Finch Has Mountain To Climb, Chases History In November

Update: Bridgeport CT Democratic Primary Unofficial Results 16Sep2015.

Bridgeport CT Republican Primary Unofficial Results 16Sep2015.

Bill Finch is trying to achieve what has never been done before in city history, an incumbent mayor losing a primary and then winning the general election. On Thursday he announced publicly for the first time in an eblast to supporters “I plan on accepting the Jobs Creation Party endorsement” for a general election run. The party was formed and organized by Finch supporters who named Republican Rich DeParle, a used-car salesman from Black Rock, as a placeholder for the mayor as a backup in case he lost the primary. DeParle has vacated his place on the ballot and presumably soon Finch will be formally named to fill the spot.

The last time an endorsed Democrat for mayor did not win the primary was 1975 when John Mandanici defeated Bill Mullane in an open mayoral seat. Wednesday’s primary circumstances that led to Joe Ganim’s upset win were similar to 40 years ago in that Mandanici, although not endorsed, had support from a number of party regulars. Ganim, too, had support from various factions of the party that had endorsed Finch.

In 1983 Mandanici experienced what it’s like to lose a primary, albeit not as an incumbent mayor, then find his way onto the general election ballot through a minor party. Mandanici, mayor from 1975-81 was defeated by Republican Lenny Paoletta. Two years later, Mandanici ran in a large primary field won by Charlie Tisdale who became the first African American to win a major party nomination in the city. A major split in the party that year led to no convention endorsement and a wide -pen primary. Tisdale, a mighty campaign organizer, defeated several white candidates at a time the city’s registration had a white majority.

With Tisdale the Democratic standard bearer and Paoletta the Republican incumbent, Mandanici prevailed on city police commissioner Arthur DelMonte to vacate his ballot spot as the mayoral candidate for the Bridgeport Taxpayers Party. Paoletta received roughly 16,000 votes, Tisdale roughly 15,000 votes and Mandanici about 10,000. The citywide turnout, with three full-blown campaign operations, eclipsed 70 percent.

Ganim says he will have lawyers examine what he claims is a dubious straw man process to place Finch on the November ballot. Both Ganim and Foster had petitioned onto the general election ballot as individuals. By virtue of winning the primary Ganim now has the top line for November. Foster has a ballot spot too and says she will weigh her options this weekend about a November quest.

Finch is entering uncharted political waters in this effort. Ganim clearly has the momentum coming off a stunning victory. Traditional donors who had doubts about coughing up campaign cash will more likely write a check. He’s unlikely to lose the 6,264 votes he received on Wednesday. He has gone to work schmoozing a broader audience including Democrats who supported Finch on Wednesday. Ganim’s opportunity to build his base will come in African American-rich precincts such as Dunbar in the East End and Wilbur Cross in the North End, where he ran up large pluralities. Ganim also ran stronger than projected in some Latino precincts such as Barnum School on the East Side.

So what does Finch do? He must make his case to 15,000 unaffiliated voters and Dems who did not vote in the primary. How many will actually show up in November? If the one-third turnout model in the primary applies to the general election, that means 5,000 unaffiliated voters will participate, an ambitious number, however, considering unaffiliated voters’ interest in recent municipal elections.

Also, if Finch is going to take out Ganim, he must alter his messaging. His campaign operation pounded Ganim with inflammatory accusations including a mailer and digital ads condemning his paralegal work on behalf of a law firm that represented a black man accused of providing guns to the KKK. The defendant was acquitted. Finch’s campaign tactics branded Ganim as a shill for a white supremacist. To some voters, including some Finch supporters, the messaging was cringeworthy and backfired.

Perhaps in an adrenaline-filled shrill Wednesday night on the stage of the Bijou Theatre after his loss, Finch did not show signs of reeling in harsh attacks about Ganim’s past.

Most electors vote on the future. The Finch campaign operation can still create doubt about Ganim’s past but it must do so as a contrast to development progress such as the Steel Point redevelopment area of the East Side. Finch, however, would have been in a much stronger position had he bypassed the primary process, allowing Ganim and Foster to duke it out, drain their money, and use the power of incumbency directly to voters in November with a boatload of cash to spend.

Now he must make his case from a weaker position against Ganim, Republican Rick Torres and several petitioning candidates.

So Ganim wins, but Finch lives. Finch can still raise money. Can he win in November? Place it in the difficult, but doable category.

Finch letter to supporters:

As a father, and as chief executive of our state’s largest city, it’s my job to think about the long run.

It’s my job to make Bridgeport an even better city than it is today–a place where my kids, and your kids, will choose to live, work, and raise their families here, too.

