Final Week Push For Primary Votes, Absentee Ballot Requests Flood Town Clerk

One week left until tsunami Tuesday. How many times have you voted? Oh that’s right, no early voting (yet) in the state of Connecticut. But that’s not stopping a blizzard of absentee ballots from blanketing city neighborhoods as campaign operatives put on a final push with door knocks, phone calls, mail pieces and pleas on behalf of their primary candidates. More than 1800 absentee ballots (and counting) have been mailed to voters throughout the city. Roughly 700 have been returned. Town Clerk Alma Maya reports this is the largest number of absentee ballot requests her office has processed since she took office in 2007, fueled by political operatives trying to bank votes before primary day.

Next Tuesday features statewide Republican primaries for governor and lieutenant governor while four Democratic legislative races lead the action in Bridgeport. Any August surprises?

Senate Minority Leader John McKinney is challenging Republican endorsed Tom Foley in a primary for governor. The winner faces Democratic incumbent Dan Malloy in November. Bridgeport resident David Walker is challenging State Rep. Penny Bacchiochi and former Groton Mayor Heather Somers for the Republican nomination for lieutenant governor.

City Librarian Scott Hughes is challenging freshman State Senator Andres Ayala in the 23rd Senate District covering about two-thirds of the city and a portion of western Stratford.

Political activist and healthcare professional Marilyn Moore squares off against three-term State Senator Anthony Musto in the 22nd Senatorial covering about one-third of Bridgeport, all of Trumbull and a portion of Monroe. Moore will appear on Jennifer Buchanan’s Bridgeport Now cable access show tonight (Tuesday) at 8 p.m. Livestream:

In Connecticut’s 128th State House District, freshman incumbent Christina Ayala is trying to hold off party endorsed Chris Rosario, fire commissioner Dennis Bradley and retired corrections officer Teresa Davidson. The district covers the East Side and Hollow neighborhoods.

In the 124th State House District, Board of Education member Andre Baker is trying to take out endorsed Democrat Ernie Newton in the battle of East End political bases.



  1. This has got to be one of the least exciting primaries ever. There does not seem to be any enthusiasm at all. Maybe this will be the lowest primary turnout ever experienced in the City of Bridgeport. The only excitement has come from the Moore camp shooting rockets at me from every direction over every comment I have made. Good thing for the iron dome. I have come out unscathed without any ill will toward any of my political foes. Without this blog, this primary was a real yawner. Good luck to all. Better luck to others. 🙂

  2. As a voter in the 22nd Senate District, may I ask someone to explain to me the differences between Moore and Musto? I am not inclined to vote for Musto because of his rejection of the House Bill barring city employees of Bridgeport from serving on the City Council. That being said, I would prefer to vote for someone rather than against someone. So fellow Only In Bridgeport readers, why should I vote for Moore or why should I vote for Musto? Thank you in advance!

      1. Jennifer, that was me calling the show asking about Trumbull development on Bridgeport borders and sitting down with Mayor Finch and Tim Herbst. I thought Marilyn responded as eloquent as she always is. It would have been great having a debate. I guess it wasn’t in the cards.

    1. Michael Smith, if you came on this site to get your information, Marilyn Moore is your candidate. If however you have a positive outlook for Bridgeport’s future, if you at least have respect for our Mayor, if you support Economic development, if you actually enjoy living in Bridgeport and are hopeful for its gentrification, then Musto would be your ticket. If your only issue is the Hennessy Bill, no city employees serving, vote Moore. If you see the bigger picture and believe in the future of the City, Musto must be your choice. But again, if you have come on this blog expecting to get your answer, look no further. If your head is stuck up your ass, then Moore is the way to go.

      1. Steven, I came to this site to ask for the users (who give me the impression they are informed voters in Bridgeport) for their advice and to invite an intelligent discussion about the issues. Your post was intelligent until you accused me of having my head stuck up my ass. Since when is asking people questions akin to having your head stuck up your ass? I would think it is the exact opposite.

        1. Michael Smith, no offense, but I am certain you will be offended, your question was equivalent to asking President Obama if he supports affordable healthcare. You obviously know this blog is anti-Finch and anti-Musto. Honestly, no offense but only a Moore supporter is familiar with the Hennessy Bill. So let’s be honest, you are either a Moore supporter or an idiot. I hope you are a Moore supporter because I enjoy my lone support of Musto on this blog. Of course, Michael Smith, I really don’t believe you are an idiot, just to be clear. Had there been a debate, the choice would have been crystal clear. To be honest I am most disappointed and confused as to why there was not one debate. Does anybody know why???

          1. Steven, I was aware of the Hennessy Bill prior to knowing Senator Musto was opposed to the bill. I became aware of the bill when it was making its way through the Connecticut House before heading to the Senate. I emailed Senator Musto’s office, as well as called his office, and asked for his support of the bill. I never received a response to my email or telephone call.

