Ganim, Daniels To Conduct News Conference

Lamond Daniels, who opted not to renew his ballot line for the court-ordered Feb. 27 special general election issued a news advisory this morning that he will conduct a press conference with Mayor Joe Ganim Thursday at 11 a.m. on the East Side.

Daniels, a former Finch administration official, came up short trying to qualify as a petitioning candidate in last September’s initial Democratic primary for mayor but successfully secured the signatures for the first general election won by Ganim.

The news release did not specify the reason for the news conference, but both Ganim and the mayor’s closest rival John Gomes have courted Daniels support.

The conference is scheduled to be cast live on the the mayor’s Facebook.





  1. I believe Daniels will endorse Joe Ganim. Daniels who was a much better candidate than Gomes could have stayed on the sidelines. Unlike Gomes Daniels is stepping up to do what is best for Bridgeport. Thanking you in advance Mr Daniels for your devotion to this great city.

    1. Two statements from you days ago on OIB, accusing me of pomposity bounce off the Red Boots that are emblematic of Bridgeport fiscal info, about the “beloved city” that fails to reach the overall public or even every member of the City Council. This is fact, not prophecy as Joe Mc is practicing above. Again, “what is best for Bridgeport” would be the attention of the Ganim administration to housing needs of all citizens, especially those who try to progress from rentals of any kind, to ownership of a home in Bridgeport.
      Is that a subject that McLaine feels competent to discuss? Of course, he doesn’t need to respond. That is his free American right, but some might term it something else……

      Joe McLaine,
      When you reference “all the progress that the Ganim administration has made” will you list such for those of us who attempt to stary informed about actual acheivements rather than photo op moments that create expectations?

      Speaking of “villainization” , which is brought to sand-box playground levels daily on OIB, rather than calling out duties, responsibilities, and performance per the Charter, Ordinances, and laws of the land by any one aspiring to gain or retain leadership municipally, isn’t your reference to an informed long-term writer a cheap attempt at irrelevance and dismissal?

      McLaine argues facts for Ganim 2, likely in vain,
      As oft pictured Mayor creates expectations, not gain.
      No proud specifics to share, only status quo to explain.
      Hopes remain, while rain flows down the drains!!!
      (That could be under a Congress Street Bridge?)

      Ganim2 does not enjoy questions from the public, which could be an opportunity for him to inform and educate a public thirsty for participation, facts, and authentic representation. Why is that?

      February 27 is fast approaching.
      Time will tell.

    2. “Ganim2 does not enjoy questions from the public, which could be an opportunity for him to inform and educate a public thirsty for participation, facts, and authentic representation. Why is that?”

      JML, GO BACK TO THE PRESS CONFERENCE QUESTIONS FROM THE MEDIA. The public is well informed–you are the only exception.

  2. It appears that JML’s red rubber panties are in a bunch over Daniels endorsement of present and future Mayor Joe Ganim. LMAO JML why don’t you request that Daniels provide you with a detailed list of all the reasons past present and future that he endorsed Ganim and not your great hope for change Gomes. Then you can question all of his reasons. I doubt if he will engage in a debate over it with you,but it should be enough to keep you occupied for a while. Again LMAO!

  3. Getting confused JoeMc? There are two red boots in the picture Lennie shows of me from about ten years ago, when addressing the City Council public speaking session. Check your eyes on this statement. True or false. No thought required for this.
    And you, who accuse others of mental or emotional issues, with no facts or evidence, for the absurdity of it all, have reached down into your base soul and that is where you locate “red rubber panties” you allege me to own or wear? Want to say more about a possible fetish?
    Lennie continues the pro-Joe content. He is compensated from website promotions. That’s business, and the results of a long term relationship, understood.
    But what is with the ping-pong game between Joel Gonzalez and you, Joe McLaine?? As we get closer to February 27, you hit the ball back and forth and rack up “thumbs up” responses far in excess of any facts, information, or observations you make. I subscribe to FUNNY TIMES, a cartoon/humor, monthly newspring publication so i am not without appreciation for genuine humor of all variety. However, your attention to getting “thumbs up” responses but few, if any, folks who can answer the questions about and in person, from the incumbent is very far from OPEN, ACCOUNTABLE, TRANSPARENT and HONEST values that are necessary to put Bridgeport on a forward path, is misguided and fail to serve the public, all the public!! Time will tell.

    1. Only the mighty pompous gasbag with the soiled red rubber panties knows what is best for Bridgeport. When this is all over the mighty pompous gasbag will be deflated. If you want to do something constructive why don’t you help your candidate with his concession speech. He can’t do it alone,while others seem confident in public speaking your candidate seems to be struggling to avoid the use of four letter words. Here I’ll help you. You can fool all of the people some of the time and some of the people all of the time and after spending hundreds of thousands of dollars and going deep into debt we couldn’t fool Bridgeport. F&+k you Joe Ganim. Gomes Out. Spruce it up JML. So JML do you now want to accuse me of plagiarism for excerpts from the concession speech above.


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