Regardless of party affiliation, as your mayor, I represent everyone in Bridgeport.

Our better tomorrow is already taking shape–the re-opening of Pleasure Beach after years of neglect, building at Steelpointe Harbor after decades of broken promises and corruption, improving downtown, and building a second train station.

These are just some of the projects bringing confidence back to the city while creating thousands of jobs.

I remain concerned as a Bridgeport resident about the future of our city, and the corruption that so badly has held our city back for far too long. I’m worried that job creators and investors will stop investing in our city with the posterchild of corruption at the helm.

With that, I plan on accepting the Job Creation Party endorsement and running in the General Election on Nov. 3, 2015.

Bridgeport, you still have an honest mayor who intends to keep the future bright for Bridgeport.

So I hope you’ll join me as a Jobs Creator, and move forward to November, stronger than ever.

Because in this election, Bridgeporters have a clear choice: We can either continue moving forward honestly, OR, we go back to the failed policies of greed, crime, corruption, lies, and mismanagement.

Let’s keep moving the city forward.



  1. Bill Finch was endorsed by:
    U.S. Senator Richard Blumenthal
    U.S. Senator Chris Murphy
    Congressman Jim Himes
    Governor Dan Malloy
    Attorney General George Jepsen
    Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter
    Boston Mayor Martin Walsh
    Sacramento, Calif. Mayor Kevin Johnson
    New Haven Mayor Toni Harp
    Providence Mayor Jorge Elorza
    Bridgeport Democratic Town Committee
    Former Bridgeport Mayor Leonard Paoletta
    Former Bridgeport Mayor Tom Bucci
    Former Bridgeport Mayor John Fabrizi
    Bridgeport Firefighters Union (IAFF)
    International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW)
    Fairfield County Building Trades Council
    Carpenters Union Local 210
    National Association of Government Employees (NAGE)
    Fairfield County Labor Council
    Laborers International Union of North America, (LIUNA) Local 665
    Connecticut AFL-CIO
    American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees (AFSCME) Council 4 & Local 1522
    United Food & Commercial Workers Union (UFCW), Local 371
    Connecticut Post

    Joe Ganim was endorsed by:
    Bridgeport police union
    The Democratic voters of Bridgeport

    I’m guessing Joe Ganim had the better endorsements.

    1. Wow Velez, you have amazing recall! But you’re right on, in the end the voters decide. I knew from the beginning of this primary the overboard, negative mailers were going to backfire. And I predict Finch will continue in that fashion in the weeks ahead.

  2. Lennie, nowhere in your article did you mention Mary-Jane Foster or Gov. Malloy, they will have an important part in the election. Those Independent voters could be MJF’s core of voters because they don’t like Finch, Ganim or Torres.

      1. Lennie, you only mentioned one ingredient–money.
        What about (o) operation, (m) message, (s) strategy. Her strategy was to let Ganim and Finch beat each other up to the point people would see her as the alternative candidate–that failed along with her message. The operation didn’t materialize.

        Rick Torres had the same strategy in mind. How much money (m) does he have? Where’s the operation? What’s his message?

        1. Joel, I’m in total agreement with you and if you notice, that’s why Steve kept talking about Mary-Jane Foster and how he wanted her to attack Joe Ganim but that was his plan and not MJF’s. Finch running on a party line nobody knows will hurt him. Will Gov. Malloy support a candidate who is not a Democrat and go against his own Democrat candidate who won the Democratic primary? What does MJF have to lose if she still runs?

  3. Is it even legal for Finch to carry over funding that was intended to support him as a Democrat and now use it for a separate political party? I know a lot of Democrats who would be upset about this because they and I support Democrats and not stupid political parties made by a used-car salesman.

    1. You raise an interesting point. In raising $ for candidates, most people of course look at party, but it is the candidate they ultimately support. I have received donations from people registered to different parties for single candidates. If you want your political contributions to be pure to your party, the only way to accomplish that is giving directly to the party, or a PAC that is affiliated with your party. The money is pooled and distributed to candidates the state (or national) committee believe are electable and in need of funds, or in the case of PACS, campaign lit, ads etc. are produced outside the campaign (wink, wink) to endorse candidates, in Some cases they can make a direct monetary contribution.
      I read page 67 as saying the money left over can go with the candidate to the next committee, but I could be wrong.

    1. You are right, Hector. When the ship begins to fill with water, people will jump ship. That is how it goes. There are only few true allies, everyone is out to protect their own asses in the end. And having only a little more that 50% of allies to start off with on the Democratic town committee for Finch doesn’t look good.

  4. Have you read the state papers about our election? I am sure Stafstrom is dialing for dollars and getting statewide support and donors to fund the Finch warchest. Bridgeport may be happy with the results, but statewide political operatives are rallying to keep Finch in office.

