Does Big Mac Want It Moore Than Marilyn? City Council President To Enter Race For State Senate

City Council President Tom McCarthy receives oath for new two-year term council seat. He’s hoping the next time he raises his hand it’s for state senate.

City Council President Tom McCarthy says he will take on freshman State Senator Marilyn Moore in an August Democratic primary, setting the stage for what is shaping up as a hot summer legislative election season. Moore upset McCarthy ally incumbent Anthony Musto in a primary two years ago on her way to a general election win.

Connecticut’s 22nd State Senate District is among the most diverse in the state featuring an eclectic stew of voters from about one-third of Bridgeport, all of Trumbull and a portion of Monroe. It was the seat Bill Finch occupied for about seven years before he became mayor in 2007, replaced for 10 months by Republican Rob Russo in a special election until Musto reclaimed the seat for Democrats riding the coattails of Barack Obama’s 2008 electoral tsunami in the district. Historically it has been considered a swing district. Democrat Howard Owens, now a Superior Court judge, occupied the seat. He lost to newcomer Republican Lee Scarpetti in the Ronald Reagan 1984 landslide. Owens regained the seat two years later. Scarpetti regained the seat in 1988 and held it until Finch knocked her off in 2000.

Moore, Obama
State Senator Marilyn Moore poses with President Obama during his visit to Bridgeport in 2014.

McCarthy’s entry brings intrigue into this election cycle. McCarthy is popular in his North End City Council district. Judging by the Bridgeport delegate selection for the party convention to take place next month, he’s well positioned for the endorsement that assures a ballot spot, but must reach out to suburban delegates to make that happen. He’s a strong campaigner with a close relationship with Bridgeport Democratic Town Chair Mario Testa.

Moore, however, does not suck up to the Bridgeport party establishment. She appears content to win a primary less the party endorsement if it does not go her way. A number of endorsed Dems, including Musto two years ago, have been defeated recently in a variety of local races.

In taking out Musto in a primary two years ago, Moore stitched together government reformers and activists opposed to the incumbent’s voting record. She received just 20 percent of the vote in the suburbs, but ran up large pluralities against Musto in Bridgeport led by the African American-rich Wilbur Cross precinct on her way to a general election win. By virtue of incumbency Moore is now better known in the suburban towns than two years ago and has organized a number of district events, both city and suburban, in reaching out to her constituency.

Both Moore and McCarthy will raise funds to qualify for Connecticut’s Citizens Election Program of publicly funded races. Moore has a head start in that area.

Two key questions emerge in this primary race. Moore will certainly increase her voter performance in Trumbull and Monroe. But by how much? McCarthy, a stronger campaigner than Musto, will certainly perform better than Musto in Bridgeport. But by how much?

Mario, McCarthy
Democratic Town Chair Mario Testa with Tom McCarthy.

So strap in, game on. This is a good one to watch.

But we’re just warming up in Connecticut’s largest city where pols marinate in primaries like trout in the Pequonnock River.

School board member Maria Pereira is challenging incumbent State Rep. Charlie Stallworth, a city minister also a Mayor Joe Ganim appointee, in an August primary.

School board chair Dennis Bradley is poised to take on State Senator Ed Gomes in a primary. He’s expected to announce soon. Connecticut’s 23rd Senate District occupies about two-thirds of Bridgeport and a portion of western Stratford. Can young gun Bradley take out the feisty 80-year-old Gomes?



  1. The 22nd District primary will be decided in Bridgeport. The next state senator from the 22nd will be picked by Bridgeport Democrats.

    There will be very little Republican momentum in Connecticut in November (even in Fairfield County), given the uninspiring R candidates heading to the Republican convention. The next GA senator from the 22nd will be chosen by the large turnout of Bridgeport Dems rallying behind the D presidential nominee and the associated Congressional and GA slates.

    The Dem nominee for the 22nd will be a Bridgeporter. The winning primary contestants will both need to secure a large majority of Bridgeport Dem votes from a large Bridgeport turnout.

    Both primary contestants had better realize they will need to present a Bridgeport-centric message to Bridgeport voters if they have hopes of winning the primary.

    Bridgeporters will be looking at the whole question of Bridgeport’s exploitation by Trumbull (and potentially Monroe) and will be looking for a concrete plan to reverse that damaging Bridgeport-Trumbull dynamic. There will be Bridgeporters looking to make sure that situation factors heavily into this primary and the general election.

