Foster Campaign Supporter Also Files Federal Complaint

When all else fails, there’s always the reliable mail fraud statute, right? Mary-Jane Foster supporter Bob “Troll” Walsh has been sharpening his teeth in state and federal election complaints. His latest on Friday, directed to the United States Postmaster General, argues political operatives are playing games with absentee ballots in violation of federal law.

Walsh letter to feds:

In the state of Connecticut ballots are mailed only to voters who specifically request one based on very specific reasons.

Below is a list of 41 applications that were rejected by the Registrar of Voters for the various reasons noted. Since this process is supposed to be voter initiated, it is totally unbelievable that these people do not realize that they are not voters or not registered voters in the political party eligible to vote in the primary or do not know the address where they are registered to vote. It is far more likely that either another person filled out the form improperly on their behalf or that the individuals were coerced into filling out the form. All of these forms were requests for ballots to be mailed to them and that would be mailed back to the city.

I offer as further evidence a list of 77 applicants who all live in close proximity of one another and within a block or two of the place of voting who have applied for absentee ballots. Since this is not a senior apartment complex or other medical or assisted living facility, it is highly improbable that all of these individuals qualify to vote by absentee. Again an unbiased review should create probable cause for the Post Office to investigate. As I stated above, all of these forms were requests for ballots to be mailed to them and that would be mailed back to the city using the Postal Service to facilitate in the act of voter fraud. If said applicants were encouraged to file the request by another individual then it might be the basis for conspiracy charges.

As your website requests, I have been brief in the complaint but the brevity should not be considered to make light of these accusations. More similar obvious examples are readily available. Please feel free to contact me if you should have any other questions.



  1. Right now there are only two public officials I hold responsible for this blatant effort to steal this election.
    Mayor Bill Finch and Secretary of the State Denise Merrill.

  2. I guess when the mayor of Providence said a leopard doesn’t change its spots he was actually talking about Bill Finch and his band of thieves stealing an election.

    1. Bob, I’m sick of this crap. Again, you go after a “very” former friend of 30 years because I do not agree with you. I do not have to answer to you and I do not give a rat’s ass what you think or say. You’re a pathetic little man with delusions of grandeur. I will no longer rise to the bait of your taunts. You’ve chosen to make this personal and trust me I will not forget this.

      1. John,
        Your response is totally lame. You obviously condone what is going on. You will be aghast when Finch and his goons and storm troopers use it against people like Ed Gomes, Marilyn Moore and other candidates you are supporting.
        This is the absolute worst and your silence is condoning it.

        1. OK. I’ll respond because your last comment directed to me was not quite as bad as some of your others.

          I have never and will never condone AB fraud. You and the other campaigns have filed your complaints. Allegations have been made by all sides. So let the investigatory process work itself out and the chips can fall where they may.

          Personally, I think we should go to early voting and let anyone who wants to vote by mail do so and do away with our archaic AB process. Most other states do this and it would lift the cloud that now hangs over virtually all Bpt elections.

          I have kept my comments civil. I trust from this point on you will do the same.

  3. Bob Walsh, I think it is so sad you still do not realize Ganim is and has been your obstacle since day one. Not going after Ganim was the biggest gift you delivered on a golden platter. It is like you are clueless. Third place is where you will come in and that is as sad as it gets. A convicted felon beat you. And I blame you! I blame you for your bad advice to Foster. I think Ganim should send flowers and a huge thank you to Mary-Jane Foster. Four days and counting.

    By the way Mr. Walsh,
    Are the following statements I am making true or false? Is it true when Foster sold the Bluefish, she was four years in arrears for back rent? Four years prior to the sale the Bluefish was running in the red? The person who purchased the Bluefish either loaned or gave $250,000 to help them meet payroll? If any of this is true then this was not a successful business. The burger-slinging jobs and janitorial jobs were no better than your critique of Bass Pro.

    I read this in an article posted online from I believe Hearst News. Only Foster would know why she let Ganim put her in distant third place. As a Finch supporter I am focused on his victory. I feel for a few of her supporters whom I genuinely like. But, I have been as baffled as her financial contributors, how she let Ganim get away with taking her votes. Though I have run into very few Ganim supporters aside from his campaign workers, I would say Ganim is doing better than expected but not a snowball’s chance in hell. Walsh, I will blame you for Foster’s lackluster campaign, at least the way it is presented on this blog.

    I am not removing the Foster signs in my neighborhood that are illegally placed on city/public property. At least some people know she is running.

    Note to Ganim: send flowers to Foster! Lots of them! Maybe a huge box of chocolates. Some Joey Frisbees and those Joe Ganim pens!