  3. Moore Pledges to Pilot Fair Financial Distribution of Tax Exempt Properties
    July 9, 2015 – Democratic State Senate candidate Marilyn Moore released the regarding PILOT’s impact on distressed communities like Bridgeport.
    Calling the state’s payment in lieu of taxes program a burden on citizens of distressed communities especially senior citizens and single women, Democratic State Senate candidate Marilyn Moore announced she will support legislation to fully fund communities currently receiving a fraction for tax-exempt properties under the state’s reimbursement rate.
    “The state has misplaced priorities, especially when it comes to distressed communities such as Bridgeport,” says Moore. “The state just spent $16 million of taxpayer money for a failed recruitment of a hedge fund while our citizens are having trouble staying in their homes because of high taxes. We need a fairer reimbursement to municipalities of tax-exempt properties and that starts with fully funding communities that provide services for an entire region.”
    Under Connecticut’s PILOT reimbursement program, towns receive some funds to cover revenue lost due to state tax exemptions for colleges, hospitals and state property, but the reimbursement is just a fraction of the revenue generated if those properties were not exempt.
    According to the Connecticut Office of Policy and Management, the effective reimbursement to communities for colleges and hospitals is 33 percent and 20 percent for state properties.
    “For those who say how do you pay for it, the solution is simple, let’s stop engaging in corporate welfare and focus on the long-suffering taxpayers who will benefit from fair distribution,” says Moore. The state is paying out hundreds of millions of dollars on corporate giveaways, but doesn’t have the will to do what’s right and fair on behalf of local taxpayers.”
    In Bridgeport, according to assessment records, $3.1 billion of property located in the city is tax exempt. The assessed value of colleges and hospitals is roughly $600 Million. Based on the city’s mil rate 42.198, full PILOT reimbursement to the city for colleges and hospitals would be $25 million.
    The assessed value of state properties is approximately $300 million. Full reimbursement would represent $12.5 million.
    “In Bridgeport we bear the largest costs for serving the needy while providing institutional services for the region,” says Moore.
    Under legislation that was considered in the last session of the General Assembly cities could assess colleges and hospitals for full taxes, then let the institutions receive reimbursement from the state.
    “We must reform the PILOT program because we are facing an unsustainable tax burden,” says Moore. “This has a major impact on all taxpayers but particularly seniors and single women who are forced to sell their property because they can no longer afford the taxes.”
    (Marilyn Moore is a candidate for Connecticut’s 22nd State Senate District that covers Trumbull and portions of Bridgeport and Monroe.)

  4. Following the approval of a bill by Connecticut’s General Assembly to ban the release of Sandy Hook School shooting photos, 911 call recordings and videos from the crime scene, First Selectman Timothy Herbst, along with fellow Republican chief executives of Newtown and Monroe, criticized one of the bill’s few opponents, Trumbull’s Democratic state Sen. Anthony Musto.

    Musto, who also represents Bridgeport and Monroe and lives in Trumbull, was one of two state senators who voted against the bill, saying the decision to ban the release of information could have far-reaching implications in the future. The bill passed the Senate by 33-2 and the House by 130-2.

    The final bill addresses not just the school shooting in Newtown, but all homicides in the state. The bill as approved exempts photos, video, digital or other images depicting a homicide victim from being part of the public record “to the extent that such record could reasonably be expected to constitute an unwarranted invasion of the personal privacy of the victim or the victim’s surviving family members.” The law also limits disclosure of audio recordings of 911 and law enforcement calls.

    Before the bill was passed, families of the Newtown victims went to Hartford in support of the bill, some saying they were concerned the images and other information would be used by fringe Internet bloggers and gun control activists, causing the families more pain and stress. Herbst sent out a press release last week, after the bill passed, saying he stood behind the families.

    “The people of Trumbull and Monroe have forged a strong bond with the people of Newtown,” Herbst said in the release. “Our communities were among the first to offer mutual aid. I cannot imagine the pain and anguish felt by the families of this tragedy. Trumbull lost a great resident and dedicated educator in Mary Sherlach.”

    Herbst went on to say he strongly “condemned” Musto’s decision.

    “Senator Musto’s actions are shameful, abhorrent and show a complete lack of respect for these families,” he said. “I challenge Senator Musto to look these families in the eye and tell them that it is acceptable to release the photos of the most deadly mass killing in the history of the State of Connecticut. The Psychology Department at Yale University would have a field day in studying and assessing how Senator Musto applies logic.”

      1. You’re welcome. As you can see, Steven Auerbach is a Finch suck-up and an ASSHAT! Marilyn Moore will be Bridgeport’s next Margaret Morton, and that’s a good thing!

