Foster’s Amended Complaint Centers On Finch’s State Senate Campaigns

The campaign of Democratic candidate for mayor Mary-Jane Foster has amended its complaint with the State Elections Enforcement Commission regarding Mayor Bill Finch’s relationship with a political action committee. The new information includes allegations involving Finch’s State Senate campaign committees. Local election officials are currently reviewing petition signatures submitted by Foster for necessary ballot approval to challenge Finch in the September 13 primary. From the Foster campaign:

Beccaro and Finch’s Malfeasance Dates Back to Senate Campaigns; Sonya Finch Employed as Treasurer and Consultant

Democratic candidate for mayor of Bridgeport Mary-Jane Foster’s campaign filed an amendment to its August 3, 2011 complaint with the State Elections Enforcement Commission (SEEC) relative to Mayor Bill Finch and the Political Action Committee “People for Excellence in Government,” Atty. William Beccaro, treasurer. Additionally, the campaign included new complaints regarding Bill Finch’s state senate campaign committees dating back to 2000. Highlights and new revelations included in the complaint include:

• William Beccaro’s mother was reimbursed $18,000 before she was named Chairman of “People for Excellence in Government”;

• William Beccaro himself was paid $25,000 before 2007;

• People for Excellence floated $5,000, maybe more, to Finch reelection efforts;

• Finch State Senate campaigns purposefully remained open after elections in order to raise funds improperly and disburse improperly;

• Finch State Senate campaigns are missing key reports to hide financial transactions; and

• Finch State Senate campaigns follow a practice of using Sonya Clark–then Sonya Finch as Deputy Treasurer using same house address as candidate while getting paid as consultant, reimbursing payments without documentation, and improperly filing financial reports for all three senate campaigns. In addition, her relatives are listed as treasurer.

“This situation just gets worse every day and is much bigger than we originally understood it to be,” stated Jason Bartlett, Foster’s campaign manager. “First, you’ve got a PAC reimbursing Bill Finch, his family, and friends thousands of dollars using money Bill Finch’s campaign donated, which the law clearly prohibits. Next, you’ve got that same PAC’s chairwoman stating that she has no idea that she has any role in the PAC nor why she is being reimbursed $18K going back to 2000. And now we see a troubling pattern dating back more than a decade that shows money flowing from Finch’s state senate campaign committee to a family member, often without proper documentation, when the law clearly states that the candidate and his family are not to be compensated. It’s hard to keep all the potential violations straight. The one thing that we know for sure is that the financial malfeasance goes back years.”




  1. This is the one we’ve been waiting for, boys and girls. No need for the Foster campaign or the Connecticut Post to circle the wagons because the facts are on file, unchallenged by other evidence.

  2. Antitesto, what a disgusting comment and the people of Bridgeport are catching on to how low the Foster camp is. Bill Finch will win this election easily.

    1. You’re kidding, right? The only ones voting for Finch are those whose paychecks depend on him or are told to vote for him by Mario. Once Gomes pulled out and backed MJF, it was all over for Finch.

  3. NORTH45:
    Are you kidding? You’re right, her record speaks for itself: She’s created 140 jobs in Bridgeport. She envisioned the Ballpark & Arena and founded the Bridgeport Bluefish, which have brought millions of people to downtown Bridgeport and dumped $40 million into Bridgeport’s economy. She spent years fighting for victims of domestic violence. She has raised tens of thousands to benefit Bridgeport nonprofits that empower people. She went back to law school mid-life as a single mother. She’s never had a job handed to her … unlike Mr. Finch who has never gotten a job on his own ever–including this one.

    Facts are facts. Beccaro is keeping his mouth shut because he knows he’s in trouble; and the mayor? Time will tell how this plays out for him.

    Enough is enough. It is time for Finch to GO.

    1. Well, WINNING. Plenty of signs in the Foster HQ. Pick up 24; give them to your friends and neighbors, put one or two on your front lawn if you don’t already have one and even the score in a day.
      PS Yes I have Foster signs on my front lawn.

