Fire Boats Rescue 28 People From Seaside Park Breakwater Rocks

From Steve Krauchick, Doing It Local.

Police and firefighters received another call of fishermen caught on the breakwater rocks at Seaside Park. Initially they thought there were about 5 people on the rocks, then ten and the numbers kept going up. A total of 28 people had to transport from zodiac (rubber boats used for shallow-water rescue) to the police and fire boats and then shuttled the ferry dock to be evaluated by EMS. First reports said there were a couple of people with hypothermia but all 28 people refused medical treatment and refused transportation back to their vehicles.



  1. There are signs posted warning to remain off breakwater. Can’t recall if it mentions fines or not. These idiots should be charged for the cost of their rescue.

  2. Taxpayers will pick up the tab. How much was on OT?
    I’m sure the crackerjack council members in the south end will investigate. (Yea, sure)


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