Finch, Gaudett Announce Police Recruitment Drive

Finch, Gaudett
Mayor Finch with police officials at recruitment announcement.

From Bill Kaempffer, public safety spokesman:

The Bridgeport Police Department is hiring.

“Being a Police Officer is a challenging job, but I can’t imagine a more rewarding one. We are working hard every day to make Bridgeport a place where people choose to raise their kids and families,” said Mayor Bill Finch. “We’ve made a lot of progress, but we still have work to do. I ask you to be part of transforming our city. As a Bridgeport Police Officer, you can make a difference every single day.”

Police recruiters launched the recruitment drive this month. Since it began, recruiters have fanned out across the city and beyond looking for candidates who are interested in a career in public service.

Lt. Lonnie Blackwell, who is heading the effort, said recruiters have been visited churches and other places of worship, restaurants, local businesses and even barber shops. They will visit local colleges and different community events.

“We’re out in the community,” he said.

The profession is both unusually rewarding and very challenging, said Mayor Finch.

“There are very few jobs that at on a moment-to-moment basis, you can improve and affect and impact the lives of 150,000 people,” he said.

“As a father of four kids in this city I can’t thank them enough.”

People interested in a career in law enforcement in Bridgeport can apply online at the website.

People with additional questions can visit, scroll to the bottom of the page and click on employment opportunities link.

The city is committed to recruiting the best candidates and also improving on a commitment to have a police department that reflects the community it serves.

The department already is one of the most racially diverse police forces in the state, said Mayor Finch.

“We can do even better. We need to have this department even more reflective of the community it serves.”

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Click here to watch video of a recent recruitment event:

The department is asking its officers to suggest candidates who would make great officers, and Police Chief Joseph L. Gaudett Jr. asked community members to help as well.

“Everybody needs to be a recruiter. Everybody knows someone who would make a great police officer here in the city of Bridgeport. Don’t let them not apply.

“This is a 25 to 30 year investment in our future.”

The city is attempting to attract more city residents to compete for jobs.

City residents who pass all the elements of the exam will be awarded 15 percentage points of their final score.



  1. These two idiots do not have a clue. You are down at least 50 officers and that did not happen overnight. Now you are recruiting? This job should be open to city residents only and a maximum age should be established. I am tired of paying disability pensions for these old officers who started on the job at age 45-50 and now at 60 can’t do the job. Federal Law allows for a maximum age limit in public safety jobs. The city for over 100 years recruited from just the residents of Bridgeport, somewhere we changed course and not for the better. Could it be because the president of the civil service board lives in Trumbull?

  2. Oh yes, now the Mayor is interested in diversity in the BPD now that it’s an election year. Where was his interest when they hired one only black for the BPD and no blacks or women for the BFD last year? Where was his interest when they hired an abundance of white suburban males for both police and fire departments?

    We met with Finch and David Dunn in 2011, I, Ron Mackey, Senator Ed Gomes, St. Rep. Don Clemons and Joel Christy, Pres. Firebird Society and City Councilman Andre Baker, where we told him if the hiring process was changed then it would severely affect the City of Bridgeport’s ability to hire blacks and women for the fire service as well as the police department and we questioned the need to change a process that has worked for over 40 years without a problem.

    Well it’s obvious he listened to David Dunn instead of us because the hiring process was changed and the result was only one black hired for the BPD and a hiring list that didn’t include any blacks or any women for the BFD. One thing was accomplished under Finch, the largest number of white suburban police and firefighters hired in the last 30 years and the lowest number of city residents hired in 30 years.

    Black folks, when it’s time to vote please remember this man took the opportunity for your Bridgeport educated sons, daughters, nieces and nephews to transform their lives by being hired for either the Police or Fire Departments. Remember that he placed an individual, David Dunn, into the position of Director of Civil Service without any experience whatsoever in said position and who immediately changed the hiring process that favored suburban white males for both branches of public safety to the detriment of blacks and women. Trust me, the only reason this is an issue now, but wasn’t an issue from 2011 until today, is because he is fighting for his political life as mayor. Let’s not help him discriminate against our people any longer, let’s give him the long rest he deserves. One final thought, under Mayor Joe Ganim, we got more blacks and women hired for the Police and Fire departments than at any time in the history of the City of Bridgeport.

    1. Donald Day, you got more than that with Joe Ganim. If Mayor Finch or any other Mayor started moving toward your goals, wouldn’t you at least acknowledge it? You can say you paved the way. What makes you think Mayor Finch was not in fact reacting to you and Ron Mackey? Certainly you do not credit David Dunn with this? I’d say you may have in fact been MAYOR Finch’s motivation. Either way, it seems that finally, the end result will be a fulfillment of your goals.

        1. I meant I believe there will be new hires who reflect the City and most likely it will be the way it should be for at least the police department and I am certain it will also translate to the fire department.

          I not only believe these new hires should be from Bridgeport, but the mix should reflect the population. It would be more successful, morale would be higher and we have to realize Bridgeport has all the talent we need right here.

          I do believe your incessant commentary with your alter ego Donald Day has resonated with the Finch administration. We will see how this round of hires plays out. I am optimistic they will be prudent. I do not think they can afford to be ridiculous. Hiring many more minorities just makes sense.

          1. Shouldn’t be too hard for Bridgeport residents to pass the test now. All they have to do is spell their name right and get 15 points. I am sure we will get the cream of the crop now. Anyone who gets a 65 will now have an 80 with those 15 points, should be an outstanding list.

          2. Steve Auerbach, nothing has changed with the testing process. Yes, they added five extra points for residents but nothing has been done to change the testing process. You had a large number of blacks and females who took the police exam the last time, they worked hard and they paseds the exam but with the new process they didn’t pass high enough. Those candidates will not take the exam again, why should they take it again, they listened to the recruiters and worked hard but for what? All one has to do is to look at the numbers hired for the past 40 years and look at the last exam and numbers are terrible, plus that was given federal money. Next, you have Rev. Charles Stallworth, also a State Rep and a Police Commissioner and he has said nothing about females and blacks not being hired, perhaps Stallworth should attend Police Commission meetings, he is doing nothing to look out for Bridgeport residents or for females and blacks. And what has Mayor Finch done to change the results of the last exam? He has done nothing.

  3. Ron, I cannot help being an optimist. It gets me through the day. I see an opportunity for the black community, there seem to be classes helping students pass postal exams, SATs, why not civil service exams? Even still, I believe there is still an abundance of talented minorities in this city who can and will pass. I suppose the greater number who take the exam, the greater chance to succeed. Maybe even an adult education class in the City preparing for the police and Firemen exam in Bridgeport.


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