Finch Presses Progress In Mailer

Finch progress
Finch mailer.

In his latest mail piece, Mayor Bill Finch highlights city progress including Steel Point, Pleasure Beach and construction of new schools.

In a two-sided mailer Finch also appears with construction worker hard hats touting job creation, lower crime rates while “investing in our kids and protecting our families.”



  1. The Finch Administration’s citation of a laundry list of unrealized, “pending” accomplishments, as well as all the projects that have come about at taxpayer expense and done nothing to increase the grand list, revenue generation, or living-wage jobs for Bridgeporters are coming home to bite the mayor in the ass.

    No one is being fooled by this BS. I spoke with quite a few voters over the past few days who are furious with the distortions of the truth and lies about economic development (really, the lack thereof) in Bridgeport being hyped by the Finch Administration/Finch Campaign.

    I haven’t spoken to one voter–out of about 60 I spoke with during the past 4 days–who wants this administration to stay in power. The voting public has begun to gag on the Finch campaign’s lies and distortions of the truth.

    Most of the people I spoke with are looking to Joe Ganim, with about 25-30% thinking about Mary-Jane Foster.

    Most of the people have been negatively impacted by some level of crime in the 135th, with the people in Lake Forest furious over the near-deadly home invasion in June that has been covered up by BPD and the Finch Administration.

    Mr. Mayor, enjoy the title for a few more weeks, and then book a long vacation before you begin your job hunt. Good luck to you in your next career.

  2. The tone of this campaign piece makes sense for an incumbent. The problem for the Finch campaign is the exaggeration that is fooling very few people. As I say, a mayor needs to make lemonade from lemons, but Finch’s ministry of public enlightenment would have us believe he is changing water to wine.
    Party primary elections are typically dominated by people who have a vested interest. City employees and their families may have a vested interest and vote. Will the people Mary-Jane Foster has energized cast their vote? I know they are working on it. Will those energized by the Ganim campaign get off their rear ends and vote? That’s the challenge for the Ganim campaign.
    My prediction: Finch takes the primary with 45% of the vote.

    1. Joe Ganim is an experienced politician. He had been running a very aggressive campaign because he wants the job. He was astute to perceive Finch’s weaknesses are taxes, public safety and education. Will he motivate his newfound constituents to vote in the primary? It certainly looks that way. Danny Roach, Ganim’s campaign manager, is an experienced hand at the seedy game of Bridgeport politics. Both of them know how to get out the vote.

      Bill Finch should start looking into a brief winter vacation. Maybe one of his political friends will loan him a timeshare down in Boca Raton, Florida.

  3. This is the man Baghdad Steve has been crowing about. Finch has only “pending” projects because a water park in not enough to sway the people.

    It is high time to vote this charlatan OUT. We need a leader who will not be afraid to tackle the issues that have been ignored for too long. Finch, Fabrizi, Ganim and every mayor before them has neglected the school system, social justice, income inequality, joblessness and every other socioeconomic malady that effects our city. Finch especially is hostile toward the black population, stealing their automobiles, taxing them out of home ownership, not providing their children with a decent education or career training, etc.

    I do not want this great city by the sea to be known for the indifference of its elected leaders. I want it to be known for the school system producing a man or woman who formulates a cure for cancer, designs and engineers a rocket propulsion system that will allow mankind to venture deep into the galaxy. I don’t want Bridgeport to be known as it is now, solely for dirty politics.


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