Eneida Versus Andre Showdown For State House

East End City Councilwoman Eneida Martinez will host her first fundraiser Tuesday night in her quest to defeat veteran State Rep. Andre Baker in an August primary.

Connecticut 124th Assembly District has four precincts: Dunbar, Harding, Beardsley and JFK. As a single town district, Democratic Town Committee members in the district will decide the endorsement in May.

Martinez is a robust campaigner who was part of a cadre of East End pols who delivered large wins for Mayor Joe Ganim during his four victories over John Gomes in the extended mayoral cycle. As duality goes this is a fire-versus-ice matchup: Martinez, a spirited worker who gives as good as she takes, against the restrained funeral home director. Prior to winning the State House seat 10 years ago Baker served for two years on the Board of Education.

State Rep. Andre Baker

To start, this race will be more about personal relationships to churn out a vote than compelling issues although Martinez has faced controversy including allegations she broke pandemic restrictions at a social club she managed. A judge recently denied a special pretrial probation program for the charges. She was also among a number of pols in both campaign camps featured in surveillance video during the absentee ballot drop box imbroglio.

Still, these situations have not appeared to blemish her standing with constituents. Martinez has a reputation for responsive constituency work.

Martinez is participating in Connecticut’s Citizens Election Program of publicly funded races. Under the rules the campaign must raise $5,800 with contributions limits of $5 to $320 from 150 residents of Bridgeport to receive a grant of $36,500.

The other high profile legislative race so far is in the 23rd Senate District. Martinez’s council partner Ernie Newton has launched a challenged of freshman State Senator Herron Gaston. As a multi-town district delegates to the state convention next month will decide the endorsement with Gaston the heavy favorite. Newton, however, can qualify for a primary with 15 percent delegate support. In lieu of that he can qualify via arduous petition signatures.





  1. What the fluck is going on, come on Lennie!? We can’t find any dirt on Baker / Gaston, not even a traffic ticket for passing a school bus, Cremating the wrong person?!


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