  4. WINNING I live a little bit down more and Finch is very popular around here. Foster gave up on the ball park and has yet to answer that question. Bridgeport does not need a mayor who will give up on the city and put anybody on her team. Vote Bill Finch September 13, 2011.

    1. You’re right, she won’t; but the likes of Adam Wood, Sonya Finch, Bill Beccaro, and other political flunkies with no talent on her team. Neither will she appoint unethical liars and cheats. NORTH45, Finch can bend over and kiss his behind goodbye.

    2. Finch gave up on the voters in this city, NORTH45. Mr. Finch also gave up on earning an honest living, preferring to launder campaign cash and avoid paying taxes. That seems to be a problem with elected officials in Bridgeport.

    3. Put anybody on her team? Give up? What about the Board of Education “quitter” who was then endorsed for City Council in district 131 to replace Andy Ayala? You know, the guy who had his car booted, towed and the tax collector official personally went to the towing company to pay his towing bill? Wow, how soon they forget!

  5. The disgusting comments continue by the Foster supporters; well, not a shock because her whole campaign has been negative. Bill Finch will get my vote once again at Central. September 13, 2011 all the Foster supporters will be crying.

    1. I have to say in MJF’s defense her campaign as a whole has not been negative. Visit her website or take a look at any of her YouTube videos and you will see a lot of positivity.

    2. NORTH45, you are doing a great job telling us how bad Ms. Foster is, now would you tell us all of the POSITIVE things about Mayor Finch? Why should someone vote FOR Mayor Finch?

  6. Here on OIB we sometimes discuss songs, old-time political campaigns, sometimes people (quirky or otherwise), sometimes we even get around to issues facing Bridgeport (including finances) but most of us who have been operating with posts (writing and reading) for the past few months have not gotten distracted by the totally useless and inane.

    For the past couple days a new poster, NORTH45, an unapologetic Finch fan, has taken some of you off your point and poise. You are actually attempting to have a conversation with this person! Why? It is a total distraction, isn’t it? Keep up your efforts for ‘anyone but Finch’ whether it be Foster, Kohut or Torres, and Foster supporters have the earliest deadline of September 13 for focus.

    NORTH45 is a losing proposition and like a disruptive child, whom it is ultimately best to ignore. Maybe they will go away? Maybe not. Maybe they will get so outrageous Ray will provide them with a ‘time out?’ It does not really matter, unless you value your own time so little as to get stuck trying to make sense with someone who is not looking to dialogue.
    Enough said?

  7. Agree completely, Beacon. Not engaging in a little foray into “I know you are but what am I” with ANYONE, is the best way to keep our eyes on the prize.

  8. Meet Mary-Jane Foster this Tuesday August 16th 7pm at Amici Miei/City Trust Atrium 955 Main Street in downtown Bridgeport sponsored by yours truly and a few of my friends. Downtown residents, this one is within walking distance for you. It is time to be informed. If you are an Independent, you still have time to switch. If you haven’t registered, it is time to get that done. If you are a Democrat, it is important that you vote! If you won’t be able to vote in person on September 13th, you can actually go down to the Town Clerk up to a week before the primary and vote in person. You can also fill out an application for an absentee ballot which will be mailed to your residence. The important thing is to become informed; engaged in this reform movement; and VOTE. Hope to see you Tuesday evening at 7! Volunteers welcome!

    1. Also the Black Chamber of Commerce is hosting a meet and greet at Ms. Thelma’s Thursday August 18th at 6:30. Mary-Jane Foster is excited to meet the voters and answer any questions that concern them. It is best to hear from the candidates themselves so you can make an educated decision on who the best candidate is for the future of the city of Bridgeport. I am supporting Mary-Jane Foster. I will be at Ms. Thelma’s this Thursday evening and look forward to meeting some of you there including NORTH45. I am certain you would like to educate yourself. If you haven’t discovered Ms. Thelma’s soul food you are missing out on a real treat. This even is open to all individuals and we all look forward to seeing you there. If you believe in Bridgeport and its future please be there. The event hosted by the Black Chamber of Commerce will be at Ms. Thelma’s located on Fairfield Ave, downtown, across from the Courthouse courtyard, at 6:30 pm.