    The primary contestants should be preparing platforms that make Bridgeport voters happy and shouldn’t be thinking in terms of riding into office on suburban votes. Bridgeport voters will be reminded Trumbull’s gains are Bridgeport’s losses and the deciding factor in this primary flows downhill.

    1. I think you’ll find the Bridgeport-Trumbull dynamic has changed after the G2 regime started. All of a sudden there is an agreement ending the years-long WPCA dispute.
      Put plainly, Timothy Herbst and Bill Finch did not function well together. The Ganim and Herbst families have a long friendship and that seems to have calmed things down.
      D22 spans both municipalities. Trumbull uses the Bridgeport WPCA plant, students cross boundaries to attend inter-district specialty schools together. We have to get along or all of us suffer. Your words claiming an exploitation are harmful to a better relationship. Bridgeport has the votes, owns the sewage plants, and unlike Trumbull has State Representatives who are in the majority party. All three Trumbull State Reps are Republicans. Hopefully that will change this November.

  2. I think the quality candidate here is Marilyn Moore.

    I was on a task force a couple years ago that she headed that established Bridgeport’s Food Policy Council and she is recently responsible for bringing the Connecticut Food Summit that will take place in Bridgeport this summer.
    I see a continued conflict of interest with McCarthy running for Senator while being City Council President.

    1. My TC loss was a win for me, I’m a private citizen just watching the frenzy that will take place this summer. When Joe G2 was running, one of his strongest hopes was there would be harmony in the party so focus could be put on matters concerning the City. Well who do all of you think created this disharmony? Are the initials M.T.? If the elections produce his candidates, he owns two State Senators, or so he thinks. If McCarthy loses, M.T. has his backup candidate for Mayor if Joe G2 doesn’t run again. I will be busy working my real estate business, and spending time with the important people in my life. For the first time in over 35 years, I’m free.

        1. Phil, if he wins he won’t resign from the Council. He’ll hold both positions for the rest of his council term. That will give the powers that be time to pick their next council president.

  3. I am a member of the Trumbull Democratic Town Committee, live in Senatorial District 22 and will be a delegate to the nominating convention.
    So far, I have had no contact from Tom McCarthy seeking my vote. I receive regular contacts from Sen. Moore, as do many constituents.
    I hope both candidates will reach out to the Trumbull delegates and Town Committee before the election.

    While this blog is called Only in Bridgeport, D22 is composed of all Trumbull and only part of Bridgeport. Moore’s predecessor was from Trumbull. Our votes at the convention, in the primary and general election should not be discounted.

    1. www is the party website.
      Tom Kelly is the Trumbull party chairman.
      I am a member and delegate to the D22 Convention. I do not hold an office on the Town Committee.
      It is preferable candidates reach out first through the Town Committee (Sen. Moore has visited our meetings in the past, both as a candidate and sitting State Senator).
      The TDTC generally meets the third Monday evening of the month, and as this is April and the D22 Convention in May they would have to contact Mr. Kelly and move fast to be included this month.
      I would not presume to invite direct contact before the TDTC Chairman was first contacted.

    2. Hector,
      At 12:30 this afternoon I got a phone call from Tom McC to introduce himself. He started with the TDTC Chairman and is contacting all delegates.

  4. I don’t know Bridgeport politics or how old Mario is but at some point in time he’s going to retire. Who’s in line to take over the helm of Bridgeport politics?

  5. “Bridgeporters will be looking at the whole question of Bridgeport’s exploitation by Trumbull,” according to Jeff Kohut. I tend to think Bridgeporters might be looking at the LARGER WHOLE QUESTION of Bridgeport’s exploitation by Tom McCarthy for most of the years he has chaired the Council and been part of the string-pulling behind the scenes while posing for the cameras in his happy moments.

    What can Tom offer as a State Senator when he has presided on a lower level legislative body where he has been oppositional to the public seeing how he has used stipends, failed to amend Ordinances set in motion by the body he has headed, continues to silence voices that have been attentive to fiscal matters for years with facts and comprehension but yet he uses rules to restrict “conversation” that might enlighten those he has kept in the dark.