    1. How easy do you think that will be? Democrats giving money to Finch at this point effectively amounts to a cross endorsement. Ganim is the Democratic candidate. State Dems won’t endorse either, they can’t. They have a candidate. It’s quite a pickle.

      1. In my experience and years as a paid political fund raiser, not as difficult as one would imagine. Stafstrom has a multi-state Rolodex, the charm and power of persuasion, and a nephew elected to the state assembly–the back doors are being flung open to this duo. And remember Citizens United. Look for strong PACS to be formed and funded.

      2. Jennifer, I don’t think it’s fair to throw Stephen Stafstrom into the political mix his uncle John associates with. Stephen, so far, has given no indication he will play follow-the-uncle. I’ve worked with him on concerns in the 132nd, and he was responsive and productive.

          1. Jennifer, I don’t know if you’re mocking me or not, but so far this has been my experience with Stephen in the 132nd.


    3. Jennifer,
      Why are you assuming Stafstrom is still with Finch? He made his bond counsel bones with Ganim and he offered some very interesting advice to the then-mayor.
      It would all depend on what the governor does. If he supports the Democratic nominee then Stafstrom will quickly fall in line.
      John does not care who butters his bread as long as someone keeps it thick and rich.

      1. Because of the Testa/Stafstrom history. You raise a very good point, but I believe from what I am privy to, statewide Democrats are scrambling to get behind Finch and figure out if and how to get him elected. And testing the money trail is the first litmus test.

      2. Bob, from Dixon article in CT Post Sept 17.

        Malloy admitted it would be awkward to have to deal with a Ganim mayoralty after the multi-year pay-to-play scandal and federal prosecution that landed Ganim in prison.

        Hardly sounds like Malloy can now give a ringing endorsement of Joe, but who knows what Monday will bring?

          1. Democrats! There is no honor among CT Democrats, right? And that was of course an exaggeration, but you did leave me with a partisan opening as wide as a barn door. And because you are a city gal, I can open a barn door pretty darn wide.

          2. Look who surrounds and supports him: Mario Testa, Ernie “Moses” Newton (another crook), Danny Roach. Most of the people on his ticket are the same old clowns from days of yore, clamoring to get back onto the city payroll. None of them is interested in serving the best interests of the people of the city of Bridgeport. It’s just a game to be played, a route to a privileged lifestyle paid for by the taxpayers’ dime.

            Joe Ganim is, to quote the Hartford Courant, a crook who does not possess the ethics and morals to practice law, let alone hold public office. The same can be said of the candidates riding on his coattails.

        1. If there is any ONE politico who benefited from Joe’s downfall, that would be Malloy. Even with the favor Bill did in giving Stamford Councilman/Bridgeport Economic development director a job, the Governor’s endorsement was tepid at best. While Malloy may not endorse Joe, he definitely won’t be endorsing a third party or Republican candidate.

  5. I am very proud of Mayor Finch who will make history in the city of Bridgeport and make headlines around the country.

    Velez, thank you for the comprehensive list of supporters. Add to that the unaffiliated voters and the Republicans and the majority of Democrats who didn’t know it was election day. Add to that, Ganim had a great operation of enthusiastic supporters.

    The November election will be a completely different game. People are genuinely stunned. People are genuinely powered up and apparently all the losers on the Ganim ticket apparently think Joe Ganim sucks as his top operatives were only interested in the Ganim numbers when they declared victory, while all the underticket thought they also won. The Ganim camp had shown their total selfish realistic candidate. Testa could give a rat’s ass if any other Ganim candidate won. It was always only about Joe. In November it will be only about Bill Finch.

    1. Steve, Mayor Finch has already made history in the city of Bridgeport and made headlines around the country when he lost to a convicted felon. In fact those on that list Velez posted are now hiding because their guy Finch said, “I plan on accepting the Jobs Creation Party endorsement” for a general election run. The party was formed and organized by Finch supporters who named Republican Rich DeParle, a used-car salesman from Black Rock. I’m sure Gov. Malloy will enjoy endorsing the Job Creation Party.

      1. I think Wicca is right, not going to see a lot of Democrat endorsements for either candidate. Can we give Hector a break with the used-car salesman line? Or is it only Republican used-car salesmen who are shady? And it has long been suspected there was a true RINO in our midst.

    2. He’s made history already nationally because even when Cianci and Barry won they didn’t beat an incumbent. The idea you can do what you want for three years as long as you bust your butt in the election year didn’t work. Anyone who gave to his campaign as a Democrat should ask for that contribution back if he uses it to further another party’s creation, even when he loses he will be doing a favor to the Jobs Creation Party as they will be legitimized by a 1% showing. Why doesn’t he drop out and support Mary-Jane?

