Fabs Says No To Mayoral Run

Fabs in Rome
Former Mayor Fabrizi loved his time in bella Italia.

Uninspiring poll numbers, the dread of raising campaign cash and the reelection of Dan Malloy as governor have all contributed to former Mayor John Fabrizi declining a bid for the job he occupied from April of 2003 through November of 2007.

Retired from the Board of Education, Fabs has taken several months to reflect on a possible challenge of Mayor Bill Finch who replaced him in office. Fabs formed an exploratory committee for mayor last summer raising funds to commission a public poll to test his voter standing and measure it against Finch.

The poll reflected Fabs’ likability among voters but when measured against Finch in a head-to-head match-up he was not encouraged by the result in light of the labor-intensive process involved to raise money to compete against a well-financed incumbent.

“I loved being mayor,” he says, “but I’m also in a good place in my life.” He’s enjoying early retirement including a recent trip to Italy where he toured Rome and Florence among other areas of the country.

He added the Finch administration has a number of initiatives teed up including the Steel Point redevelopment of the East Side that would make it more daunting and the reelection of a governor who was boosted by the city on Tuesday.

Fabs says he’s not prepared to endorse anyone else for mayor at this time.

With the gubernatorial election now over, political operatives will segue to the municipal cycle next year when Finch seeks a third four-year term.

Those considering a challenge of Finch include school board member Howard Gardner, retired police officer David Daniels, and former mayoral candidates Bob Keeley, Charlie Coviello and John Gomes, all of whom lack experience raising a six-figure warchest required to wage a competitive contest.

Someone who has that experience raising money is 2011 Finch primary opponent Mary-Jane Foster who has not announced her intentions. Some of her supporters say she’s not acting like a candidate.

Former Mayor Joe Ganim schmoozed political operatives and voters in front of polling precincts on Tuesday. Will he run? Ganim, a calculating political analyst, is showing his face to determine his viability for a comeback.

On the Republican side, Black Rock councilman Rick Torres is considering a third run for the mayoralty.



  1. I agree, MJF is not acting like a candidate. Perhaps the University of Bridgeport is weighing in. I made several efforts to gain access to the UB student body. I was told in order for me to be able to have access, I had to wait for UB to contact the other candidates. If they had any interest in the South End or UB, they would have contacted UB. Very shitty process there. In the future I will seek input and advice from Mayor Bill Finch and other candidates before prematurely supporting anyone or any cause.

    Again, Joe Ganim has many supporters out there. When I mentioned the fact Ezequiel Santiago works for the Finch administration, the voters spewed their vitriol. When I mentioned Joe Ganim, every one of them said, “Joe Ganim did great things.” I asked if they’d support him if he ran again and everyone said, “yes.”

    Maybe Fabrizi could donate his funds to Joe Ganim. Unless he plans to endorse Bill Finch again.

    1. Joel Gonzalez, you said, “when I mentioned the fact Ezequiel Santiago works for the Finch administration, the voters spewed their vitriol,” so why did he win in a runaway? And how many votes did you get?

      1. Joel got a big whopping 69 votes. Yet he still has delusions of grandeur. I don’t believe the voters spewed their vitriol, if that were the truth, Mr. Santiago wouldn’t have had such an overwhelming victory.

    2. Joel–you are not only full of yourself, but full of crap as well. 69 votes says it all. I can’t imagine how the voters felt when you started peppering them with questions regarding the other candidate or above all, Joe Ganim. How did he fit into the scheme of things?

  2. It could be early for Fabrizi to throw in the towel. Although there is currently money in the Finch war chest and some great initiatives, they could all be eclipsed by sexual harassment lawsuits and coverups. This could sink Finch’s ship and open the door for anyone to challenge and crush future aspirations. The Mayor has control of this situation and can nip it in the bud or let it sink his ship. A little competition is a good thing and I am not talking about candidates who do not have chance. On the surface, Finch has the wind in his sails. Digging deeper there are many things that could sink his ship. A wise man would address these issues before they become cancer. As for John Fabrizi, I wouldn’t count him out just yet.

  3. I do not share information with low-level,anonymous individuals nor am I looking to disparage the Finch administration. I am just addressing current events that have monopolized News 12 every 30 minutes as well as WICC and the Connecticut Post.

    1. Steve,
      What about ‘coverups’ News12, WICC and the CT Post do not cover because to do so would lose them the ability to have access to the other stories about ‘lower level’ seemingly inexpensive issues that do not threaten the structure of Finch team governance? If there are such issues out there, are they so scary they must be denied? Are people curious about scandalous behavior but unwilling to become informed on City processes? What do people want their tax dollars to cover? What programs and services do they want for their kids today, and for themselves when they are even more vulnerable? What are conflicts of interest in too many City activities doing to fair, balanced and representative governance? Time will tell.

  4. Finch is done, I look for him to find his way into the Malloy safety net somehow and one of Malloy and Stafstrom’s friends will run for Mayor.
    If Andres Ayala Jr. doesn’t want to run, then Stafstrom and Malloy will find someone else, kind of like years ago when Stafstrom found Bill Finch.

    1. Yes, you can! And if elected you can keep both jobs and both salaries. Just tell your people you will donate one salary to charity and send each one of them $600. Then promise a chicken in every pot. Easy.


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