Eat This! Obsitnik Campaign Smacks Himes–DiNardo Smacks Back

The dueling campaign releases are now coming in earnest between operatives for Democratic Congressman Jim Himes and his Republican opponent Steve Obsitnik. See punch and counter-punch below starting with Obsitnik:

Obsitnik Fact Check. Claim: Jim Himes thinks Steve Obsitnik is behind in fundraising compared to the Republican in 2010.

Fact Check: “The truth is Jim Himes is getting nervous,” said Steve Obsitnik. “He is $400,000 behind this same point in 2010, while our campaign is $150,000 ahead of the last Republican candidate. This narrower gap of $550,000 signifies that people are less inclined to support Jim Himes’ stimulus spending policies that are hurting the people we care about in our district. This election is about opportunity and jobs and I looking forward to a robust debate with my opponent. It is time to have a representative in Washington, DC instead of Washington’s representative in Connecticut.”

Democratic State Party Chair Nancy DiNardo responds:

Obsitnik Undecided on “Everything But His Sandwich Order” Weak campaign continues to struggle

After a poor showing in the second quarter fundraising reports, Steve Obsitnik’s campaign continues to sputter. Despite capturing the nomination and avoiding a primary, voters still have no idea where Obsitnik stands on any of the important issues facing the nation. Throughout countless stops on his “Sandwich Tour,” Obsitnik has yet to provide voters with a clear picture of how he plans to vote if elected to Congress.

“We know his father was a big Republican donor, we know he bragged about moving jobs to upstate New York rather than keeping them in Connecticut, and we know he likes sandwiches, but Steve Obsitnik’s plans, if he ever gets to Congress, are a mystery,” said Nancy DiNardo, Chairwoman of the Connecticut Democratic Party. “The distinction between the two candidates is clear: Jim Himes, a leader with a detailed vision for the future, and a candidate who can’t decide on anything but his sandwich order.”

While Congressman Himes continues to share his detailed positions on issues affecting residents of Connecticut’s Fourth District, his opponent speaks in platitudes without providing any substantive policy stances. Steve Obsitnik’s own website contains no explanation of the policies he would advocate in Congress, and in news reports and public appearances, he has so far failed to provide any solutions to the challenges America faces.

“Voters won’t support a candidate they can’t trust, and if Obsitnik continues to hide his positions, and pad his fundraising report, he’ll never gain any traction,” DiNardo said. “His weak second quarter fundraising reports paint a pretty clear picture of the trouble he’s having connecting with voters.”



  1. Everybody needs to listen to Nancy DiNardo. She knows it all. We are lucky the Connecticut Democratic Party is run by her. She has a long history of doing good for the people of this state. Right?


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