  6. All the construction union endorsements–International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW), Fairfield County Building Trades Council, Carpenters Union Local 210, National Association of Government Employees (NAGE), Fairfield County Labor Council, Laborers International Union of North America, (LIUNA) Local 665, Connecticut AFL-CIO and American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees (AFSCME) Council 4 & Local 1522–are campaign “contributions.” The members of those unions benefited from the “thousands of jobs” Finch created, virtually none of which went to Bridgeport residents. The endorsements from Malloy, Blumenthal, Murphy, et al., mean nothing. With all the kind words his fellow elected officials had, Bill Finch still lost the primary to a convicted felon and disbarred attorney.

    The so-called “Jobs Creation Party” could well not pass the legal smell test in a court of law and Finch’s name will not be on the general ballot. Word on the street is, if that happens many of Finch’s supporters will line up behind Rick Torres.

    … And the band played on …

  7. The high-level Finch endorsers are not going to encourage him to embarrass them and compromise the perception of their political judgment again. The Democrat-favoring unions will seek to assuage any Ganim ire (with their primary snub) in the next few days.

    The Democrat ($) powerbrokers who back Finch are not going to put more $ on a lame horse trying to limp back into the race. They’ll cut their losses and work with Ganim in as pragmatic a way as they are capable. And Joe is a pragmatist–he’ll allow them some relevant input in the Ganim Administration.

    And also; people seem to be forgetting the “Torres Factor.” Rick is primed and ready to go. Rick will glean the significant numbers of Democrats who were “soft” support for Finch and don’t want to back a loser again. He’ll also get most of the Foster supporters.

    The Us will probably split evenly between Torres and Ganim. The “hardcore” Ds who supported Finch over Ganim will shift to Ganim. That would probably be around 3500-4000 of the Finch votes.

    The minor candidates will also get votes that would have gone to Finch.

    So when the Finch political operatives and supporters have a chance to come to grips with reality over the weekend, we’ll see the Finch Campaign fold its tents and find a way to move on to a new day sometime in the future.

    It’s over for Bill and Company for this election season. It will be a Ganim vs Torres race, with Ganim still having the advantage of the dominant, Bridgeport Democratic Party behind him.

    It will be an interesting, competitive race, no doubt; but Ganim will become the next mayor by a healthy margin.

    1. Finch should call it a day and see if he can keep the money from his campaign and have Paul Timpanelli find him a job. That shouldn’t be a problem seeing as Stealpoint will have over 2,000 jobs.

      1. Not for nothing but the City of Bridgeport taxpayers have been funding out-of-town attorneys for some time. Ed Maley was receiving $7,000 per month in the days when he and Beccaro were helping the transition of previous CT Senatorial campaign funds to Bill and Adam. I understand Maley is receiving more per month these days for his part-time work in the City, but what “services” does he provide for the dollars we spend with him? Such a comprehensive list might prove very interesting. Time will tell.

      2. OMG, I just caught Finch on Channel 12 sitting at his desk, speaking in a strange voice, showing the viewers a secret door that was used to drop off money to Ganim, and then he opened another door he claimed had a gadget in it. I think he made reference to Mafia-type behavior. He really looked like a crazy, desperate man who just won’t let it go. Ganim was then shown speaking of plans for Bridgeport and so on. The contrast was pathetic. I am not being mean-spirited when I say this, but I don’t think Finch is going to make it to November without having some kind of psychotic episode. On a humane level, I feel sorry for him.

        1. That’s funny as many employees refer to Finch and company as the Irish mafia. It’s true he is very very angry and some folks in his office are concerned for everyone’s safety.

        2. Lisa, I’m in total agreement with your comment about Mayor Bill Finch and hopefully Lennie or someone will post a link to this speech and his speech from Tuesday after his lost. This the Bill Finch I’ve seen and others have seen where he’s out of control. He acts like a mad man and he truly needs help. Mayor Finch is a bully especially to those who won’t stand up to him, with Finch it’s his way or no way. I hope he keeps running for mayor because he’s going to make a bigger fool out of himself.

        3. “… showing the viewers a secret door that was used to drop off money to Ganim …”

          Lennie, did you ever turn the knob of that door? Could Paul Pinto’s fingerprints still be on the door knob?

          Talk about outlandish accusations. As I recall, Bill Finch left the council for the State Senate in early 2001–six months before news of the FBI probe broke. How did Bill Finch know about this door if it was a secret door?

        4. Everyone knew about those doors, they were not created by Ganim. Maybe he’s lost his mind. If I remember correctly they took you to the parking lot, by the common council. If he hadn’t lied so consistently someone might believe his drivel.

