Favorite Game In Town, Plus: Happy Bunny Rabbit

Hey all, happy bunny day. I’ll be around this weekend doing what I normally do–cooking! I’ll be checking in from time to time. See you on Monday with a new post. By the way, Anna sent me an email asking if Yahooy wants to join her for a joyous Easter dinner at Testo’s. Who’s gonna be the taste tester!

In this weekend of rest and resurrection, it’s time to reminisce about the future. You think the local elections are over? Baby, we’re just warming up!

The rebirth of Mario Testa as Democratic town chair offers a fascinating twist to upcoming local races for the state legislature. Whatever it is you like or dislike about Mario he’s involved in races one way or another. And if there’s an early lesson in the early term of Mayor Bill Finch one thing is clear–don’t expect a lot of help from the new mayor. His current support does not translate into votes and guess what, a likely tax increase in a few months won’t help matters either.

So, here we go, Democratic primary races. Oh, momma, I can’t wait for this one: Auden Grogins, the blonde banshee from Black Rock and former member of the city council and board of education, is poised to take on long-time state representative rockin’ Robert Keeley, that oversized leprechaun with the mischievous mind. I’m still thinking they’d have a pretty good mud wrestling match at Matty’s Corner, owned by Black Rock District Leader Danny Roach, whose votes put Mario over the top the other night. Auden has a tall task taking on the rapid one. Auden’s out there working and raising moolah, and I understand her dog Harold is urging all the Black Rock kitties to vote.

North End State Rep. Jack Hennessy, a disciple of State Rep. Chris Caruso, is heading into the Lyon’s Den. Or is it the other way around? Michelle Lyons, a hardworking campaigner with a tight following, must pull a mighty vote from Winthrop School to pull this out. Lyons worked hard for Tom Mulligan in his loss to Republican Rob Russo to fill Finch’s state senate seat. Russo won Winthrop.

What’s City Councilman Richard Paoletto going to do? A number of pols have urged him to challenge the spirited Chris Caruso. If Caruso’s busy in his own primary it will be that much harder for him to help the state reps that supported him for mayor such as Hennessy and Keeley. But I don’t think Paoletto will run to take one for the team. I think he’ll run if he thinks he has a chance.

Rob Russo, who received 60 percent of the overall vote last week, is the new state senator representing Trumbull and parts of Bridgeport and Monroe. The jockeying has begun to find a Democratic challenger. I don’t think it will be Mulligan, a prince of a guy, who got thumped. I think that wily City Council President Tom McCarthy’s gonna make a play. I’d tell you for sure if I could get the sonuva gun on the phone! Lennie’s calling, duck! But, hey, Big Mac, Finch’s gotten off to such a wonderful start as mayor maybe you’ll want to stick around as council president. City Councilman Bob Curwen is also another name floating around for state senate. And Trumbull might put up a candidate.

What have I missed? What’s the skinny on a challenger for State Rep. Andres Ayala whose town committee slate got clipped a few weeks ago?

Hector Diaz, where are you? Cougar Rodgerson? You’ve been quiet.

Got a call on Thursday from my old pal Mike Daly, managing editor of the Connecticut Post, who just returned from a vacation. Jeez, he says, it’s like a time warp. I come back and you’re on the front page, Ganim’s taking the fifth and Mario’s town chairman. Egad!

I spent 45 minutes on Jim Buchanan’s radio show on WICC Thursday morning chatting about local politics. Several webzine readers called in. Thanks to everyone supporting the webzine. We’ve had thousands of page visits in the first week!



  1. I believe that all of our State Reps & Senators should be replaced. I would like to see someone other than that dumbass Auden Grogins running against Keeley. There is a women that just does not have a clue.
    We need to get people in there that care about getting Bridgeport its just due in Pilot monies and educational funds.
    Reynoso is more concerned about getting illegals drivers licences and discounts at State Colleges than he is in helping Bpt. By the way has anyone seen him around Bridgeport?
    Ayala a pompous ass who took a beating in the TC primary. Did nothing as council president and did nothing in first term in Hartford. To the 137th: come up with someone other than Lydia Martinez.
    Clemons: A complete zero who has done absoulutely nothing for his district. Did nothing while on the Fire department and has carried the do-nothing mantra over to his State Rep seat.
    Caruso: Big concern with ethics (what a joke); has done nothing for Bridgeport, brought in no money. Made too many enemies in Hartford. If Paolletta is the challenger he will have to get off his ass and campaign.
    Hennesey: Who the hell is he and where has he been? Other than being Caruso’s coffee bitch what has he done? NOTHING.
    Michele Lyons: great candidate and should win.
    Gomes: Blustery BS artist who said he would only serve one term. Has forgotten that he serves all of the people and not just one group.
    Russo: New at the job. McCarthy would be wise to stay where he is as there is a chance he will be mayor before moonbeam’s term is up.
    Curwen: Wants every job and wants every office not willing to put in the work. I don’t see him as a serious candidate.

