For Now, Ganim Political Operation Sitting Out Senate Race To Replace Moore

When State Senator Marilyn Moore announced on the last day of the legislative session in May to eschew reelection it was a shocker to many who thought she’d cruise to another two-year term.

She had come off another embarrassing mayoral run when once again she fumbled signatures to qualify for the ballot. Organizational skills never her strength, she always relied on operatives to put it together for her.

In fact, in the days leading up to her retirement announcement, when word leaked out, she falsified her intentions even to her closest legislative friends. It’s all BS, she told people. Well, the only BS came from her, the so-called “integrity” candidate. Another Moore decision that was all about her.

Whatever her rationale, Moore’s announcement left little runway room for would-be candidates with just three months to an August 13 Democratic primary setting off a mad scramble to replace her, and the labor intensive process to qualify for the $110,000 public financing grant approved by the State Elections Enforcement Commission.

Moore’s selfishness left such a small window to maneuver support, even for the candidate she’s supporting to replace her, former City Councilman Tyler Mack, an aide to Congressman Jim Himes.

Mack moved into the 22nd Senatorial District in Black Rock from the adjoining 23rd prior to Moore’s announcement. Was he tipped off about her pending decision? Maybe, maybe not. Perhaps a prescient decision for a future run. He’s largely unknown in the Bridgeport, Trumbull, Monroe district. Either way, Moore’s late decision to bolt did him no favors to raise money.

The other candidates in the race: former Mayor Bill Finch, who occupied Moore’s seat during his election as chief executive in 2007; City Councilman Scott Burns and Trumbull resident Sujata Gadkar-Wilcox, Quinnipiac law school professor.

Sujata’s campaign may be the first to qualify for the public grant based on her earliest submission to SEEC. Finch should get there as well. Mack and Burns? It’s a difficult slog with such a compressed timeline.

Essentially we’re talking about four weeks left to set up everything for the final week in what will be a miniscule turnout.

Even if all candidates secure the $110K grant it will be a short time in advance of primary day. That’s a laborious anticipation plan? How do we spend this money if it comes in?

Now, let’s talk about boots on the ground. Money drives the boots. Also, a built-in political organization helps. Mayor Joe Ganim has that.

Ganim’s political grid seems to be sitting this one out. Why?

What’s the point?

Finch? Not a Ganim fan. Did not support his reelection.

Burns? Not a Ganim fan. Did not support his reelection.

Mack? Not a Ganim fan. Did not support his reelection.

Sujata? She’s the Trumbull candidate.

So, Ganim shrugs his shoulders and declares whoever comes out of this, I’ll build an alliance on behalf of the city to deliver resources home.

Democratic Town Chair Mario Testa?

He seems to be sitting this one out too.

What’s the point?

Could this change? Maybe. Probably not.







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  1. You would have thought G2 would’ve backed Marcus. Didn’t run against Moore already?

    Taht being said, I have very little doubt that Mark got wind of Moore’s exit, and Gen Now called the movers for him. I don’t sound like the wind is at his back. It will be interesting to see if Mamma Bear Callie ca pull a CC black rock seat for him.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if Bill wins and they G2 and he goes at it in Port’s next mayoral election. JS

    PS If anything Lennie G2 you would think to support Finch and a potential rematch elimination of the racial game from the next election that had an been at thorn in is whiteness. JS

    I’m wager on Finch.


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