        1. Actually Jim Fox, I believe Marilyn Moore, when she becomes Moore pro-development, will be more effective than Margaret Morton. Ms. Morton certainly was a woman of substance who paved the way for woman minorities in politics. However, I do not believe Marilyn Moore would ever be in the shadow of Margaret Morton. I may not be supporting Marilyn this time around but to be honest comparing her to Margaret Morton would be the equivalent of comparing, hmmm, there is no comparison other than they are both black women. That’s where the comparison ends. I would also like to thank Ms. Moore for her answer to my question on the television show this evening. Although it was clearly not fair and balanced, I thought Moore did a fine job. I got the impression Jennifer wanted to answer all the questions and finally, why would Musto go on the show when it is clearly biased? I thought Moore could have done without the side anti-Musto comments. She was doing fine on her own. I watched the entire show.

          1. Ron Mackey, just for the record, my respect for Finch did not stop me from supporting MJF, when she lost the primary I immediately went back to Finch, whom I supported and voted for four years earlier when Fabrizi decided he wasn’t running. Finch may have many issues and Ron Mackey, the issues you had with him may have been of a serious nature. I am not diminishing your feelings. I however believe Bridgeport would move forward easier if we didn’t hold grudges for the entire four-year term. Finch is the Mayor and he deserves a team that supports him in Hartford. If there is a candidate who can move Bridgeport forward with their own vision and not just anti-Finch, let him/her come forward. Otherwise, we the residents will sink or swim together. We all have everything to gain or lose. The lack of respect and humanity for the Mayor was apparent at the lack of kindness expressed on the blog at the passing of the Mayor’s father. It really doesn’t get more pathetic than that. Ron Mackey, at least you know when to put the negativity aside. I respect that. Everyone else, just sad.

        2. Mr. Fox, am I a Finch suck-up because I show respect for the top office in Bridgeport? It is so sad when others cannot appreciate political differences. Btw, it is not an insult to me referring to me as a Finch supporter using derogatory words. I comfortably stand alone. I obviously do not see the world through your miserable shit-stained glasses. Did I mention I am supporting Musto? If anyone has a Musto sign, please … If there is no Musto sign on my lawn in the next two days I may have to just keep Scott Hughes’ sign there until the election. Or I’ll swipe that sign in Trumbull.

          1. Steven Auerbach, you said, “Mr. Fox, am I a Finch suck-up because I show respect for the top office in Bridgeport?” Respect is something you earn, it’s not given or asked for, you earn it and Mayor Bill Finch is far away from earning respect.

          2. Ron, sorry to disagree with you. NOT … But I do respect Mayor Finch and it is so sad the level of disrespect bloggers have. I can respect your reasons for not supporting Bill Finch and I can respect your desire to find his replacement. But to consistently show a lack of respect for Mayor Finch is unwarranted. It is not like you hear Mayor Finch talking about Ron Mackey. Maybe he is … this is where Andy Fardy should chime in and hurl a few insults my way. 🙂

          3. Steve,
            There is respect, and then there’s civility. Ron is right, respect is earned. However you could potentially make a case Finch should be accorded a bit more civility. Then again, in politics you need to develop a thicker skin.

          4. Steven Auerbach, I asked you before if you ever had any dealings with Mayor Bill Finch and you said no if I remember right. Well I have, and of the past mayors Bucci, Gamin and Fabrizi, Finch is the one who will straight up and lie to you in dealing with you. Business is business and he will lie to you to get what he wants because he “thinks” everybody likes him because they say hi or shake his hand, people see with their own eyes what lies he tells. How do you respect someone like that?

  5. I was contacted by a woman from Andres Ayala’s campaign this afternoon. She called to make sure I was voting for him by mailing in my “small envelope.” I replied by asking what “small envelope?” She said, “Everyone that is voting for Andres Ayala is voting by the small envelope.” I asked, “Do you mean an absentee ballot?” She replied, “No, by the small envelope.” I explained, “There are only two ways to vote. You can go to a school and vote or you can vote by absentee ballot.” She replied, “No, everyone that is voting for Andres Ayala is voting by the small envelope.” She then stated, “You are on my list and you were supposed to get the small envelope in the mail.” I asked her, “Are you aware that there are only five specific reasons that someone can vote by mail and that what you are doing is completely illegal? You can be fined up to $5,000 and serve up to a year in prison if convicted of this felony.” I also told her I was going to file a complaint with the SEEC. The good thing is I got her name before I got immersed in our conversation. Here we have a CT State Senator using over $80,000 of taxpayer funds to pay his campaign employees to break a CT State Statute. This has to be an egregious violation of the SEEC.

  6. All these absentee ballots is upsetting. It looks like the machine is getting very desperate but with this increase in ballots I bet they will win. The opposition needs to start getting smarter with the ab ballots and do the same.

  7. What machine? I presume the campaign workers are naïve, are uninformed of the consequences of tampering with the ab’s they will stop the nonsense. When is it going to stop?

  8. We had Lydia Martinez found guilty of fooling around with AB’s and all she was fined was $500, which is chump change.
    What people in the working-class neighborhoods don’t realize is they are putting people in office who are not going to help them. Perfect example Ayala (any of them), Santiago and many council people win their offices repeatedly using AB’s to win, then they do nothing. Andres Ayala is the biggest do-nothing on the list. He will win again because of an AB scheme.


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