  2. In my dealings with Mr. Ayala I see him as an honest politician who tries to do the right thing in a dirty, dirty city … hmmm … an honest politician … there is one left!

  3. ON THE bottom left of this blog, under “Politics” is a link to the websites of Bridgeport’s Mayor and (for some of us) our current State Senator–both are outdated and misleading. It’s like practicing your mistakes!

    Part of public blogging is pointing these things out. However, I have made more mistakes than anyone here and seemingly have a monopoly on bad judgment.

    Citizens of Bridgeport are underrated in their ability to produce a homemade product that can eclipse anything made in a factory. Well, um, uh, er …

    Warning: I brake for Easter Bunnies and the people that chase them.

  4. donj – I believe the primary will be early next Sept. and I’ll be supporting Keeley. It’s a little early to get into the heavy duty campaigning but I would like to make one point. Keeley is a senior legislator with a close relationship with Speaker of the House Jim Amann.

    What type of a relationship will the person who knocks him out of the office (be it Grogins or whoever) have with the Speaker? Say what you will about Keeley, but he does have Amann’s ear. I think Bpt. Dems need to think long and hard about replacing Keeley with someone who has no seniority and little or no political clout with the Speaker or any of the leadership.

    This is especially true when the primary reason the DTC may go after Keeley is because of his support for Caruso and opposition to Finch. With Finch’s stock at an all-time low and heading lower everyday, is this a good reason to try to dump a long-time incumbent legislator?

    Personally, I think not. But if the DTC does decide to try and oust Keeley, he will be ready for the fight and I will be there with him.

  5. I agree with John from Black Rock regarding Keeley.

    Challenges for Auden, Michelle and Rich is how and do they distance themselves from Finch. Auden is joined at the hip with Bill. Roach is compromised with weak showing in town chair race. The other thing is as councilpeople Michelle and Rich have to run having to raise taxes. Finch is in a period of srong stagflation. Don’t know if he can recover in time for August primary season.

    I don’t think Bill is in a recession after his latest string of losses. He’s probably in a political depression

  6. TOM KELLY like you said the candidate should def have some distance between them and the Mayor, AUDEN doesn’t have an inch of space!!! LYONS I’m not sure how much space is there but she could make some if needed!!! And don’t you think with the town chairman vote PAOLETTO has already setting a tone against the MAYOR??? I heard he threw out a bunch of f-bombs at the MAYOR and isn’t too happy right now!!! He better watch they don’t put gps in his city car!!!

  7. I don’t see Auden Grogins getting the support of the TC. She is a loser and her position taken a while back on the 2 death-penalty cases won’t help her. I am no big Keeley fan but in this case i would support Keeley. Keeley is the consummate campaigner and knows how to get the vote out.
    The mayor should stay out of this and concentrate on getting his ship righted and headed in the right direction. He should leave the politics to people that know how to play; he has shown he can’t play politics.
    The mayor has two key positions to fill in Economic Development and Public Facilities. He also has many empty commission seats to fill.

  8. Mario will be smart enough to stay away from contests with Caruso, Hennessy, and Keeley … He was humiliated by Caruso in 1998, and he will be humiliated even worse if he attempts three such contests simultaneously–even Hennessy has much more support in the 127th than any of the candidates the DTC can offer–especially the vapid, albeit “nice”, Michelle Lyons. Keeley is as untouchable as Caruso in his district … Any assault against any combination of those three is something that Mario is too smart to risk.

