Family Seeks Justice For Firefighter Struck By Hit-And-Run Driver

News 12 reporter Frank Recchia provides an update on Bridgeport firefighter Eric McCalla who was struck by a hit-and-run driver while crossing Stratford Avenue after watching a fireworks display June 28th.

The 12-year fire veteran and father of two children has undergone three surgeries after being critically injured.

His family met with Police Chief AJ Perez who says video surveillance will help bring closure to the case.

Check out Recchia’s report.



  1. Why hasn’t Mayor Ganim made a statement about this public servant being run over and asking for the public’s help in finding this Hit and Run driver. Why hasn’t Fire Chief Richard Thode made a statement about one of his men being run over by a Hit and Run driver while asking for the public’s assistance in the apprehension of this person. Why is a Deputy Chief sitting at this meeting and not Chief Thode or is one of his men not that important that he couldn’t take time away from his daily business of kissing the ass of David Dunn?

    Why did the Chief Perez lead police department wait two days before they initiated a real investigation while waiting to see how Serious Firefighter’s McCalla’s injuries were as if that mattered even though he was run over by a Hit and Run driver? Malfeasance and Misfeasance are what the people of Bridgeport can expect from the Mayor, the Fire Chief and the Police Chief because not one of them have a damn clue.

  2. Ron Mackey says:
    July 3, 2019 at 12:20 pm
    Around 11:18 p.m. Friday, June 28, police department patrol officers responded for a report of a serious crash at the intersection of Stratford Avenue and East Main Street. On Sunday, June 30, the Bridgeport Police Traffic Division was notified of the seriousness of the victim’s injuries and has since taken the lead on the investigation. It is unclear Tuesday night if the victim remains hospitalized. This story was not mention in the media until July 2. This is A HIT AND RUN CRIME and you would think that the police would want as much information involving this crime from the public who could have been in that area during time that this crime was committed by asking for the public’s help by letting the media know about this crime. Where is the concern from Mayor Ganim, he has said nothing publicly. Fire Chief Thode did go to all of the firehouses on Saturday to tell the firefighters about the condition of this firefighter, that the procedure was successful but he was still in critical condition. There nothing to in the media from the fire chief concerning one of his member’s and what the help is Police Chief AJ Perez doing concerning this crime. This whole incident has been handle wrong. Our prayers for a speedy recovery for our brother.

    My post above was made July 3, 2019 at 12:20 pm after OIB post information from Ch. 12, well Donnie and myself were aware of this crime on June 28 and we knew the critical condition that Eric McCalla was in at that time. We asked Lennie right away if he was aware of this crime and he said no but he would look into it. What a clown show starting with Fire Chief Thode, Police Chief Perez and Mayor Ganim, there as NO LEADERSHIP, NO CONCERN from all three. A crime as committed and the driver who hit Eric McCalla needs to found, arrested and bought on charges of this crime BUT Fire Chief Thode, Police Chief Perez and Mayor Ganim made NO effort to ask the public for their help instead they decided to “GO SILENT” and not inform the media and the residents of Bridgeport for their assistances. As taxpayers and voters in Bridgeport we need to know why Fire Chief Thode, Police Chief Perez and Mayor Ganim acted in a disgraceful way to Eric McCalla’s family and the residents of Bridgeport with the way Bridgeport firefighter, Eric McCalla was ivolved in a hit and run and they didn’t seek the public’s help in helping to find this criminal.


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