    And to Robert Teixeira, the old saw does not say there is nothing so certain as Retirement and Taxes. As a matter of fact it references Death and Taxes. I do not know age, health, mortality prospects or family history, etc. that cause me to make this statement. But I also have no knowledge of why a man who has ‘perfected’ the practice of DTC control over many years would wish to ‘retire.’ People retire from work environments for more pleasant pursuits when they are fiscally able, not from avocations which mean a great deal to their life. Retirement? Time will tell.

    1. JML, M.T.’s fate is in the hands of the DTC. Who would have thought G2 would have come so close to garnishing the nomination for Mayor? A lot could happen in two years, new coalitions, new individuals running for the DTC and winning, the only predictability in politics is unpredictability; use the 138th as an example. No one is guaranteed reelection. Time will tell, John!

    2. There will be a time when Mario will not be leading the helm of Bridgeport politics, that’s a fact. I don’t know when that is. I’m just asking who is next in line. We’re all talking about who’s Mario’s backup mayor will be if Joe doesn’t run. Just wondering who’s likely to lead Bridgeport politics. Generally is messy.

      1. Robert, the next chairman/woman could change within two years. It’s a position that is determined by the 90 member TC. If within that time a splinter group of the party forms a formidable, citywide challenge against the existing TC members, all it takes is 46 votes and the Chairmanship can change. To your question of whom the next chairman/woman may be will be the choice of a majority of new, objective members. I’m not saying this will happen in two years, but it will happen sooner rather than later.

  6. Connecticut Post
    “Bridgeport could be difference maker for Clinton”

    By Neil Vigdor Updated 6:02 pm, Monday, April 11, 2016

    Hillary Clinton is building up her infrastructure in Bridgeport, where her ability to mobilize minority voters could be the difference between winning and losing Connecticut’s upcoming presidential primary for the Democratic front-runner.

    If it’s good enough for Hillary Clinton then it’s good for the three black state elected officials who are being challenge by two white candidates and a Hispanic who have done nothing. Mario Testa is supporting McCarthy and Bradley and Mayor Ganim’s silence shows he doesn’t support Stallworth, Moore and Gomes. These blacks must target most black voters and get them out to the polls and target whites and Hispanics who support their positions. What little power blacks have is now being challenged with the support of the white DTC chairman and mayor who are showing they have NO respect for the black voters unless they do what they are told to do. Those days are over.

    1. Ron, I don’t know you. However you sound like the Al Sharpton of OIB. To be fair, Jeff Kohut sounds like the Bernie Sanders of OIB. If a Portuguese woman beats Stallworth I don’t think race is a factor. Just because Joe is silent doesn’t mean blacks can’t vote for him. PS is it true what Maria stated about Stallworth’s record? What has Stallworth done for the black community while in Hartford? Also the DTC and the mayor’s office are not supporting the self-described passionate advocate of Bridgeport. Just sayin’.

      1. Robert Teixeira, do you know the voting makeup of Bridgeport? Let me ask you this, if you place Maria next to Stallworth, would the voters see a Portuguese woman or a white woman standing next to a black man? Tell me, what has Maria? Whites have no problem voting for whites do they and it really doesn’t matter what their record is.

          1. She fought the state from taking over the school system. If you want to look at people’s voting habits based on the their melanin count, which was determined on a historical geographical location, fine. Let’s use a gender analogy also. Men are more likely to vote for a man and vice versa. The race card gets old. I’m not saying blacks are not underserved. When you play it on every draw it’s counterproductive. It actually hinders whites to vote for blacks and help those who do want to keep the blacks down. The same can be said for blacks. Blacks have no problem voting for other blacks regardless of what their record is. You did not answered my question. What has Stallworth done for the black community while in Hartford? What bills has he put forth and tried to fight for in Hartford on the behalf of the black community? What I find ironic is you claim Ganim used Stallworth to win the black votes and won the race for him, but he’s not helping Stallworth out with the white vote for his election. What’s the difference between a black man elected official doing nothing for the black community or a Portuguese “white” women doing nothing for the black community? The record shows on one hand one has done nothing. On the other is a woman fighting for the chance to show what she will or will not do for the black community. We know she’s ferocious in fighting for the Bridgeport School System. In my personal opinion notwithstanding my melanin count, I believe a proper education is the greatest way to help serve the Black Community. Just sayin’.

      2. Robert Teixeira, you are so far out in right field. What is your reason for bringing in Al Sharpton? You said, “She fought the state from taking over the school system,” she wasn’t the only person doing that in fact it was Judge Carmen Lopez’s lawsuit that led the way in the BBOE fight.