  9. We are looking for candidates who can bring down taxes in Bridgeport. One point of interest is the Bridgeport bond. Is there a city site that discusses this and explains what it is? Pension A $350 million.

    BEACON2 we will be showing the Bridgeport bond again on the TV show and are looking for people to discuss. Two things. We need someone to explain how the bond came about. And secondly we need a financial person to explain the kick-in costs. What do they mean?

    By the way, check out the Discovery Museum. Was great opening event yesterday on “First in Flight.”

  10. NORTH45,
    “Disgusting comments?” Your support for Bill Finch is APPALLING. Here you are criticizing Mary-Jane Foster and her constituents and exhorting us to vote for Bill Finch, but you haven’t offered even one reason we ought to squander our votes on him. Mr. Finch has been good enough to give informed voters plenty of reasons to NOT vote for him. Here’s a partial list:

    • The state’s takeover of the BOE. This came to the public’s attention in June when it appeared Mr. Finch had gone behind Superintendent John Ramos’ back to cut a deal with a city union made up largely of school aides, clerical staff and special-education bus drivers, promising no layoffs in exchange for benefit cuts. Ramos was outraged at this development, claiming the layoffs were necessary to close a deficit of $19 million. Mr. Ramos prevailed upon the elected BOE to not pass the education budget. It was all a dog-and-pony show, a con game played out to put the schools under control of the mayor’s office, which had been in contact with the Connecticut Department of Education for more than six months when the news broke.

    • When the parents of the city’s school children protested their rights to due process were being negated, Mr. Finch responded that “The democratic process doesn’t work in all cases” because many of Bridgeport parents are illegal aliens or convicted criminals.

    • People for Excellence in Government, the ironically named political action committee founded by attorney William Beccaro, has been exposed as a dry-cleaning unit for Finch’s leftover campaign funds. If the State Elections Enforcement Commission does nothing about this the feds ought to. This is a clear case of money laundering. Mr. Beccaro installed his octogenarian mother as chair of the PAC, paying out more than $11,000.00 for her cell phone bills. Only problem is Mrs. Beccaro doesn’t own a mobile phone.

    • And what about that $1,200 check cut for a smaller PAC headed by Sonya Finch? It has been claimed the payment was for “political consulting” but Mrs. Finch’s PAC was in a moribund state at the time the check was cashed.

    • And what about all those purchases at TJ Maxx, Waldenbooks, Barnes & Noble and the Big Y? The bookstore purchases can be doped out. Can anyone explain how buying clothing and groceries qualifies as political activity?

    Bill Finch is a liar and a crook. He is about to be repudiated by a large mob of angry voters.

    1. Go to Sheriff Mitchell Robles on State Street. He’ll take care of the whole process. Heck, he’ll even lick the envelope and give you one dollar ($1) for the postage stamp. Tell him Joel Gonzalez sent you.

  11. donj,
    My understanding is the applications for absentee ballots are available now. You need to go to City Hall to pick one up at the Town Clerk. It will be numbered. You sign the form and send it in. Once the Registrar of Voters has certified the petitions and prints up the absentee ballots, she will mail them to whomever filled out the absentee ballot form. The ballot will be mailed to your residence. You fill it out and mail it back.

    One week before the primary, starting September 6th you can also go to City Hall, the Town Clerk’s office; fill out and submit an absentee ballot application form and they will give you the ballot right there for you to vote and turn it back in.

    If you know folks who either cannot get to the polls to vote (disability) or will be out of town, you can sign out 20 absentee ballot application forms, all numbered in sequential order. You can then get each individual to sign the application form and mail it in.

    1. Nancy, you’re confusing the young man. Lennie, is there a tutorial for absentee ballots? It would be great to have one. As a matter of fact, I’ll bet there is a YouTube video of how to fill out the Absentee Application and Ballot. I’ll check!

  12. *** Plenty of Finch signs appearing on city property, time for Foster to catch up & “match point!” If only the Foster signs disappear then it’s time for another complaint to the SEEC, no? *** HERE WE GO! ***


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