Federal Moolah For Bridgeport Industrial And Commercial Sites

Mechanics & Farmers
Former Mechanics & Farmers Bank undergoing renovation.

The Federal Environmental Protection Agency today (Thursday) announced roughly $750,000 in funding to help Bridgeport revitalize industrial and commercial sites “transforming them from problem properties into community assets.” The federal agency made the official announcement at the former Mechanics & Farmers bank site, 930 Main Street Downtown, that is undergoing renovation.

In 2014 Fletcher Thompson, the architectural and engineering firm, is moving back to Bridgeport from Shelton at the former M&F building. The project also includes 30 apartments going in the rear of the building. A new white energy efficient roof has been installed.

“It is very critical for a city like Bridgeport, with just 16 square miles of land, to be able to revitalize the brownfields left behind from previous generations and turn them into productive lands that create jobs and expand our tax base,” said Mayor Bill Finch in a news release issued by the EPA. “Thanks to the support of the EPA, which has been a tremendous partner to the City in our brownfield remediation efforts, we are utilizing hundreds of thousands of dollars in funds to breathe new life into the City’s historic fabric to power the new economy and the City’s future.”



  1. $750,000 from the Feds, to assist INDUSTRIAL AND COMMERCIAL SITES. What the heck? Devil in the details … I guess.
    Congress cannot get out of its own way to meet somewhere between firmly and fondly held opinions, so the economy gets more strung out, while the Federal Reserve keeps printing paper.
    Sequestration has people furloughed for periods of time, or services cut, but $$ for Bridgeport, with politicians present are still part of “showbiz!”

    What is the “hook” for these funds? Are they grants we regularly qualify for, but with a City Council election coming, the administration needs more happy-face pictures? Is it “downtown” money or “industrial” money to deal with dirty sites? How far will it go? How fast will properties so affected become bases for private, taxpaying businesses?

    I have asked questions for years about how my property taxes are spent, and the answers from the City are delayed, incomplete and dodgy at best. Who has a fuller story about the Federal dollars? Time will tell.

  2. Fantastic news! Finch is riding a great PR wave. That is great for him and the City. Just read Finch has 115,000 in his war chest. He will most likely run unopposed. Even though there are many naysayers here, there is not one potential candidate who is commenting on anything. In the event Finch was not the candidate of choice come endorsement time, what would happen to that money? Would it go to another Democratic candidate who had the ability to show they had a better vision and the ability to implement it?

          1. Kissing up? Acknowledging good news? Responding appropriately to the blog. Acknowledging the Mayor will most likely win reelection easily? If you do not agree on any of these fronts you are welcome to discuss. This will be the last time I respond to a negative comment from an anonymous blogger who vainly attempts to demean me because of your loathing of Mayor Finch. My personal support of him should not be offensive to you. This news was exciting and every time we have this kind of news, the entire city benefits. There is not one individual out there who can challenge Finch and if they are waiting for next year well they’re too late. Mayor Finch will ride the crest of positive PR as long as development happens in the City. That is my agenda. That is what I care about and as long as this continues there is nobody who can replace him. Am I being a sycophant because he is addressing my issues? Economic development is what I want. I’d also mention Chosen 1 … your handle is quite ironic … Ray Fusci and Lennie Grimaldi should either identify you or make you use your real name. People like you only instigate ill will and are not appreciated although I am not that sensitive. You are just annoying.


  3. Mayor Bill Finch, U.S. Senator Dick Blumenthal, Congressman Jim Himes and EPA Regional Administrator Curt Spalding are expected to attend.
    I know a shortcut to the event, over the Congress St. bridge. Let Himes drive.

      1. The EPA can take that $750K and stick it where the sun doesn’t shine.

        EPA let the following companies run away from their responsibility for cleaning up Bridgeport brownfields. GE, Westinghouse, Harvey Hubble, Bridgeport Brass, etc, just to name a few.
        GE dump more PCB’s in the Housatonic River the next five generations of Bridgeport families will suffer.
        Since the early 1900s, GE operated a large-scale industrial facility including the manufacturing and servicing of power transformers, defense and aerospace (ordnance) and plastics, and used numerous industrial chemicals at its Pittsfield facility. From 1932 through 1977, General Electric manufactured and serviced electrical transformers containing PCBs. Years of PCB and industrial chemical use, and improper disposal, led to extensive contamination around Pittsfield, MA as well as down the entire length of the Housatonic River.
        The Housatonic River is approximately 150 miles from its headwaters on the East Branch in Hinsdale, MA and flows through Connecticut into Long Island Sound.
        So let’s kneel down and kiss the ring of Mr. Spalding and the EPA for the $750K.

  4. Why is there even an essence of negativity about this incredibly good news for Bridgeport? Try putting a positive twist on something for a change. Congressman Himes is to be commended for his efforts rather than suggesting he drive off a bridge.

  5. No one worked harder against the mayor than you did last election.
    There are also privacy and ethics laws a blog must follow, so stop crying like a newborn.
    And finally, take your meds Steve and do try to sleep, I have 5 more hours until I’m off work and I’d hate to hear you’ve been hospitalized with heart problems.

  6. To answer your unfounded assertion I dislike the mayor, nothing could be further from the truth.
    It’s not the player I hate, it is the game.
    Do you own your own house Steve, or still live with mommy? Because homeowners know their largest investment is worthless and with taxes going up it is more worthless by the moment.
    Now Steve, I have work to do, so do try to count sheep.

    1. I own three homes, Chosen 1. All in Bridgeport. I worked on Foster’s campaign, when she lost I totally supported Finch. You had a problem with that? And why? I am in the book, my home is in the North End. Perfect health, gym four times a week, thanks for your concern. Up this late ’cause I am working at my condo by Beardsley Park trying to get it rented. I’ll be done painting in a few and heading home. I don’t get you, Chosen 1 but you’d definitely be a reason I’d stop reading the blog.

    1. yahooy, I am definitely a unique individual. Strange? Hmmm, maybe. I did finish painting at 4:30 am. Exhausted. The badinage with Chosen 1 was definitely a waste of energy. I am sure it gave a few readers a laugh or two. I still maintain anonymous bloggers get away with a lot. I am certain I will not be missed nor have my conversations with others who no longer post have been missed. We all do agree on one thing. If you have something to say, be proud to put your name on it or do not post. Being disrespectful just for the sake of being disrespectful is just wasted energy.

  7. My questions is how does this compare with every other city in CT? If, over a period of three to four years (or as long as Finch has been mayor), this is evident of Bridgeport’s outperforming Hartford, New Haven, Waterbury, Norwalk, New London, etc. then I will give the mayor credit.
    But if this is merely the same or similar to what other cities are getting then there is no need to celebrate.
    And if on a relative wealth basis, Bridgeport is still receiving less than the others, then shame on Finch, Himes and Blumenthal for celebrating something that is not worthy of a celebration.

  8. *** Time for one of the “few” Industrial site property buyer and developer businessmen who have the savvy and balls to attempt to work out and try to make deals with the city and state in order to put some of these sitting wasteland properties back on the tax rolls and make some money in the process; Sal DiNardo! *** IN THE END, IT’S JUST BUSINESS, NO? ***


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