Former FBI Agent: Feds Examining Roadway Deal

Ed Adams has special insight into how the FBI works. He was the case agent of the federal probe that led to the 2003 conviction of former Mayor Joe Ganim on a variety of public corruption charges. Adams spent a good three years probing city government before Ganim was indicted on Oct. 31, 2001. Now a private investigator, Adams says, from experience, the feds are looking into the dynamics of the $400K driveway/roadway wired for radioactive developer Manny Moutinho as part of an airport safety project.

Why would the city hire a politically connected developer, already under a federal microscope, to build a roadway leading to his mansion? No one else could do the work? What corners were cut in a traditional bidding process? Who benefited from the shortcut? No one in City Hall had the brains to say okay boys and girls, let’s step back from this? Unfortunately this story, at the very least, has legs.

The latest from the CT Post:

“Of course the feds are looking into this,” maintained Edward Adams, a retired FBI agent who helped lead the investigation that took out convicted former Mayor Joseph Ganim and 12 others on public corruption charges.

Adams, who now heads Adams and Associates, a private investigation firm in Fairfield, believes “the normal course of business would be to detail this expenditure … or at least reference it in other plans or documents” in the package of information provided by the City Attorney’s office to the City Council last fall.

“But this is Bridgeport,” Adams added.

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  1. This thing stinks like a corpse out in the sun too long. BUT … this guy is retired and unless one of his former co-workers is giving him inside info, this is only conjecture. If he does know it is kind of irresponsible to tip off the subjects of the investigation, don’t you think?

    1. Dave, tipping them off to what? What subjects? Federal investigators have landed many public officials over what they tried to cover up. Investigators piece together what has happened. You must be in la la land if you think law enforcement isn’t looking at this.

      1. You must be in Arizona if you think the FBI isn’t looking at this. Just because Ed Adams left the FBI it doesn’t mean the FBI left Bridgeport–would like to believe. They all know they could be being watched and take all the care they can to get away with their acts. Just ask the unindicted co-conspirator.

  2. DrivewayGate

    A little help for the Finch Team and the B&A co-chairs

    Begin writing down every question. You will be given an oath and first asked your name and address. Thereafter, if you have an attorney, most courts follow the rule you may consult with your attorney after every question (though a couple courts have said after every few questions), although the prosecutor or grand jury may try to scare you into believing otherwise. Beginning with the first question, and every question thereafter, state, “I invoke my Fifth Amendment privilege.” And while there is no court decision stating any other objections not raised are waived, it may be a good idea to add, “… and reserve all other objections, privileges and immunities.” You don’t want to be the first victim of a conservative judge bent on setting a precedent on the issue. Good Luck.

    1. Hey Jimfox, is it time for a forensic audit yet?

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