    2. Jeff, you’re right. The only part of your comments that may not come to pass is Finch folding his tent. He’s more unstable than usual since his loss, he’ll continue to chase voters to another candidate because his tactics will be worse than the first time around. Watch the Channel 12 piece aired on Friday. He looked like a bad actor. He was attempting to reenact what he thought happened in the Mayor’s office when Joe was in. It may or may not have played out that way, but he has no way of knowing that. He’s really in la la land now. For his sake, let’s hope he doesn’t meet the criteria to run on that made-up party line.

  8. I do not see Bill Finch going quietly into the night. Unless the courts decide differently, I believe Finch will mount a strong campaign and many voters, like donj, will hold their noses and vote for Finch over Ganim. It ain’t over ’til it’s over.

    1. Afraid of competition in the general, Mr. Fox? SMH–some people said your guy should not be allowed to run because of his past as a less than honorable man, so why is Finch less of a man for standing his ground and running? Really, why should Finch drop out? His numbers indicate he is a viable candidate in the general.

  9. Jimfox,
    Does Mayor Finch (MF) discuss hirings and firings with his missus these days? Wouldn’t it be fairer to the Mayor to repeat the dialogues like those you have captured in the past, than speculating? Time will tell.

    1. donj, every freakin’ year you ask Lennie the same damned question. What do you want results for? You never shared any insight after supposedly analyzing the numbers. Talking about numbers, Lennie, WHO WON THE DINNER WITH LENNIE PRIZE?
      Ganim 5749 was my guess.

      1. Joel, the winner was the one who predicted who would win, and who came closest to the actual count of how many votes over the second-place finisher. You correctly predicted who would win, but you didn’t specify by how many votes they would win.

  10. The silence of McCarthy is deafening, he all but guaranteed a victory for Finch. I remember when he was up Fab’s arse when he was mayor, as soon as Finch beat him, McCarthy abandoned him and planted himself firmly up Finch’s arse. Will he do the same now with Joe?

    1. Harvey, on a personal level I like Tom, but I hope he’s smart enough to know things are going to change where he’s concerned. He won his Council seat so it’s his. However, his position with the City is another matter. If Joe becomes mayor, he may want his own choice for the job Tom holds. Tom works at the pleasure of whomever is mayor. Long before this election was even thought about, as a friend I cautioned Tom about his predicament and suggested to him he make the choice before it’s made for him. I was sincere when I said that, he knows that.

      1. That’s an interesting predicament for the personally likable McCarthy, isn’t it, at this moment anyway?
        What plans would Ganim have for housecleaning as primary results unfolded? How many City-paid positions are “at the pleasure of the Mayor?” How many of those folks are City residents? Any of them preparing to sell their homes?
        The President of the Council has assisted that body in becoming weaker during the past seven years and thereby supposedly increasing his personal power. But who among the large body of City taxpayers, already taxed mightily, believes their City Council representatives are providing an effective check or balance against the mayor’s Office? That is a thought for each District and worthy of some dialogue. How capable are those running for City Council, even those who have been in place before (and some providing taxpayer dollars from their “Other Services” legislative account to charities and never telling the public)? Another Council caper courtesy of Pres. Tom. What will it mean on election day? Time will tell.

        1. The City Council has always been weak in Bridgeport. The mayor has exercised most of the control. Finch saw many aldermen are city employees, or their spouses or their kids or stepkids are. Instead using that to finesse he used it to twist arms and bully people into submission. That’s not effective governing.

          I admire Jeff’s knowledge of the political science but it is too early to predict who will win in November. That election is two months away and a lot could happen between now and then.

        2. Given the history of Bridgeport’s City Council it is doubtful it will be able to do much beyond meeting the quorum requirements for committee meetings. Prior to Joe Ganim’s time, there were eight Republicans on the common council; now there is one. Ganim and Mario Testa consolidated power by ensuring one-party rule. The council functions as a rubber-stamp for the mayor’s initiatives. Unlike state legislatures and the United States Congress, where the Executive and Legislative branches of government work as checks and balances to prevent one from having greater power, the mayor in Bridgeport calls the shots. I doubt the new blood is going to make any appreciable change in that formulation, especially if the city votes for the crook two months from now.