        1. You asked me what she did and I told you. As far as Al Sharpton, why is everything about white and black? I’m not telling you not to advocate for black people. It’s just like you said, Maria was not the only one who fought the state. Just like blacks are not the only ones who fought for blacks. Why is the color of Stallworth’s skin more likely to fight for the black community than Maria? It seems you are making it out as a race issue more then a record issue. Who would like to have a white person doing something for the black community or a black person who is doing nothing for the black community? It seem to me the latter. Just sayin’. Al Sharpton pulls out the race card not on its merits sometimes but just to rev up the black community. Just like Trump does. Just my opinion.

          1. Robert Teixeira, how do you think white voters would feel if they are by far the majority but they have a black representing them and they have no relationship with the white community?

        2. RT, Ron Mackey still didn’t answer your question, What has Stallworth done for the black community while in Hartford. What bills has he put forth and tried to fight for in Hartford on the behalf of the black community. Ron Mackey keeps turning the table!

  7. Tom McCarthy is a low-life slug.
    The only reason he is running is Ganim fired him from his city job due to the conflict of interest. Marilyn Moore was one of the leaders of the legislative effort to ban city employees from City Councils. It became such a hot issue in the mayoral, Ganim felt obligated to enforce the ban as much as he could and hence McCarthy is out of a job. McCarthy personally blames Senator Moore for what happened to his cushy little job and now he is seeking revenge.
    What a typical small-minded Bridgeport politician. Replace a deserving freshman Senator for personal petty reasons.

  8. Here you have Tom McCarthy who has sucked up the political patronage milk since getting out of college. He has known no full-time employment other than the government dole. And when he loses one such job he immediately seeks another.
    Let’s see. Does that sound like another politician? How about his mentor and leader Bill Finch? Tom McCarthy, the second coming of Bill Finch. OMG.

  9. Trumbull DTC chair Tom Kelly has a pathological hatred of Tim Herbst. Any friend of a friend of Herbst is a sworn enemy of Tom Kelly. Therefore expect Trumbull’s Dems to back Marilyn Moore.

    1. Unlike some communities, the Chair of the TDTC does not control or direct the votes of its member delegates.
      I had the opportunity to talk to Tom McCarthy for the first time today. He will visit the TDTC meeting this month and make his case for support. I have an open mind and will weigh the pros and cons of both candidates carefully.
      The bottom line is which one can best represent the residents of D22 in Hartford.
      Contrary to your opinion, this choice is not about Tim Herbst. As the First Selectman he must make use of the power held by all members of the GA to get what he can for Trumbull. Right now Sen. Moore is the only one of Trumbull’s three State Reps and one Senator who is a member of the majority party, so her influence is more important than the other three.
      Senator Moore made some mistakes in her primary run that have not yet been forgotten/forgiven by all Trumbull Democrats, but she has done her best to keep us informed during her tenure.
      It will be an interesting time until the D22 convention. I, as a delegate, am keeping an open mind.

      1. “Senator Moore made some mistakes in her primary run that have not yet been forgotten/forgiven by all Trumbull Democrats, but she has done her best to keep us informed during her tenure.”

        Everyone makes some mistakes, especially when they are new ground as when you are campaigning over a new area. However, as a voter you need to keep looking for integrity, past experience that demonstrates caring for people and a willingness to keep governance OPEN, ACCOUNTABLE, TRANSPARENT and HONEST. That is true whether your reference is national, state or local representation.
        Tom McCarthy has made too many mistakes in his multiple roles, with multiple hats worn and no capacity to reflect on how different things could have been with his legislative leadership while conflicted with an employee position that became so productive for him the City Council was co-opted and there was no chance of City checks and balance. Scratch the surface and your open mind may begin to close when you see how important financial and legislative rules info, and “inside info” never made it into the public and allowed taxes to rise, city values to decrease and the Council to remain inadequate to the task they face. Time will tell.

        1. “as a voter you need to keep looking for […]”
          Therein lies the difference.

          On primary day and election day, one functions as the ordinary citizen/voter.

          At a political party convention, a delegate tries to obtain what is best for his constituents and choose the most electable candidate.

          I am going into this convention with an open mind. I have never met Tom McCarthy and as of yesterday have spoken to him once for 5 minutes. I have met Sen. Moore many times and had many conversations with her. Mr. McCarthy will have to convince me why he should have my support for the nomination as opposed to endorsing the incumbent.