    The Bridgeport DTC is Mario’s through divide-and-conquer tactics–a game at which he’s the undisputed king … But that doesn’t give him much power against incumbents in districts that are solidly behind them …

    If Mario can get a viable candidate to bump Russo in November, he’ll be operating at maximum potency … (I haven’t heard any viable names mentioned yet … McCarthy couldn’t even beat Hennessy, and now he’s been irrevocably damaged by his idiotic Council initiatives and his lap-dog relationship with Finch …)

    The has-beens, never-beens, and wannabes that are ecstatic over Mario’s “return” need to realize that he is not, and never has been listening to them …

    The good news about our present state of affairs is that the Bridgeport chessboard is now set up for an FBI checkmate …

  9. More Democratic Primaries? Is there a better way to get rid of most elected, Machine handpicked and low-quality Bleaders? Andres Ayala would be the only one I’d give the green light to continue. No, Andres did not get a beating in the DTC race. He is just starting to break in his engine and his uncle is already pouring sugar in his gas tank. Fine, Tito. You won the Town Committee race, be happy with that and allow the experienced leaders to continue maturing. Reinoso, has proven to be a “Baboso” who has NEVER met with the citizens of the 130th. district (state rep.). But has been seen plenty of times in Danbury defending illegal immigrants (Federal issue) spreading all over Fairfield County. No, he has not been seen here, because he does not live here in the district. As one of the Democrats who supported and helped Reinoso achieve his political ambitions, I apologize to the residents of the 130th district. As for Auden Grogins, I served with her in the City Council and I assure you all that she is truly a YES woman and a main link in the Joe Ganim powerhouse. Thanks to her you will probably never see Spanish food sold in the parks or anywhere close to them, but you will see the illegal Ice Cream folks selling their goods everywhere without any enforcement of the Auden Grogins ordinance. I was close to beating her on that one, but the YES folks ruled. I did get her back when Joe Ganim pushed for her to be the Council President and with a bluff convinced the majority to support Fabrizi. Sorry for that one too. Keeley is a good guy. I like him, but he needs to grow Bigger Balls, challenge and oppose those in Black Rock, if they come after your seat, go after theirs. Keeley must open his eyes and realize how much his district is changing and represent the district as a whole. Example, money for Ellsworth Park repair. But, none for the P.T. Park with no bathroom facilities. Caruso, will win and Hennessy too.
    The Alex Conroy trial, the tax breaks and increase combo will only hurt those tied to the Machine that created them. Mulligan is a good example of this. Don’t count out the REPUBLICANS!!!

  10. Joel

    Try to lay off the exLax before you post on this blog. I hate to say it, but I don’t have the attention span to muddle through all of your incessant bullshit.

  11. OK john from Black Rock and also do you think in the November election that over 2,000 people will vote there or not … do you know how many people are registered to vote there???

  12. Joel–please stop advocating Republicans unless you are planning to become one … you’ve always been a Democrat, but now it appears you are supporting and advocating Republicans far too often. As far as challenges to Hennessy/Caruso, it will happen and I’ve never known Mario to sit back and just watch. Their future as state reps is in peril; however, I’m sure Keeley will retain his seat.

  13. This is a littl off the subject but can someone tell me why Beardsley park is closed so often. Since Fabrizi appointed Charlie Carroll to head the park department it seems that beardsley is closed 1 or 2 days every week.
    i went there today easter Saturday with my grand kids only to find the park closed. Its 50 degrees and sunny. What is the excuse this time.
    Moonbeam you live across the street how about getting Carroll to do his job.
    Fabrizi thanks for this loser

  14. “By the way, Anna sent me an email asking if Yahooy wants to join her for a joyous Easter dinner at Testo’s. Who’s gonna be the taste tester!”

    Lennie. Please express my gratitude to Anna for her gracious invitation. It wouldn’t work out. I use utensils … she doesn’t.

  15. Yahooy, your sister finished up the last batch of exlax and made Yahoo exlax chocolate milk with it. I hope your sense of smell is better than your attention span, good luck smelling her incessant shit. You enjoy my writing, what bothers you about it is that you (Even with sister’s help) can’t come up with any sensible argument against it. I’ll admit i’ve enjoyed telling you this. So when you see the 12 letters in bold, skip everything below them. I don’t give a shit what you personally think of my or any one elses writing. This site is not called onlyinyahooy. P.S. Open your windows! it will help with the smell.

  16. Bruce Hubler

    You and Yahooy have hit the nail on the head. It’s not just Bob Scinto who values their investment dollars too greatly to even consider one dollars worth of investment so long as Mario Testa is calling the shots. It’s even worse that Bill Finch is at the titular helm. In addition to all of the other problems this town has, we have a mayor who is intellectually challenged as well. So is George W. Look at what a mess that guy has done to the world.

    I see the solution as identifying passive voters and getting them to the polls. If we don’t, the same old people will vote in the same old people.

