Finch To Guide Yalies On Bus Tour Of Green Projects

From Mayor Bill Finch:

Friday morning Mayor Bill Finch will join Daniel Esty, former commissioner of the state DEEP, and students from the Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies on a bus tour of the City’s sustainability projects. Stops on the bus tour will include a visit to the largest fuel cell project in North America, which is located in the City’s West Side. The tour also will include a stop at the former municipal landfill site, the proposed location of a green energy park in partnership with United Illuminating, and the Wheelabrator trash-to-energy facility. Esty recently returned to his post at Yale as the Dean of the School of Forestry and Environmental Studies.



  1. Mr. Daniel Esty, are you the same person who was in charge of the DEEP when the new power plant was built in Milford? I just though I would tell you many workers on that site became ill with cancer and other ailments when the state DEEP finally admitted there was hazardous material on the site but the state was too shorthanded to notify all parties. If that was not you in charge then ignore these comments. BTW don’t let Slick Willy dazzle you with BS.


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