Free Parking Ends, Ferry Relocation Plan For East End Navigates Choppy Waters

Moving across the harbor, but when?

From Brian Lockhart, CT Post

The terminal relocation is just one piece of an evolving city coastline, which begins at the Steel Point redevelopment where Bass Pro Shops and some smaller tenants opened over the past few years, and continues up Seaview Avenue to the re-opened Pleasure Beach peninsula. And if MGM gets its way, there will be a casino and entertainment center in the mix as well.

Back home in the South End, the ferry and its passengers have had to contend with a recent parking headache. Park City Communities–formerly known as the Bridgeport Housing Authority–in late summer terminated a long-standing agreement to allow free parking on a nearby vacant lot.

Neither Hall nor James Slaughter, Park City Communities’ executive director, would offer too many details.

“This is strictly related to a landlord/tenant issue,” said Slaughter.

“They’re looking for some income,” said Hall.

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  1. Here we go again a city department that is clueless. Do they think they are hurting the ferry company? Don’t they realize they are hurting the citizens of Bridgeport.
    Let me ask this why hasn’t this lot been developed by the housing authority? They are a bunch of incompetents

  2. The short answer is the same reason why none of the lots have been developed. It has been well over ten years since the idea of developing the site of the Pequonock apartments has been discussed. Magic Johnson saw the property and promptly changed his mind.


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