    Your relationship with Scinto is another reason why you should be mayor next time. Drop into Rick’s place for coffee some time. I think you’ll see that your name is as popular as his double egg with bacon on a toasted Portuguese roll.

    Happy Easter.

  17. This appeared in today’s Post.

    “The CAO (Chief Administrative Officer Nunn) runs day to day operations in Bridgeport, supervising nearly 1,500 employees and coordinating departments, from finance to purchasing to tax collections and garbage pickup. When a problem erupts, a project needs to be pursued, a union contract must be negotiated, or a new budget has to be cobbled together, the CAO takes the lead, organizing staff, setting goals and making recommendations to the mayor.”

    It’s a good thing. Moonbeam couldn’t handle any of those jobs. BTW….except for manipulating the political scenario, just what is it that Finch does for this city. I know!! He hangs out with Fabrizi every day. They both just travel through the streets trying to figure out where their office are. No, John, it’s not on Fairfield Avenue.

  18. A few more reasons Andres Ayala is a great politician for Bridgeport…….Steel Point passed under his watch as council prez, Jim Amannn called him the rising star in CT politics in a Sunday post article, and when the ballots ran out at Marin school a few weeks ago and many people turned away from voting….he never said a word and didn’t cry in the spilt milk…….a good man indeed!!

  19. I remember on the night of the Steel Point Vote Ayala was aginst it and also made a rambling speech in Spanish that did not coincide with what he said in English, Just a reminder English is the official language in the US.. Ayala thought he was bigger than everyone else.
    BTW an endorsement from Amman is no big deal he also supported Caruso instead of the party candidate Finch

  20. Ayala voted against Steel Point in the end because of his feeling that the city could do better on the financial end than what they ended up settling for…..the land was worth way more than what the city gave it away for.

  21. I see his vote as a contrary vote playing into the Acorn groups thinking. I really dont think he was asking for momoney. if anything he wanted more low income housing.

  22. In all due respect to your opinion…it’s true he mentioned the low income housing but……the main reason for his no vote was he felt the city was giving away prime real estate and could have done much better financially….as much as $6 million better.

  23. ACORN??? give me a break. Amann also supported Caruso’s candidacy because he and all the other legislators along with the governor were hoping and praying he’d become mayor so they could get rid of him and his antics in Hartford.

  24. No politics today, just a sincere desire to see Bridgeport experience a re-birth, in keeping with the season of new beginnings.

    On this glorious sunny day, I watched several children scampering from one place to another finding eggs on our church lawn. Now this should have been a white steeple Norman Rockwell moment, however if candy and boiled eggs are involved forget it. Some of the larger boys were pushing by a kewpie doll faced girl with large sad eyes and an empty pink and yellow basket. She was too timid and little to keep up with most of the other cherubs, decked out in clip on ties, glittery headbands running over each other, They continued their hunt even if they had full baskets. I didn’t have a pony in the race but, I couldn’t take the look on that kewpie doll face and her eyes brimming with tears. As I started to walk over a young boy, 3 maybe four years old, with only a few things in his basket give the little girl a bit of his candy and an egg. She didn’t know what to make of it and seemed to realize for the first time she had an empty basket and began to cry and the little boy got scared and ran away. (I bet you thought there’d be a better ending. By this time parents with dark circles under their eyes had corralled some of the egg-hoarding offenders. I went up to the mom of the little boy who shared his candy and told her what a loving heart her little boy had to share his basket. Around that same time an older boy, about (8) looking like a wild haired ruffian, with torn pants and shirt untucked, ran over with his basket overflowing. The mother rolled her eyes and told the older one to give the younger one some of his candy. To which the boy responded, “no way,” and a minor fight ensued, with the little boy kicking his older brother. I sort of sidled away at that point thinking oh yeah, this is real life. In the end the little girl’s father finally realized what was going on and took her hand to find whatever treasure was left in the bushes.

    The point is, there is no point. Everyone has good and bad in them, sometimes people get confused and defensive when others are trying to help them and sometimes the little guy gets really pissed and kicks the bigger guy, even if he knows he’ll probably get the worst end of the deal. But at that defining moment, with his eyes ablaze and rosy checks, he seemed completely gratified to have stood his ground and lash out at injustice.

