Ganim: Enough’s Enough, $200 Reward To Report Illegal Dumping Leading To Arrest

In a “shout out to residents” Mayor Joe Ganim declares in a video if you turn someone in for dumping on the city there’s a $200 reward.

“The unlawful disposal of garbage needs to stop, and law enforcement will take action against those who perpetuate dumping in our City,” says the mayor in a statement. “To that end, we need the help of residents who witness illegal dumping–take pictures and report it.”

Individuals caught will be arrested, fined for their infraction and the vehicles used will be seized by the Bridgeport Police. State regulations permit law enforcement agencies to seize assets and property used to commit crimes, including illegal dumping. Those caught unlawfully disposing of garbage and other material are subject to a minimum $200 fine and can be charged with a misdemeanor.

The City of Bridgeport through its Anti-Blight Initiative offers a $200 reward for anyone who contributes evidence that leads to an arrest for illegal dumping. Report it by taking a picture of the vehicle, and people in the act of illegal dumping. Email evidence to or to immediately call 203-330-4203.



  1. WOWEEE!!!! HUGE STEP FORWARD FOR BRIDGEPORT… This is really impressive how tough Ganim is on Citizen Municipal (petty) Crime. A reward for naming names? You get $200 of your (or someone else’s) tax money back. While illegal dumping is a problem often reported on “Click Fix”, it is typically re-labeled by an “official” as a “Roadside Pickup” and the tab paid for by Taxpayers. (probably a whole hell of a lot more than $200 in Municipal Funds for the typically two trucks and six workers assigned to smoke cigarettes and drink coffee for a couple of extra overtime hours while one temp “new” guy picks up the trash)
    WHISTLE-BLOWERS- regarding Internal Municipal Crime. (not encouraged to apply)
    ZONING VIOLATIONS- Directly under noses, (hold nose, turn blind eye, call city attorney)
    NOISE ORDINANCE- Noise/air pollution violation, (hold nose, turn blind eye, call attorney)
    SUNSHINE FUNDS- Fleece public as long as possible. (Feel good, have fun, retire with benefits) MUNICIPAL ROAD WORK (Public Safety) -Assign Police Overtime. (Watch hole digging, smoke cigarettes, drink coffee, give stink eye to appalled passing motorists)
    AND THE BEAT GOES ON… (Sing it Nancy Sinatra)

  2. Well…. this is certainly needed in Bridgeport and should have been going on all along.
    The announcement however, will take all the pressure off of all the investigations!!!!!!!
    Yuk, yuk, yuk……!!!!!!!! Cheers.

    So very rich in my oppinion, “…the vehicles used will be seized by the Bridgeport Police. State regulations permit law enforcement agencies to seize assets and property used to commit crimes…” If this option had been fully applied GANIM would have been stripped naked after his orange (is the new black) jumpsuit had been turned in to the State Penn and forced to hitch hike to and live in a nudist colony the remainder of his days. But, all of that fleecing was simply respun into brand new (Emperor’s) suits to wear at his “second coming” into City Hall. (One has to wonder… did Ganim and sidekick place those trash props at their feet for theatrical effect. Couldn’t they find a better backdrop of chronically ignored “Blight”. Did they pick up the/any trash after the Shakespearean soliloquy? Or did they just call in a roadside pickup? Sadly… “The City of Bridgeport … Anti-Blight Initiative….” Actually doesn’t apply any “Initiative” to going after blight. I’ll quote a City Official here who, upon fielding my call regarding long time violations, “We don’t actively enforce “Blight” because we don’t have the manpower to routinely go out and look for it.” And apparently, from my experience, they don’t enforce many Zoning or Blight Violations reported because they conduct their responsibilities with well ingrained biases… Regardless if it is in writing… Neighbors, friends and family receive full discounts to zero in perpetuity. Hound them a little about it, dead silence. No return emails or calls from them… nope, nada, zilch, naught one reply from them. Your “nuisance call/email” will have been routed to the City Attorney’s Office who will impress upon you how your Tax Dollars are at work. (Or possibly asleep at the wheel) And so it goes… as far as metafores go Ladies and Gentlemen… that is simply another example of other “Corruption”, “Theft”, “Blights” and “Pox” upon us in broad daylight. “Suffer the little Taxpayers, for they know little not of what they truly are being subjected. ” Psalves: 20.Nth Degree “Thou Shalt Steal From Peter To Pay Paul”

  4. Nice to see that the Mayor has his City Workers cleaning all the exit and entrance ramps to Interstate 95 and route 8 through out the city. State property of course. Which is already in the DOT budget. Now have taxpayers of Bridgeport pay for it again.
    More bang for your buck! LOL


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