DiNardo Whacks Obsitnik, Roraback On Fundraising–Claims Law Violation

Democratic State Party Chair Nancy DiNardo claims the Republican candidates for Connecticut’s 4th and 5th Congressional Districts respectively Steve Obsitnik and Andrew Roraback are playing footsies with campaign fundraising at a joint event. Obstinik is challenging Democratic incumbent Jim Himes and Roraback is running against Democrat Elizabeth Esty. DiNardo is starting to sharpen her teeth against the GOP. News release from DiNardo:

Obsitnik and Roraback Disregard Campaign Finance Law. September 18 fundraiser violates law

(Hartford, Connecticut) The Obsitnik and Roraback campaigns are making solicitations for a September 18 fundraising event, failing to properly note who paid for solicitation materials, or who will get the funds from the event.

“Campaign finance laws are intended let voters know where the money is going, and to keep everyone operating within the same legal framework. Both Roraback and Obsitnik are violating the law,” said Connecticut Democratic Party Chairwoman Nancy DiNardo. “That is unacceptable for candidates seeking to make federal law.”

Federal election law stipulates a joint fundraising notice must be included with every solicitation for contributions. Obsitnik and Roraback should have formed a joint committee to solicit contributions for this fundraiser. Additionally, individual campaigns are not allowed to coordinate regarding the logistics of an event, the vendors used, and the distribution of proceeds from the event. Obsitnik and Roraback are holding an event on the same date, at the same time, at the same location, and with the same speakers–again violating the law.

“This is just another symptom of Obsitnik’s desperate attempts to look like a legitimate candidate. Obsitnik already has a record of padding his meager fundraising report. Now, he is failing to comply with campaign finance law. For a candidate who rarely bothers to vote in elections, a lack of concern for campaign finance requirements isn’t too far off.”

“Roraback may be eager to join his fellow Republican candidates in raising money for their shared cause–ending Medicare as we know it to pay for tax breaks for millionaires, but as a sitting member of Connecticut’s state Senate, Andrew Roraback should know better.”



  1. Give me a break. Nancy DiNardo is complaining about campaign irregularities, what a joke. Her candidates must be slipping in the polls.
    Nancy, where have you been when all the irregularities happen in Bridgeport elections? Not a word.
    Same old shit from the Dems.


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