Fur Flies In State Senate Contest, Bradley Fends Off Charges

Dennis Bradley
School board member Dennis Bradley

UPDATE: see complaint here. School Board member Dennis Bradley who’s expected to receive the endorsement Wednesday night for State Senate in the 23rd District is fending off charges by opponent Aaron Turner of an inappropriate financial overture to a Stratford mayoral candidate. The district includes roughly two thirds of Bridgeport and a portion of western Stratford. Bradley denies the charges.

From Brian Lockhart, CT Post:

State elections watchdogs are investigating accusations Dennis Bradley, a school board member running for state Senate, offered a Stratford mayoral candidate a $5,000 contribution in return for “a position” with the town.

Bradley is hoping to succeed retiring state Sen. Edwin Gomes representing the 23rd Senate District, which includes parts of Bridgeport and Stratford.

According to screen shots of the alleged Oct. 4, 2017 text exchange, included in a complaint filed in late April with the state Elections Enforcement Commission, Bradley was rebuffed by mayoral contender Stephanie Philips and her supporters Shawn Sequeira and Emma Brooks.

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    1. Harvey, what you said is the correct way but not for Dennis Bradley because he’s too smooth, he truly believe that he’s slick enough to talk his way out of this but he couldn’t talk his way out of his boycott of doing the business of the Bridgeport Board Of Education in educating the 21,000 Bridgeport students because he was mad at BOE member Maria Pereira.

      Dennis Bradley has been going to black churches on Sundays with his running mate Tony Barr, one Sunday they were there just to present an award from Senator Blumenthal to a church member and they left right after being there for 5 minutes. Bradley and Barr attended another black church but they stayed for the entire service because they would look bad if they left early because Senator Moore and City Council member Ernie Newton were there because they are members of that church and they naturally stayed for the entire service. Bradley and Barr return back to the first church that I mentioned for 15 minutes where Barr was filming Bradley praying and singing and doing a panoramic filming of the church then they were gone, look for that footage to be in Bradley’s campaign ads. Bradley is trying to be the new PT Barnum by, “you can fool all people some of the time and some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time. Actually Joe Ganim has that same mindset of the former Bridgeport mayor, PT Barnum.

  1. At what point does Dennis Bradley dismantle his Senate run and step down from the BBOE? This is not the character of the man you want as a state senator nor is this the character of a man you want participating in your children’s education. If a man tried to bribe his way to a position that he wanted, would that man be more liable to sell his position for something else he wants?

    How does Dennis move forward with this Senate run when he’s shown that he can’t be trusted or is this going to be his 2nd chance moment like his boy, Mayor Ganim.

  2. The maximum an individual can donate to a mayoral candidate is $375 in an exploratory phase, $1,000 in a primary and another $1,000 in a general.

    There is no legal way to contribute $5,000 to a mayoral campaign.

    Establishing a quid-pro-quo is also completely illegal.

    This demonstrates a complete lack of integrity.

  3. Squid-Pro-Quo as this smells a little fishy. Nothing illegal in being a “Bundler” for a campaign. Looks more like a “Bungler” if this is true.

  4. *** Who in there right political mind would pick Tony Barr for a running mate, is beyond stable reason in judgement! Are we talking of the same Barr on the local town committee up by Bearsley Park? ***

    1. Mojo, yes it’s the same Tony Barr and Dennis Bradley and Barr seem to be campaign mates, also these two did a press with Senator Blumenthal.


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