Following Earthquake, Citywide Appeal To Aid Puerto Rico

News release from Mayor’s Office

On Monday Mayor Ganim joined Federal, State, City officials and local community leaders to launch “Greater Bridgeport United for Puerto Rico 2020” in response to the most recent earthquakes affecting Puerto Rico.

Mayor Ganim stated, “Bridgeport has come together to offer assistance and resources to Puerto Rico. We are trying to help from a distance as this situation hits close to home for so many in our community. We are desperately waiting for federal assistance for our family in Puerto Rico and want our voices to be heard.”

City leaders will collect cash donations as it is necessary to assist residents and businesses in need of supplies including: tents, cots, mosquito nets, portable bathrooms, batteries, and cash for purchasing materials to rebuild. The monies will be utilized in Puerto Rico to rebuild and stimulate the economy.

City Council President Aidee Nieves stated, “I want to assure the Bridgeport residents and all those in surrounding communities–this effort comes with the credibility of all that stand with us today, including emergency management and our federal and state delegation.”

Cash donations will be collected at the East Side Senior Center on Saturday, January 18th from 10-4PM. On the same day, the Emergency Operations Center will set up a phone bank to receive donations from residents from 10-4PM at 203-579-3835.

The current Facebook page for information about these efforts and other fundraising updates: A Facebook page for the specific event will become available as the date approaches.

To learn if your family and friends in Puerto Rico are safe and well, visit

Greater Bridgeport United for Puerto Rico 2020 is a collaboration of the following: Caribe Youth Leaders, GBLN, PRPFC, Stratford Hispanic Heritage, Red Cross, Emergency Operations Center, AMR, Bridgeport Fire Department, Bridgeport Police Department, Hispanic Police Officer Society, Hall Neighborhood House, YMCA, Stfd. Regulators Car Club, Cuban Lyceum, CTBPT- United for Puerto Rico, Federal, State, and Local officials, City Council members, and community members.


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