          I don’t take nor am I given voting instructions by the TDTC.

    2. I do not have any type of hatred of anyone. That would run against everything my faith teaches and that which I believe. However, I do believe in standing up for what I believe in, and refusing to be intimidated. There is a big difference. That being said, in my view, Tim Herbst has absolutely nothing to do with whom Trumbull delegates will support at the convention. This is a Democratic State Senate nomination, and Herbst is not a factor in this. It will be interesting to see if your prediction about whom Trumbull will support will be more accurate than your incorrect statement about hatred. Have a nice weekend.

  10. Bridgeport can come up with only two candidates for a Democratic Party state senate primary race?

    The fact that Trumbull and Monroe can’t produce a candidate confirms it will be a Bridgeport-decided seat. But Trumbull and Monroe don’t seem too nervous about this prospect. Perhaps they believe they can count on either candidate to sell Bridgeport short and do their bidding for them? Perhaps they have reason to believe the two Bridgeport candidates are more concerned with wooing suburban voters for support in future runs for higher office, US Congress, perhaps?

    Only two candidates. Shameful. And either candidate will be a sure flush for Trumbull.

    1. I can’t speak for anyone but myself. Trumbull’s three State House districts have Republicans in place. The incumbent State Senator is a Democrat. In my personal opinion, it behooves Trumbull Democrats to put efforts and resources towards unseating one of the Republicans, not to force divisions within our own party.

  11. Robert Teixeira, this is something Maria could never achieve, and that is to work with others.

    January 7, 2013
    Will also serve as Vice Chair of the Human Services Committee

    State Representative Charlie Stallworth has been appointed by Speaker of the House-designate Brendan Sharkey (D-Hamden) to serve in the position of Assistant Majority Leader of House Democrats and Vice Chair of the Human Services Committee.

    Rep. Sharkey said, “Charlie is a proven champion when it comes to advocating for the city of Bridgeport and I am confident he will bring that same energy and work ethic to our leadership team as Assistant Majority Leader and in this prominent position on the Human Services Committee.”

    “It will be an honor to work closely with Speaker Sharkey’s leadership team,” Rep. Stallworth said. “I look forward to the challenges of the upcoming session and the voice these leadership positions will allow for the benefit of the city.”

    Rep. Stallworth will also serve on the Education and Finance Revenue and Bonding committees.

    The entire membership of the General Assembly will be sworn into office on January 9th at the State Capitol in Hartford during the opening day ceremony of the 2013 session.

    Rep. Stallworth represents the 126th Assembly District in Bridgeport.

  12. Well isn’t this as special as all get out? The Poster Boy for conflicts of interest and master at marginalizing the needs of the voters being urged on by Musto (and others, I am sure), trying to unseat a CLEAN Senator all for the sake of political head games and electing a Senator who is for sale to the highest bidder. (Yes Trumbull and Monroe, you read that right.)

    This could get ugly for McCarthy. There is so much dirt to work with, the next five months can be spent dishing up one golden nugget per week and that supply still would not be exhausted by the time the primary rolls around. The good news is trying to dig up dirt on Moore is an exercise in futility.

    Trying to unseat the ONLY African American Female Senator in the State is a VERY unwise decision. Especially for a white male candidate who is compromised on as many levels as McCarthy is.

    Moore unseated an incumbent Senator for whom his own town did not show up to the polls. You think they are going to show up for McCarthy? Hardly. If they show up, it will be for Moore.

    Tom, just get a job.

  13. Ron, I don’t know who Mr. Sharkey is. My point is what has Stallworth done for the black community since he’s been in Hartford? What’s the difference between a black man doing nothing for the black community or a white woman who’s going to do nothing for the black community? We know Stallworth record. According to Maria he has done nothing. As for Maria we know her work ethics and passion. I think she stands for something, she will take on a fight and not worry about her white constituents, like you described. What good is a black person who isn’t or can’t advocate for the black community because of white voters? Moreover why are you making it a race issue since his constituents are white. He should fight for his constituents. Right? Hence the race card (Al Sharpton) you talked about Stallworth rallying the black voters of Joe and Joe not rallying the white votes for Stallworth. It seem to me Joe gave him a nice high-paying job. What did the black community get? As for Maria we know Maria will fight for Bridgeport Education System (I would hope Charter school can be inclusive in her fight.) In any event education is the greatest fight to help out the black community. Just placing an elected black official who doesn’t do anything for black community but makes other blacks feel like there’s progress in not progress. BAM I’M OUT. Best of luck, Maria.