  11. An architectural rendering of a project means nothing until it’s up and running, the city zoning department has thousands of renderings of past projects and dreams.
    Bill Clinton’s quote “don’t let someone swamp the project before you stick a shovel in the ground.”
    Bill Finch has a trailer truckload of architectural renderings, as he tries to avoid the elephant in the room. OUR TAXES!
    Joe Ganim keeps bringing peanuts for that elephant at every debate, while Mayor Finch keeps pulling out a new rendering of some half-assed project with a thousand more jobs to come.
    Ask Mayor Finch and Rich DeParle how is it a lot of Finch’s dear friends like John Stafstrom who pays less in taxes on his Brooklawn Ave home then his neighbors, a nice 18.7% tax break in 2008 revaluation???
    The FBI should have a field day with this one, hey Rich!

  12. Jim Fox–you have floated this canard about Finch’s friends paying lower taxes than others for some time now. I believe it has been refuted.

    If you have the evidence, prove it by putting facts up.

    Otherwise you are a typical, back-stabbing POS. You have the proof, I’ll apologize. But I doubt you do. Like many, it’s more fun to spread bullshit and fake rumors.

    1. DO, refuted by whom???
      That’s why I put up the web page. I’ve been working on this for over five years, look it up!
      Look them all up!!!
      Now who’s spreading bullshit and fake rumors?
      Do the homework, Denis OMalley.
      Then you can apologize!

      1. Jim, can you share a link to your web page, or are we supposed to find the name and address of every Finch supporter and look it up on Zillow? And, I did refute you on one of your findings, on live TV. Steve Stafstrom because he purchased his home long after the reevaluation. However with a very long list of Finch supporters, oversight sometimes happen.

        1. Hey Jen, if my memory serves me well, you kept asking people for ice!
          Tom Lombard and I looked at each other, then Tommy whispered to me did I bring any ice.
          I don’t recall talking about Stevie Stafstrom’s taxes but I remember talking about Susan B’s.
          If you want to look at something very interesting,
          on the Finch 2008 revaluation, look up Chairman of the Tax Review Board Rich DeParle. Multifamily homes on Fairfield Ave. Every one of them received a Finch tax break from 12 to 14%. I would like to know who did those DeParle appraisals and approvals.

          1. Jim, we don’t have to use your memory. I have a recording of the show. The morning after the show Stafstrom came into Harborview market and had a little chat with me about your claims on the show about his property taxes. He told me the day he purchased the house, I looked it up and at the start of the next show I felt I had to issue a heartfelt apology to Stafstrom and remind people while you were on the show there was more than one caller who said they did not get the same data and information you were presenting, because they were also on Zillow.

          2. Jim, when you’re right I will back you up 100%. And because properties in Bridgeport are taxed on home improvements, you may be right it appears people are getting the tax break. But I have to say you’re far-reaching claims the majority of Finch supporters get a huge tax break just might not be valid. But I am more than happy to support you when you have hard facts and data other than look it up yourself on Zillow to back up your claims.

          1. Charming, Mr. Fox. And what proof do you have I was run off Public TV? I understand you are very passionate about your candidate and your tax claims, and in some cases your numbers give reason to question and could support your claims about the favoritism in the assessments. I do apologize if you think from my post I think you are completely wrong. Obviously I hit a nerve to have you make assumptions about my decision to take a break from the show in a very negative and harsh manner. When the authorities process your information and you are proven right, I will absolutely sing your praises once I return to CT and Bridgeport Now. I look forward to that day.

  13. Lennie, remember the Peace and Progress party does exist. I’m not sure where Reyes stands as far as putting up a mayoral candidate goes. We ran into each other over a month ago at the Registrar and he wasn’t happy to hear I was supporting Ganim. He acted as if I had to ask him for permission first, yet he’s never called me when making decisions regarding the P&P Party.

  14. Lennie, you opened with: “Bill Finch is trying to achieve what has never been done before in city history.” And closed with “Can he win in November? Place it in the difficult, but doable category.”

    I respectfully want to remind you we are talking about Bill Finch. Doable maybe, for a better mayor, leader, manager, and friend to Bridgeport.

    The campaign for this man shows no indication they will change their messaging. They need to get NICE or get beat. As is evidenced by the crazed TV spot on channel 12, the tactics are just going to get more bizarre and desperate looking. Finch looked and acted like a buffoon. I am surprised he did not go for broke and take the cameraman to the wine cellar. They do not have it in them to get nice, so therefore they will get beat.

    1. BTW there is no “wine cellar” or “back door for corrupt schemes” or anything else. Speaking of “back doors,” isn’t the “back door” the way Finch plans to get onto the ballot in November? Time to fire your publicists, all three of them.

  15. Taking about back doors, when is the realization going to hit Finch showed all the members of his slate the back door when he only took care of himself when he set up the DeParle scam?
    Once again Woody and Finch show they only care about themselves. Now long-serving Democrats like Dennis Scinto, Mitch Robles and Willie Murphy are on the street because Finch and Wood couldn’t be bothered with helping them or worse yet thought they were baggage not worth saving. Selfish and self-serving.

