Kid, it is surprising Bill Finch isn’t talking about Steelpointe or the rebirth of downtown with youthful voters. The 700 summer jobs is not laughable to the youth of our city.
      Ganim does make Finch amateurish on photo opportunities it is true. Foster certainly could use a lesson on that. But Ganim could certainly use a lesson on ethical behavior from Mary-Jane Foster. It’s all about the future of our city, not just another train station that will open up another section of the city. Not just the dredging of Bridgeport Harbor that was stalled during the Ganim scandals, not just the parks and Pleasure Beach. It is about restoring pride. The Vibes concerts are a big deal. If we took everything away and brought Bridgeport back to the Ganim days it would not look as progressive or promising as it does now. The excitement and enthusiasm of the Ganim supporters are certainly making Joe feel confident. The low-key complacency of the Foster supporters is disturbing to me. The professional manner of the Finch campaign does speak volumes.I am not referring to the quotes from his campaign manager. I do not hear Chris Meyer or Gage Frank making comments about Finch.

      city hall smoker, overheard in Home Depot, enthusiasm for Ganim? Seriously, between where’s the manure or spackling I am certain Ganim is not the topic of conversation, Merritt canteen really? I’ll have a hot dog with the works and a chocolate milkshake and by the way, how exciting is it Joe Ganim is running. Omg in line for ice cream? Can I get a sheet of ice cream cake? Can you write on it, “Joe Ganim, Bring back yesterday!” People are gushing everywhere, city hall smoker and you just happen to be there. The only time people talk about Finch is when I personally engage them in a conversation. Having auditory hallucinations about Joe Ganim are symptoms of hysterical schizophrenia.

      city hall smoker, can you share with OIB how much money did Ganim cost the city between the Steelpointe, Conroy and the entire corruption scandal?

  11. Before I leave for the day, indulge me one more comment. I was reading the article in the CT Post regarding Fleeta and Alma. I shook my head at the quote from bimbo-head, Finch’s campaign manager. Doesn’t she realize it’s time to change the record? Instead of promoting her boss in a positive, constructive light, she accomplishes what any mean-spirited elementary school kid could; bullying. And she’s getting paid to do it! I don’t know her, nor do I have any desire to, but I will be a delegate to Himes’ reelection effort, and I must personally ask him what the hell he’s doing with this dingbat working for him.

  12. Denis, you’re right. I admire and respect you and I apologize for getting so carried away. I’m just so tired and frustrated the bar has been set so low in this campaign. It has nothing to do with you, I just had a bad moment.


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