    1. Robert, the one thing Maria will not be fighting for is charter schools. She is the sworn enemy of anything charter school related. That includes charter parents and students. If she had her wish, there would be no support from the state for charter schools.

      1. The enemy of my enemy is my friend. As a sole BOE Member, Charter schools are the enemy. They cut into their budget. She said it when she was friends with Joe and helping him defeat Finch. It’s about the budget. What is the school budget, like 250,000,000? As state representative and education in general, she has to look at the big picture. She will have more responsibilities. In my view what’s the difference in a label as long as Bridgeport kids get an equal chance to compete with the surrounding towns’ students. If they are not given a equal education then they’re not given an equal opportunity. It’s a rigged game. And the budget has nothing to do with education, for the most part. It’s about accountability. Charter schools shine some light on it. Personally I would like to see the federal government finance community college for all Bridgeport students who graduate high school and go straight into Housatonic. That’s right, I would like to see Housatonic expand their program to work with UB so students can transfer to UB for a bachelor degree. It’s a win for the students, the schools, the city, society. Just sayin’. PS wasn’t Maria and Joe friends and are not now? Enemy is such a strong word. Let’s use adversary. She has to work Republicans. She can work with Charter School parents. Like most parents they want what’s best for their children. (Hence the word Hope.) 🙂

        1. Robert–you make valid points. But obviously you do not know much about MP. Her charter stance has been consistent, long before she ever worked with Ganim. As far as working with others, then you have not observed her dealings with others on the BOE or with others who do not share her viewpoints. The only big picture she sees is the one she has painted for herself with her views. She has no time for others. And anyone who knows a charter parent knows how MP has treated them in the past, with disdain. Sorry–you have high hopes for her based on the role she could win but she does not exhibit any of those qualities in the two elected roles she has now. She says she is a person of her word and she is not backing down on that, period. She does not even care to hear from Charter parents/students on why they chose charters (or any other non BPS school) over BPS. You say for the sake of the children, she should listen to all, and as a Senator she will. No, she will not. Compromise does not fit into her self-described image as a outsider.

          1. How does one get their views? She fights hard, that’s for sure. We all need fights or should I say opponents. I never heard of a game with just one team. Life doesn’t work that way. To say she will not change her views is wrong, we all change our views as we evolve. If someone bought you an Easy-Bake Oven for Christmas your view would not be too enthusiastic, however there was a time, many years ago you would have thought differently. Obviously she has changed. She’s running for an office that requires compromise and working with other points of view.
            As for disdain of others, I hardly hear a kind word about Maria on this blog. She’s labeled a piranha. When the issue came up about Finch’s kids’ school picture, I watched everybody chastise her. Talk about piranhas. For some on this blog Maria’s their charter school parent. Take away the funding aspect. A school is just another school. I can see people fighting over control of the funds. It’s not cutting into the education budget really. It’s shifting control of the funds out of one hand into another. I don’t think her disdain for the parent is based on that.
            I’m not a bright person. I have some development issues and know very little coded written language and verbal for that matter. However I can guarantee you this. There are some venomous words being written about her. She’s angry, I can make that assumption. Think about it, such disdain for a parent who wanted the best education for their child. No! She had torn into me just because I was backing Finch and mentioned her name in my post.
            How you channel your anger is important. Whatever she’s carrying can go away. All she has to do is have an unfortunate accident that makes her paralyzed for the neck down. Whatever she’s carrying, all those venomous words being thrown at her would be non-existent in her mind. I can’t stop those venomous words. I can only not take part in them, although it’s easy for me, I’m not angry.

  14. After McCarthy’s eight years of being Finch’s little “yes” man, after seeing McCarthy help cover up the “Manny’s driveway” fiasco, McCarthy’s directive to council to donate our tax money to charities of their choice, etc, etc., who in their right mind would decide he is the choice for that senate seat??? Like someone else said, Tom,j ust go find a job in the private sector now, your eight years of cover-ups, secret dealings with Finch, etc, are coming back to haunt you quicker than you think. Can’t say no one didn’t tell you this would happen eventually.

    1. Right on, Harvey. I guess I’ll have to give up my “freedom” this summer. I can’t just sit and watch this “fix” created by M.T. Okay 132nd, I’m back.

