1. Thank you to the Bridgeport Fire Dept. Always doing an excellent job. Sorry about the cats. A life is a life. Hoarding is a terrible disease. I hope they get Mental health help.

    On a positive note. Congratulations to all of the winners in the last election. Excited about the the new administration of Biden -Harris Repulsed beyond words of the bad behavior of the sycophants supporting Trumps delusions. Secretary of State Pompeo should be thrown in jail for suggesting that there will be a smooth transition for Trumps second term. I can not imagine being a Republican and accepting Trumps bad behavior. When you think of every concession speech given by every Presidential candidate and then you think of Trump you realize his legacy will be very sad. Running again in 2024? I expect him to be “locked Up”. Republicans believe the Democratic votes didn’t count.

    1. Really shalom? The election was over a week ago. You gracing OIB with your presence to congratulate the winners in this election cycle? Not saying your sycophant cheerleading political style is a mental health issues, but let’s not forget the veterans who fought for that lifestyle you hold were not only viewed as a mental health issue but an abomination right before they stoned them to death.

      “Sorry about the cats A Life is a life”. Not saying we should be eating cats but do you hold the same view when you glorify that dead life carcass with a snapshot right before you stick your fork in it? Unless you’re a vegetarian, FOH with that shit, or that selectiveness. BS. no link, JS

    2. Sure you can Steve. Close your eyes and imagine you and the current administration are Republicans. As a never Trumper Republican and anti corruption, anti racist, I call out any and all politicians regardless of the little letter next to their name. (D) or (R) my loyalty is to good fair and equitable governance.

      1. Please, really? Correct me if I am wrong. Did you not originally run as a Republican and then switched party? You swithe party because your sycophant ass wanted to be relevant in Port politics, but your reflection might not be as assured by rest, based on your post. LOL

        This is why the Port is shit, people don’t stand for much, and never what they are generally touting. FOH 🙂

        Put you and Steve on a scale I don’t know which one is worse.


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