      1. Think about it, Jennifer. Why wouldn’t they have DeParle petition on as City Clerk if that were the case? No attention at all to that. Fill in the slate afterwards? Even when the Working Families Party had won BOE seats in the city, they considered a party only for Board of Ed positions and could not nominate a mayoral candidate even though they had won citywide offices.

        1. I understand and agree Bob, but the burning question is, do the rules allow for Finch to run a slate? As much as we can point to the weakness of his administration, he now has a line to run on, apparently taking his $$$ with him, ans he has found ways to get his agenda done. Driveway gate, solar panels, not adhering to state rules for funding schools, charter violations. The only time he is defeated is at the voting booth, funding for the library, charter revision, and his most recent. It is the wording of the rules I am questioning, not past practices. Mr. loophole is pretty good at manipulation.

          1. Jennifer and Bob,
            I have looked at the rules. It appears Finch can run a slate, after a fashion. Ganim will challenge the legality based on the signatures on the petition. Some of them were illegible. Also, were the people who signed of right mind to make the decision and were they coerced into signing? Those are the burning questions.

            Joe Ganim ran a strong campaign. He is also a (disbarred) lawyer in a family of lawyers and has some nimble legal minds working for him. Chances are more than 50% he will prevail in a court of law. Barbara Bellis and the Supreme Court took a dim view of his lack of remorse; the courts also take a dim view of dirty political behavior.

            Finch should just call it a day. According to News 12 Connecticut:
            “Bridgeport Mayor Bill Finch said on Friday that he is ‘taking off the gloves’ and will begin speaking out against his opponent Joe Ganim in a way he has never done publicly before. Finch made the announcement just two days after losing the Democratic primary to Ganim, the former mayor who spent seven years in prison for corruption.”

            What gloves? Bill Finch couldn’t punch his way out of a wet paper bag. What’s that all about? Little Stevie Auerbach has been tooting Finch’s horn about all the development, Steel Point, Roosevelt School, the new high school being built (on polluted land) to replace Harding, newly refurbished parks etc. etc. etc. Finch himself thinks the water slide is a great improvement to the city’s failing school system. Why is he not boasting about that stuff? Where are the artists’ renderings of the planned projects? Oh right, Bill becomes the king of snarky when things don’t go his way.

            The primary wasn’t a win for Ganim; it was a referendum on Finch. The voters told him “Don’t let the door hit you in the ass.”

      2. It is doubtful the Jobs Creation Party is going to hold up in court. Ganim has been responding to every one of Finch’s moves with alacrity. This move was announced quite some time ago. The Ganim campaign has had more than a little time to consider the best options for dealing with it.

  16. If I am Finch, I am really feeling a little uneasy if Mitch the Switch isn’t feeling any love for me. Can you say “would you like an absentee ballot” in Spanish?

  17. And now Finch has to worry about some of his trusted employees realizing they may be headed for the door unless they run to Ganim to show him what they know to save their asses.
    Kind of fitting since Finch and Woody were only concerned about saving their own asses in the end.

  18. Ganim’s top aides Ken Flatto and John Gomes are both Bridgeport residents and both ready to clean house of the out-of-towner Finchettes. The brooms are ready for the no-show taxpayer-funded friends of Finch jobs.

    1. Bill Finch is only a figurehead. The real power behind his mayoralty rests with Tom Sherwood, Adam Wood, David Kooris and a few others. It was Finch’s poor judgement to leave them in charge without any oversight. Kooris’s development strategy is catering to wealthy Gold Coast investors by offering very attractive tax abatements at the expense of the people of the city of Bridgeport. The people who own property here and have to pay for City Hall’s largesse. There’s no such thing as a free lunch. Someone has to pay for the bread and cold cuts.

      The people in charge of Finch’s re-election campaign are not going to change tactics. His administration does not have much to sell to voters. The water park, Steel Point, a high school being constructed on polluted ground, a sackful of artists’ renderings of proposed development? Big fucking deal. Bill Finch was on the defensive from the get-go. All he could really say was “Joe Ganim is a crook!” Now that it looks as though a third term is an impossible dream, what is Finch going to do? “I’m taking the gloves off!”

      Wicca is more than astute. The Finch people will not change their strategy now. Joe Ganim is a master campaigner. He has anticipated every one of Finch’s moves, and checked it, taking most of his pawns, the rook and the bishop. All that’s left is check and mate.

      1. Ganim has been one step ahead of the other candidates since day one, so excuse me if I trust his political judgement over your Yonkers story, he had a good run in Fairfield and no one seemed to laugh at him there.