    So back on the campaign trail today, I stopped off at Finch headquarters on East Main, which was cranking, so I left and discovered an excellent Mexican Restaurant Mi Mexico Lindo on the corner of Shelton and East Main. Excellent food, great menu! So many great little ethnic restaurants to explore on lower East Main. I want the entire city and Steelpointe to visit the East Main Street corridor. Nothing like getting out of your car and walking blocks getting a real feel for the neighborhood. There is an exciting energy there.

    1. Sounds like the Bluefish were washed up on the beach under MJF. Sounds like bankruptcy to me, Bob. But go ahead and vote for her, Bob. BPT is already bankrupt. How much worse can she make it?

    2. You know Steve, your passing along unfounded rumors about MJF, the Bluefish and bankruptcy are just as bad if not worse than the rumors started four years ago about MJF and the KKK. Spreading these rumors is done by people with no moral compass. The same goes for that fucking idiot BOE SPY. If any of you don’t like it, you know where I live.

  4. I provided the Postmaster General with the details of 40-plus individuals whose applications were rejected because they apparently don’t know where they live or don’t know how they are registered or not registered at all. I supplied them with 75-plus names and addresses in PT Barnum Apartments as proof of a blatant door-to-door effort to snatch and grab applications.
    Let’s see what these people will do if postal inspectors or inspectors from the SEEC come around and flash a little tin their faces. They will give up the cheaters in a nanosecond.

  5. And people, think of the devastating effect this voter fraud in the 130th District might have on the likes of candidates like John Marshall Lee and Tyisha Toms. Swept up in the AB tsunami. People will be telling them next Thursday if we only knew maybe we would have done something.

    1. They are not stupid and Tyisha Toms and John Marshall Lee have support even in PT as I was there a week after they were. I think they are running a fair campaign. I walked with Tyisha and I was supporting Finch–of course! In PT I was supporting the entire Finch ticket and he is strong there! Finch is strong all over Black Rock! Hey Bob, you want to take a walk Tuesday in PT? I will show you firsthand all the 1’s for the gotv. Filing lawsuits does not win elections. Passion and a track record does.

      Bob, please address the Bluefish scenario so I do not repeat bad information. Just so I understand, Wednesday we have an incompetent mayor, a convicted felon with 11 years in office and seven in jail and an inexperienced woman who had a failed business. When you drive around the city, the incompetent Mayor is not so incompetent and the confidence people have in him is great. The word on the street, four more years! Is that a big surprise to you, Bob???

      Please respond to the Bluefish comment before Ganim puts it out as fact. Is this why Foster has not destroyed Ganim? Is this the secret they share?

  6. Steve, I never understand when people use the word “inexperienced” when it comes to politics. Isn’t everybody inexperienced at some time until they are elected? Or do they come out of the womb experienced? Using your logic, we should keep voting for incompetent leaders over and over again because they have experience at being incompetent leaders!

  7. Bob–You think the disqualified voters are just more of the same shenanigans from Maya and Ayala (both Joe Ganim)? You think they could have filed those requests or they are denying requests for minimal reasons when the requests come from Finch or Foster areas? Like misspellings, using Bld to abbreviate boulevard instead of Blvd, illegible shaky handwriting of an octogenarian or other typographical errors? Think of the reasons you can find to deny an application when it is to your advantage to do so. Those two were already ordered to send out 700 ABs after failing to schedule a supervised vote. That would be 700 PTB citizens whose right to vote would have been denied by Joe Ganim.

    1. What is the problem with supervised AB voting? They have the right to vote. No one is trying to stop the voting. Just the fraud. Lame attempt at subterfuge. They are trying to drown out the legalities with a louder voice. More than likely these places are crawling with Finch operatives chanting about how Sandi is trying to take away their right to vote. Let me tell you who tried to relieve voters of the ‘burden” of voting, Bill Finch. With that underhanded BOE BS he pulled, failed and then tried again and failed AGAIN.

      What is wrong with supervised voting? If there is nothing to fear, they why are they afraid?

      1. I am just repeating what it said in the paper.
        “I kept asking for a calendar of when are you (Ayala) going to go out to these places, and I never got one,” Maya said.

        If they waited too long the ballots would not have gotten to the voters by mail until after the election. Supervised voting can still be scheduled and takes place. Then the mailed-in ABs will be cancelled.

        Either these two are inept or they are scheming. Either way they are Ganim people. I think you owe me an apology.

  8. Bob Walsh, your non-response regarding the Bluefish (so out of character for yourself), leads me to believe they are true and may be the reason Foster has allowed Ganim to take her votes.

  9. Steve, you are a fucking idiot. There was no bankruptcy, there were no years when employees did not get paid. If you are interested in the truth, which I doubt, go to bankruptcy court and find out yes or no. Instead of walking around looking for a friend do this and take that other idiot BOE SPY with you.

    1. Andrew,
      Don’t waste your time arguing with Steve. He only posts to annoy people. It’s just a matter of time before Lennie tires of Auerbach’s bullshit and boots him off.


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