  25. hey did anybody join the protest in Black Rock protesting the war? Well this is what the war has cost Bridgeport Ct…
    Taxpayers in Bridgeport, Connecticut have paid $335.9 million for the Iraq War thus far. For the same amount of money, the following could have been provided:

    * 110,994 People with Health Care OR
    * 414,783 Homes with Renewable Electricity OR
    * 6,628 Public Safety Officers OR
    * 4,497 Music and Arts Teachers OR
    * 40,175 Scholarships for University Students OR
    * 13 New Elementary Schools OR
    * 1,609 Affordable Housing Units OR
    * 128,982 Children with Health Care OR
    * 46,633 Head Start Places for Children OR
    * 4,638 Elementary School Teachers OR
    * 4,083 Port Container Inspectors

    So vote Himes at Black Rock school.

  26. And Himes is going to do What about the war. I will answer that he is going to be able to do squat. We have a democratically controlled congress and they cant do anything. Obama & Clinton both state that they can not just up and bring the troops home on a moments notice. If all you listed can be done why wasnt any of it done before we went into Iraq 5 years ago. I do like the list and we can accomplish that list by cutting subsidies to big oil and to farm interests. I do believe that it is time to set a timetable for leaving Iraq and I also believe that it is time for them to be payin for this war. But its not as simple as electing Himes to congress.

  27. No, it’s not as simple as just electing Jim Himes to Congress. But getting Chris Shays out of Congress is probably the single most concrete thing we here in the 4th Congressional district can do to start bringing this war to an end.

    Shays was a cheerleader for the Bush administration’s ill advised invasion of Iraq from day one. As anti war sentiment has grown, he has hemmed and hawed about a timetable for withdrawal. But the bottom line is, he is now supporting a guy who sees us in Iraq for the next hundred years. The man does not have a clue as to what to do about Iraq and needs to be voted out of office in November. The stronger the democratic majority is in Congress the better our chances are for ending this hideous war.

  28. John from BR – I totally agree, its time for Shays to go. He obviously has a serious case of hero worship for George Bush the war-monger. I’ve lost all respect for Shays at this point, and its irretrievable. I’m prepred to work diligently for whoever challenges his seat. Hope you had a nice Easter.

  29. No, Charlie Brown. I am not the fat man, as you suggest. I like Chris as a person although I no longer support his political agendas. I believe his terribly managed primary and ill advised post primary court antics have completely destroyed any chance he has for a future in Bridgeport and Connecticut politics. But, you are completely wrong when you say that he is sole responsible for Bob Scinto not developing properties in Bridgeport. Read the March 2007 article in which Scinto states that the ONLY way he would consider investing in the development of Bridgeport is if Caruso prevailed in the mayoral election. Why? Scinto further states that he has never had cause to doubt Caruso’s integrity. Nor have I. If you are going to pontificate. Don’t make things up. Al you succeed in doing is feeding the Pollyannas with fodder they don’t need in their quest to beatify Finch and the Machine.

  30. Mons. Aboost-

    I just pulled this off of Caruso’s campaign website. I’d love to see the article you cite. Please tell me upon which windmill it is posted, s’il vous plait…

    “The most destructive and offensive of these developments is Robert Scinto’s 45 Lindeman Drive, bordering the Lake Forest section of Bridgeport and threatening the neighborhood and its lake, and all points in Bridgeport downstream, all the way to the Pequonnock River, with water pollution, traffic, and extremely-dangerous flood run-off.”

    C’est un “ringing endorsement”, no?

    Peut etre Monseiur Hubler could make comment?

    Mons Aboost-Quelle merde!

  31. Claude, you re-read the article. There is no animist between Caruso and Scinto. Caruso correctly pointed out the deficiencies in Scinto’s proposed project. He discussed them with Bob. As an elected representative, Caruso has the responsibility to protect his constituency. Caruso, unlike other deomcrats in this town, never suggested to Scinto that a “tribute” placed in the right hands my soften Caruso’s position. Scinto respects that. Pisses him off? Sure. But he still maintains, to this hour, that Caruso would bring more development into Bridgeport by the BEST of the BEST because they would be assured of a fair deal without the infamous…”Pay to Play” genre of the passed thirty years. Scinto has the same love hate relationship in Fairfield where he has been allowed to develop some pristine properties while denied the development of others that would have a negative impact on the population. Quelle Merde to you, you simple minded fart.

  32. I want to read the March 2007 article. And where might I find that article, Monseiur.

    “he still maintains, to this hour, that Caruso would bring more development into Bridgeport by the BEST of the BEST because they would be assured of a fair deal without the infamous…”Pay to Play” genre of the passed thirty years.”

    Hmmm…je pense que tu est tres faux, Mons. Encouler…ahem, Aboost!


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