Education Chief Pryor Expelled, Recruited Vallas To City

Stefan Pryor
Stefan Pryor

The state education chief whose school reform policies caused much agita among public school teachers and lobbied the hiring of Paul Vallas as Bridgeport school leader is saying sayonara. From the Hartford Courant:

Stefan Pryor, the controversial state education commissioner, will leave his post and is “actively seeking new professional opportunities,” according to Gov. Dannel P. Malloy’s office.

Pryor informed the governor Monday that he will not serve a second term. “Having served for nearly three fulfilling years as commission’s current term and to pursue new professional opportunities,” Pryor said. “Because I believe it’s important to communicate my decision proactively to the governor and the public, I am doing so now.”

Vallas on horse
Pryor brought Paul Vallas to Bridgeport who rode in and rode out to become a candidate for lieutenant governor in Illinois.

The announcement indicated Pryor’s move was his own choice. But a prominent Malloy critic said the truth is Malloy has decided to “send … Pryor packing”–in an election-year attempt to distance the governor from Pryor, and reconcile with public school teachers alienated by both Pryor and the Malloy administration’s education policies.

“It’s a late and overdue political maneuver to try desperately to convince teachers, parents and public school advocates to vote for him,” said the critic, Jonathan Pelto, an independent candidate for governor who is trying to petition his way onto the November ballot.

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  1. I think Pryor sees the writing on the wall. Malloy is on his way out so Pryor would be gone one way or another. The rest of the story is just Pelto’s wishful thinking.

  2. Vallas, Finch and Pryor is like putting Bernie Madoff, Willie Sutton and Bugs Moran in charge of our BOE!

    SHIT, WE DID!!!

    Who’s next, the Irish Mafia? McCarthy, McCluster and Mulligan?

  3. I don’t think he is desperate, he is just doing what he needs to do. Pryor does not make Malloy popular, so you ditch him. That’s the way the game goes. It’s not personal, that’s what you do, any questions? Why does everyone seem surprised? Let’s stop kidding ourselves that the public only votes during elections. The public votes through the media, blogs, comments, letters to the editor, and so it did not take an election to have him remove Pryor.

  4. I’m willing to wage a $100 bet the Connecticut Education Association will now formally endorse Malloy. I am confident the CEA let Malloy know in order for them to endorse Malloy, he had to agree to wave goodbye to his puppet, Pryor. Now the CEA will use this to justify endorsing Malloy. The CEA is completely tone-deaf if they think this is going to placate the vast majority of their members.


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