Former Public Works Employee Described As Work Threat Charged With Murder

A former Public Works employee who was described as a threat to the work environment was charged with murder on Monday.

CT Post reporter Dan Tepfer has more:

Police said Victor Arroyo, 22, fatally shot 57-year-old Philip Ingram on Feb. 14 after Ingram went looking for him following a dispute in the East Side. Arroyo was also charged with carrying a pistol without a permit.

Arroyo was already awaiting trial on several charges–including interfering with an officer–after he was stopped near City Hall in September because he fit the description of a suspect who hit his unidentified relative while at the city building, according to the police report.

The arrest came to light just days after Hearst Connecticut Media reported that the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees, or AFSCME labor union, sent a letter to then-Public Facilities Director John Ricci claiming Arroyo posed “a threat to the work environment.”

Ricci, who has since retired, had brought Arroyo back to work last spring before the young man was out for most of the summer with an unspecified medical issue. Arroyo returned in September, the union said.

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  1. Humm, was he employed through Civil Service or was this a political patronage job OR was it a double bubble and both were utilized? Things that make me go HUMM!

  2. The SEEC has had another ruling. A husband and wife who held office inFairfield while living in Bridgeport were each fined $250 for violating state law. However, the fines were waived because the couple claimed they couldn’t afford them. No criminal referral. And what greater crime can someone commit than to be Bridgeport residents and elected officials in Fairfield.
    Give up Maria. Your complaints about Jessica and what’s his name will yield the same results.

    1. Bob, Maria, can file all the SEEC complaints that she wants nothing is going to happen. Rich and Harvey love the fact Maria files charges with the SEEC and she exposes people but it means nothing because Mario is still doing his business as usual. They should be forming a coalition to have the State House and Senate to put more pain into those who violate SEEC rules instead a slap on the wrist.


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