        1. BPT REBEL–if a candidate’s choice for a top appointment should be irrespective of all the appointee’s past, I guess that candidate would conclude his opponent’s past of being fired from all six of his private-sector jobs is irrelevant.

  19. What I had heard on Wednesday was the new mayor in Hartford is the designated replacement for Malloy. He has ties to the governor and ties to the White House.
    Now is the perfect time for Hartford to cut ties to Finch. They owed Finch up to a point but now all is square. There are only so many times Finch can remind Dannel he saved the governor a ton of money by having the city taxpayers foot the bill for Obama’s visit last year.
    This also gives the governor the perfect opportunity to cut Bridgeport out as favorite city status. No more money for Steal Point. No more breaks on MBR. The governor simply says I do not trust the administration of Joe Ganim. He will have to prove himself. Two birds, one stone.

        1. It is true, but don’t expect a stampede. Finch is walking with a limp and quacking like a duck. His political career is nearly over. He made a contingency plan in case he lost the primary; if he was smart enough to do that, he’s at least smart enough to be circulating his resume. His wife is probably losing sleep wondering how they’ll pay the mortgage.

          1. And Finch should be checking the election campaign laws to see if he can keep the money in his campaign fund if he drops out and sees if his boy Timpy can get him a job.

  20. The other candidates have to agree to the cross endorsement.
    So you think Wes Mathews and Steve Nelson would agree to be cross-endorsed? Maybe Willie Murphy, but I don’t even see that.

  21. Bob, this portion of your post was intended to be spurting sarcasm. Correct?
    “… This also gives the governor the perfect opportunity to cut Bridgeport out as favorite city status.”

    Malloy has given Bridgeport squat! He is always here for photo ops, and he endorsed the mayor, but that is only because he is so egotistical and disrespectful of the sagacity of the people of Bridgeport, he assumes they are taken with him and overwhelmed by his willingness to grace us with his presence. He is also willing to delude himself in regard to our gratitude for the pennies he throws at us as he unloads dumptruck loads of cash on Stamford and the other towns down-county. (Westport was just promised $52 million for Bridgewater. Stamford had been promised $125 million, but they rejected it(!) Bridgeport got $11 million to shore up the Steal Point parking lot. Most favored status?! If we truly had “most favored status” Bridgewater would be at Steal Point.)

    In any event, Bridgeport has Dan’s number. He should start planning for his retirement, because we won’t be forgetting how he helped rig the deck against Bridgeport for the past two decades. Photo-ops, Finch endorsement, and Steal Point parking lot notwithstanding.

    His endorsement hurt Finch as much as it wound up hurting him (talk about negative resonance!). Maybe they’ll become fishing buddies in their retirement.

    Maybe Bill will get a job working for David Kooris in Stamford.

    1. Stafstrom’s husband is a top Malloy aide, Malloy only sniffs Bridgeport when Johnny Lawyer asks him to. Wonder who will bid for the bonding rights that haven’t been bid on under Finch when Ganim kicks Stafstrom’s ass out?

  22. TBK,
    As to challenging the petitions, I do not think the challenge is to the signatures collected. To challenge the signatures you would need to find someone who says they did not sign or the circulator who had the petition was not the name that appeared on the back. Or an obvious forgery.
    You would need a sworn affidavit from the person whose name appears on the petition swearing they did not sign. Then the state would initiate an investigation.

  23. However, I believe the challenge Ganim would consider would be Rich DeParle was not a bona fide candidate from the very beginning and his candidate consent form was fraudulent. This could invalidate the line.

    1. Now you’re seeing it for what it is. Richard De Parle clearly had no interest in running for mayor; that much is evident from reading the statements he made to the CT Post. He will not be able to maintain that stance under oath.

      The federal authorities are already in town, looking over the tax collection procedure known as “boot and tow” but more accurately described as “boot, tow and give to Charles Valentino for resale.” With so many candidates and their representatives contacting the U.S. Attorney and the FBI, interest has been piqued. The Feds will be watching the November election very closely.

        1. Ganim has had more than a little time to consider legal challenges to the so-called “Jobs Creation Party.” Even if Finch’s name is not removed from the general ballot the legal fight could be enough to have a negative effect. Think about it, an incumbent using sleazy unethical tactics to defeat a convicted felon. Shit stinks no matter who left it behind.

  24. Quick unofficial poll question for the MJF supporters. Should she choose not to run in November, Whom will you be supporting?

    Ganim, Torres, Finch

    Just curious.

  25. BPT REBEL, the Bridgeport Republican Party is about a policy, beliefs, an idea of small government, low taxes, working within a budget and freedoms of choice. Bill Finch fits none of those!


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