Flap Over Airport Name Change

This vote apparently requires another landing spot because it was improperly noticed.

From CT Post:

Mayor Joe Ganim’s administration may want to get out of the responsibility and financial headaches of running an airport, but it likes the prestige that comes with being associated with one.

Even as it negotiates a potential deal for the Connecticut Airport Authority to lease and possibly eventually purchase Igor I. Sikorsky Memorial Airport and assume its operating deficit, City Hall wants to rename the Stratford-based facility Bridgeport Sikorsky Memorial Airport.

That plan, however, faces opposition from Stratford Mayor Laura Hoydick as well as the Friends of Sikorsky Airport organization, who claim it diminishes the honor granted Igor Sikorsky, inventor of the helicopter and founder of the namesake local aircraft manufacturing giant.

“I wouldn’t call it renaming. I’d call it amending the name,” Danny Roach, a Ganim aide, argued Thursday of the effort pending before Bridgeport’s airport commission. “It was Bridgeport Municipal Airport for the first few decades.”

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  1. Bad Karma!
    We’re all fans of Bridgeport but substituting “Bridgeport” for Igor is a selfish violation of longstanding civic pride.
    Who’s side are you on?

  2. (gulp) Whose side are you on?
    After the Majestic Theater flop, your street cred is zero.
    And you’re actively trying to sell the airport, right?
    What Danny Roach calls amending a name I call offending a name!
    I hope it takes a CC vote to the Mayor’s wish a reality.


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