  15. Robert Teixeira, the difference between a black not doing anything for the black community and a white woman not doing anything for the black community is absolutely nothing, but at least there is a black representing blacks. The fact you don’t know who Brendan Sharkey is speaks volumes as to what you don’t know about Hartford or what Mr. Stallworth does or has not done there. An educated poster is OIB’s best customer.

  16. I stated I don’t know politics. I asked Mr. Mackey what had Stallworth done. All I got was how a white man likes him (Mr. Sharkey). What has Mr. Sharkey done for the black community in Bridgeport? Moreover, how has Mr. Stallworth leveraged his friendship with Mr. Sharkey to advance the black community in Bridgeport? All I did was ask a question. How this got turned into a black/white thing I have no idea. Your statement “but at least there is a black representing blacks,” but from what I got he’s not representing blacks. I asked what was better, a black representative who does nothing for the black community or a white woman who does do something for the black community and Bridgeport as a whole. I’m saying her passion for education and her willingness to take on fights will help the black community more than a black poster representative in Hartford who has no record of helping the black community. I’ll go back to my original question. What has Mr. Stallworth done while in Hartford for Bridgeport based on Maria’s statement he’s done nothing, presented no bills, and he’s hardly making the trip to Hartford. Ron brought race into it hence the Al Sharpton joke. Like Al, just not on every draw.

  17. Robert, who is giving you your talking points because I know you don’t know anything about what’s going on in Hartford nor do you know what Stallworth is doing for Bridgeport. Is Maria telling you what to write because you are ignorant to what or who is helping the black community?
    Stallworth is the State Rep for the city of Bridgeport, not just the black community. Tell Maria to write her own copy.

    1. Don, Maria Pereira has Eric Alicea and Robert Teixeira doing her dirty work and she had Angel Figueroa doing the same thing until he got kicked off OIB. Don, Maria doesn’t have the courage to post her comments on OIB because she doesn’t know how to control her comments.

      Teixeira tried to change the issue by saying Maria is Portuguese, well Ed Gomes is Portuguese and if you have them stand together you will see a white female and a black male, not two people who are Portuguese. The reason I posted REP. STALLWORTH WAS APPOINTED ASSISTANT MAJORITY LEADER is because he has shown to the leadership in Hartford he has the skills and ability to bring other members together and that’s something Maria can’t do.

      1. No, I said white woman (Portuguese). I’m staying on your topic, race. This race debate was brought up by you. Maria said he presented no bills or hardly shows up to cast votes in Hartford. I’m support Ed Gomes. I don’t hear Dennis Bradley questioning Gomes’ record. You’re not comparing Dennis’ race to Gomes. Based on what you stated, a white person can never challenge a black person. Just saying. Don, I’ll go back to JimFox’s post. What has he done for Bridgeport? That’s all I asked.

        1. Robert Teixeira, Lifelong Bpt sums it up well about Maria, she doesn’t get along with people because it’s her way or the highway, she is the Ted Cruz of Bridgeport, nobody in the U.S. Senate likes Ted Cruz, nobody; but Republicans hate Trump more. Well nobody who works with her likes her, even those she thinks like her. As for what Stallworth has done, here are just a few but tell me what has Maria done?


          To implement a system of paid family and medical leave in the state.


          To implement the recommendations of the Juvenile Justice Policy Oversight Committee to reduce incarceration rates of children, to increase diversion of children from the juvenile justice system, to reduce education barriers faced by children in or exiting the juvenile justice system, to reduce recidivism, to address mental and behavioral health issues of children and to increase data sharing in a secure manner that preserves confidentiality.


          To (1) require licensing for companies engaged in the collection of federal income tax debt and to prohibit consumer collection agencies from collecting interest, fees, charges or expenses on debts absent an explicit agreement signed by a consumer debtor to the contrary; (2) protect individuals from causes of action for liability on debt brought by creditors or consumer collection agencies with insufficient evidence of ownership of the debt or association of such debt with the individual.

      2. Full disclosure. I current supporting Gomes because he’s Portuguese and also I’m Portuguese. God please tell me Dennis is not Portuguese because that would be a conflict of interest.

    1. Robert Teixeira, I gave you a small list of bills Rep. Stallworth has been involved with. Now what has Maria done? What group does she have any influence with outside of the of the other five DTC members in the 138th district?


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