Ganim And Mario Again

It was just a matter of time, right? Former Mayor Joe Ganim stopped in to see Democratic Town Chair Mario Testa at his Madison Avenue restaurant the other day.

Nothing like kitchen talk with Mario. He was probably pounding out veal, blood stains on his apron, when Joe stopped in. Joe and Mario had a close relationship when Joe was king of Bridgeport and Mario was town chair during his first tenure. Neither had much of a challenge in their respective roles when Joe was popular with voters.

Joe and Mario had little contact in the years Joe served his six-year involuntary vacation in two federal prison camps. But Joe’s now living on the Ganim family compound in Easton, trying to regain his law license, making the rounds to various media outlets, providing incarceration advice to offenders and reconnecting with old friends. (No, I’m not on Joe’s list.)

Would Joe like to get back in the game? You bet he would, Joe’s a competitor, but I suspect family considerations prevail … for now. Meanwhile, it doesn’t hurt to contact former allies just in case.


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