Friday Night Live After-School Activities Comes To Harding

News release from Mayor’s Office:

Mayor Ganim joined Superintendent Michael Testani along with Youth Services Director Tammy Papa, and Assistant CAO Herron Gaston to announce that the “Friday Night Live” youth after-school pilot has extended the program to Harding High School.

Due to the success of “Friday Night Live” hosted at Central High School, the program will now open at Harding High Friday, February 21st, 2020. Every Friday, young people enjoy a mix of recreational and hands-on activities including Zumba, movies, creating beats, recording music, basketball, hip hop, a media center, social worker services, a lounge, and game room. Dinner is also prepared and served to the 80 young people in grades 9-12 who currently participate at Central High School. Program coordinators anticipate continued growth in the number of students interested in taking part in “Friday Night Live.”

“Friday Night Live is a collaborative initiative with Bridgeport Public Schools, Police department, and Youth Services which provides a safe and constructive environment for young people during hours they are likely to be unsupervised or are looking to gather with friends outside of their homes,” said Mayor Ganim.

The program anticipates expanding to include pre-apprentice opportunities in the trades, culinary classes as well as additional community services for area residents and family nights. Friday Night Live will serve students every Friday, 6:00PM -10:00PM in accordance with the Board of Education school calendar.



  1. You people really make me laugh, or cry. I hear so much about the need for funding for the kids to give them something to do on OIB. Here’s something positive for the youth of the Port at our high schools for them at night other than going back to get their GED after they had dropped out, and it gets no comments of encouraging or of any kind. This has proven it’s not about the youth of the Port, but your positions of opposition to use them as a means.

    Am I the only one WOKE on OIB? 🙂


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