Former City Councilman Lessons Prison Exposure With Election Fraud Misdemeanor Plea

All in all it could have been much worse for former City Councilman Michael DeFilippo considering his 2021 federal indictment for alleged voter fraud. On Monday he entered a misdemeanor guilty plea in connection with the charges and faces a reasonable chance to avoid prison time.

From Dan Tepfer, CT Post:

 A former city councilman is facing up to a year in prison and a fine of up to $100,000 after he pleaded guilty Monday in connection with absentee ballot fraud allegations, according to a Justice Department spokesman.

Michael DeFilippo, 37, who represented Bridgeport’s 133rd District, was about to go on trial in New Haven federal court on identity theft and fraudulent registration offenses when he agreed to instead plead guilty to a misdemeanor charge of deprivation of rights, public affairs officer Tom Carson said Monday.

“Under all the circumstances Mr. DeFilippo feels it is an appropriate resolution of the case,” his lawyer, Francis O’Reilly, said.

The sentencing before U.S. District Judge Victor Bolden had not been scheduled yet.

Last December federal prosecutors decided not to appeal a ruling by a federal judge dismissing the major charge against DeFilippo — engaging in a conspiracy against constitutional rights by interfering with qualified voters’ right to vote and have their undiluted votes counted in his election to the Bridgeport City Council.

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  1. Of course. 😂
    Then, in a few years, when Ganim doesn’t run anymore, he can make a bid for mayor! 😝
    At that time, ‘OIB’ can support him!
    It can be then said that his previous political record was caught up in an “alleged” incident which was only a minor misunderstanding whereupon he was only fined.
    Cheers! 😄 😁 😀

  2. Let it go. 🤣

    Perhaps in a few years after G2 he can run, and it can be said “that his previous political record was caught up in an “alleged” incident which was only a minor misunderstanding whereupon he was only fined.”

    But that’s a hill to climb even in our rigged system, where the rig gets out rigged. Wouldn’t you say 20,000 shades of ballots? 🙂

    You know him being a white. It can be said G2 will be the last “Non-Colored” mayor for a while, logically speaking.

    BTW Rich what color-coded side/team do you “identify” with. ?

    P.S. LGBT I am not taking your thing to “identify” with. I am sure you have dual identifications in this game. So I guess my question for Rich can apply to you too. So don’t view me like Dave. 🙂


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