Ganim, Chief Thode Welcome New Fire Recruits

Mayor Joe Ganim and Fire Chief Richard Thode on Wednesday attended the swearing in of new fire recruits at Harding High School. See video.

Recruit Class #64
Avery Penix, Tavar Gray-Smith, James Bulerin, III, Anthony Abrahams, Devante Teel, David Gomez-Colon, Eugene Dawson, Eduardo Ferreyra, Dany Estrada​, Cristian Rodriguez, Christopher Burkett, Jr., Devron Wilson, Wardin “Max” Eastus

Recruit Class #65
Antonio Dias, Jordan Townsend, Jonathan Walsh, Ryan Hathaway, Alexander Poling, Jacob Torres, Amaryllis Colon, Michael Julian, Joseph Crupi, Roger Martinez, Austin Hathaway, Dennis Olmstead, Chaja Pole-Feenstra, Alexander Daniels.



    1. Ron, from Chief Thode:
      The swearing In the other night featured 27 new firefighters. One group of 13 was hired late August of 2019 and the other group of 14 was hired early February of 2020.

      We currently have 7 in Recruit Fire Academy right now. That is a grand total of 34 new Firefighter hired in the past year. They are:

      13 White
      10 African American
      10 Hispanic
      1 “ 2 or more”
      31 male
      3 female
      All CPAT certified and all City residents.

    1. LOL, I’m still wondering where are all of those new women firefighters who took that CPAT test that Chief Those and all of those newly promoted officers never past because they have gone their entire career without passing CPAT.

  1. Ron, what do you expect from Chief Thode when we was chosen by the same system that chose Chief Pérez! My hope is that the FBI go to Fire Headquarters and interview Chief Thode to determine his qualifications to be chief when all he had to offer was 20 years seniority fighting fires and a high school diploma. He was less qualified than Chief Pérez, yet he is Chief of the BFD. Recently Arrested Acting Director of Civil Service David Dunn, who told you to do this?

  2. Don, they need check on how Chief Brian Rooney and Dunn manipulated the City Charter to get Rooney to become chief. As for the current Fire Chief Thode he also didn’t have a college when he became the fire chief as well as Chief Brian Rooney.


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