Final Weekend, You Vote Already?

Here we go, final weekend before Tuesday’s Democratic primaries featuring contests in nine of ten City Council districts. The registration deadline is noon on Monday. Unaffiliated voters may also switch to a major party by the same deadline.

What’s going on absentee ballot wise? More than 1600 absentee ballots have been mailed by the Town Clerk’s Office. By Tuesday more than 50 percent will be returned based on what’s come back so far. Why is this important? Some of Tuesday’s races may very well come down to absentee ballots in this sleepy election cycle.

The trend continues in the East Side 137th District that has generated about 30 percent of the absentee ballots. What’s the quietest district for absentee ballots? The East End 139th District where only about one dozen voters as of Friday voted by absentee ballot. In general, the highest proportion of absentee ballot voting comes from districts with large public housing and senior citizen units.

Here’s the lineup for Tuesday, the first two candidates are endorsed running on Line A.

130: Scott Burns and Rowan Kane; Line B, Christina Smith and Pete Spain.

131: Jack Banta and Denese Taylor-Moye; Line B, Jorge Cruz.

132: Evette Brantley and Rolanda Smith; Line B, Marcus Brown and Kyle Langan.

133: Michael DeFilippo and Jeanette Herron ; Line B, Bob Keeley and Anne Pappas Phillips.

135: Rosalina Christy and Darrett Evans Moss; Line B, Mary McBride-Lee and Richard Salter.

136: Alfredo Castillo and Maria Zambrano-Viggiano; Line B, Joe Casco.

137: Aidee Nieves and Maria Valle; Line B, Hector Diaz and Milta Feliciano.

138: Line A, no candidates; Line B, Anthony Paoletto and Nessah Smith; Line C, Karen Jackson and Samia Suliman.

139: James Holloway and Eneida Martinez; Line B, Ernie Newton, Line C, Wanda Simmons.


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